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Grid/light Weaving

By Colin Whitby

gridweaving.jpgHaving joined a discussion group around grid weaving I became aware of yet another ‘aspect’ of myself integrating with other like minded souls.

The first time I was aware of my ‘weaving’ capabilities was during a discussion about energy with some lovely souls who were taking part in an ‘energy management’ course. They were curious as to how I could connect to ‘all of humanity’ without having an energy hit. It was something they found hard to do, yet seemingly this was a natural thing for me to do.

In fact I could hardly keep to the syllabus without ‘going big’ and doing what I called ‘big stuff’. At this time I knew I was a lightworker but clearly did not know what I was up to, at least my head didn’t. My heart was guiding me, connecting me, to the purest clearest love energy I could be, after all it’s what I ask at the beginning of each day.

During another discussion with one of my classmates we became aware of our ‘spider’ selves. Amazingly we were weaving webs of light together, and each time we did this the results were astounding (to us at least). Many stargates were opened, portals enabled, new aspects of ourselves recognised and communicated with (and integrated) many new pathways re-discovered and enabled.

One key area worth noting here, I have always ‘trusted’ that I will work for the higher good, that I will connect only to the purest and clearest energy. For that reason I can confidently go to places unknown to my brain, with an open heart. I can confidently give free access to the deepest parts of myself because to me that is what this is all about, it’s about sharing my deepest knowing, my deepest love.

There may well be a way of doing things that must take place in a certain order, with the right people. Amazing then that these people turn up at exactly the right time, that they and I have exactly the right skills to perform the task (even though up to that point I didn’t even know I was a light surgeon, or dragon, or spider…..) and that the job gets done despite the fact that none of us knew what that was until the moment.

This then is the magic of living in the moment. So far it seems to be only possible ‘out there’ on the energy highways, but slowly we are becoming aware of how this kind of thing works for us here. Weaving grids, creating portals, being the alchemical master who keeps appearing with a chalice… that’s all part of what I am today, and I am enjoying finding out more.

So I’m happy to be a gridmaster, and happy to be much more than that too.