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Grid Of Delight

By Colin Whitby

gridofdelightpic.gifThere is a new service available for us all to connect to, it’s called the Grid of Delight, and it’s energy is Love, the building block of all that is.

How do we connect to the grid? Well it’s remarkably easy. Basically we were all pre-wired with the necessary circuits and connections so we simply need to ‘ask’ to be activated.

There are many different connection points to this network, which means that you can glow as brightly as you wish. This is similar to the different voltages available with electricity, and the wattage of the bulb, each determining the amount of light that will shine when the circuit is ‘turned on’. Light is one of the side effects of receiving this love energy from the Grid of Delight, in fact once you are connected, you become a light source yourself, beaming away for others to see.

Amazingly this love energy is free, and better than that, if you pass it on (which you will want to) you get 10 times more back. There are free upgrades available to make sure you can accommodate all this love light as it increases, and this is automatically sent through, so no need to worry about how this might be achieved. The wonderful thing about all this is that you already know how to do it, you just have to acknowledge the fact, and whoosh, you’re off.

There are many of us working in the Grid of Delight, ensuring that the network expands to meet demand. Amazingly you become an integral part of the network as your light integrates with all that is. A wonderful state of bliss becomes your normal state of being, your at-one-ment with your own GoD connection.

So what do you need to do? Simply ask for connection (a thought will do), and we’ll do the rest. It is well worth consciously linking in during your mediations and practising taking in the light, just open to yourself and feel the love flow.

Now what, you may ask, is the catch. Well you do have to leave some things behind. Negativity, anger, envy for example. There is simply nowhere to put these emotions here in the light, we can’t even comprehend them any more. We still experience emotions, like sadness and anger, but they burst to the surface so we can ‘enjoy’ them, then we let them go in the moment. So if you are carrying any negativity, we’ll ask you to leave that behind. Luckily there is a full support team available to help, our Angels are only too happy to be asked.

So why not apply today, send a thought to GoD, you’ll get a reply sooner than you think.