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What Is A Lightworker?

By Shely [Sh’Shana]

lightworkerart1.gifLightworkers are a diverse lot: we have many different lifestyles, interests and occupations. Your lawyer, GP, grocer, electrician, printer, neighbour, or the hippy down the road may be a lightworker. Some well know movie personalities and celebrities are lightworkers. Even some politicians... We ride motorcycles, play music, sing, go to the pub, hang-glide, and party with the best of them. And some of us don't. Some are isolated in their lightwork, and some are well networked. Some work behind the scenes and some are very "out there". Some of us are city folk and some live in the bush, or the country.

We are of all nations, ages and backgrounds and form an international network by association. We have no rules and no creed; except possibly “You get more of what you focus on; and what you resist persists!”

You will know if you are one - and you are one if that is your desire.

Lightworkers all have the Highest Good as their hearts intent. All would define themselves as spiritually aware and spiritually open. We encompass many levels of awareness and proficiency in working with energy and light.

The clearer a person is, the more light they can access. Most lightworkers are on a path of spiritual growth and evolution. Some are taking a holiday. Some are not awake yet, and some are in denial.

Lightworkers have associations and commonality with the new age movement, as well as with many other spiritual disciplines.

We form an interconnecting, amorphous international community and are generally tolerant of one another's idiosyncrasies. We encompass many beliefs, and choose to simply allow that with which we do not resonate - we are all growing in awareness and openness and knowing. We prefer to allow others to be wherever they are on their individual path, without judgement. The words "It's all good!" make a very light-filled phrase, although it's not an invitation to complacency.

Life is full of paradoxes, dichotomies and apparent contradictions. We are here to learn from it all, to learn to enjoy and allow it all, and to come to a space where we can observe ourselves and the world with equanimity, acceptance and an open, undefended heart.

Generally, we seek clarity, self empowerment and higher states of consciousness, in all it's forms. We accept that healing and growth needs to take place on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical - in a balanced and harmonious way. We have many differing opinions and ideas on how that's best accomplished - and all accept that in the end it's down to the individual's own preference and choice.

We generally accept that we are responsible for our own choices, life conditions an states of being. And that these are conditioned by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Most of us are improving everything by our intent and our expanding awareness as to how we have created what we now have, collectively and individually.

We mostly all want to be the best, most aware, most conscious we can be. We acknowledge that what any one of us does or thinks affects us all, and that a single conscious, aware creator is far more effective that a million sleeping ones! We would like us all to wake up please!

Shely ~ Te'An
Master Healer & Conduit Channel
Phone 07. 5545 4513 [International +617 5545 4513] ~ Expanding Realities & the Power of Joy

Editor's note:

Some time ago I joined a lightworkers group, where we receive channelled information from wonderful energies like Sananda and St. Germain, although initially I was feeling a little out of place. We were being addressed as lightworkers, come to open up the world to the new energies of love and light. At the time I thought they obviously meant everyone else, as I could not possibly be one of those, anyway what is a lightworker?

However the meetings were so interesting that over time I became aware that I was in fact a ‘light being’ (we all are by the way), and that I was growing into my higher self.

Although I still enjoyed the lightworker meetings, my day job as a consultant now took me away from the regular meetings, but my progress did not slow, rather it started to move on a pace.

Rather than try to describe a lightworker myself, let me introduce you to one of my friends who has been working ’out in the open’ for some time (I say that because until now I have been working a little like James Bond, secretly). Shely lives in Australia and we came together through an email group, quickly realising that we were both doing something similar, although in quite different ways. Above is Shely’s description of a lightworker.