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Manifestation – it’s happening, have you noticed?

By Colin Whitby

manifestaion.jpgNo doubt you will have read many articles on this and other sites telling us that we are now manifesting our reality in almost real time, rather than the delayed process we have been experiencing until recently.

The easiest example is when you might think of someone and then the phone rings and co-incidentally (or not) it just happens to be that person calling. This is happening more and more as we ‘tune’ into our wider consciousness.

These last few months I have been noticing rather more subtle ‘creations’ happening, where the creative thought appeared to be quite small, but the results were very real.

Some time ago I remember thinking in a ‘throw away thought’ sort of way that my glasses were pretty useless when I was trying to type on my computer, I just could not get the screen in focus, despite my glasses being relatively new. Ever since day one I had this difficulty with them, they were fine for long distance or reading, but for this mid-focus they were pretty useless (on the quiet I had never really liked their frames either).

Not long after this I was really annoyed when left them on a train, and as no-one found them, I had to claim for a new pair from my insurance. However now I have a wonderful new pair that do focus properly and have frames I actually like (I chose them myself this time). Thinking back to the frustration of losing the first pair, I can now see that I would not have changed them any other way.

More recently I was squinting at my mobile phone trying to read my appointments and wondering why I ever put my diary on this minute device in the first place. Still it was handy to carry and it gave me reminders when I should be in a meeting, so again I was unlikely to change it.

Then a fault developed on the phone and instead of being provided with a similar phone my service offered me a new larger format device where I could actually see my diary more clearly. I believe the original thought that created this was in the background of my thinking, a kind of annoyed little soul who was grumpy about not being able to see his diary. The universe kicked in and provided me with the solution in a way that I would not have thought of myself (normally we have to have a strong business case to qualify for these new larger phones).

Just this week I thought it would be nice if I could actually use the new parking meters that had appeared at my local railway station, instead of leaving them frustrated and late, after yet another fruitless session trying to get my credit card to be recognised. When I arrived at the station today, to my surprise and delight, a friendly car park assistant was patiently helping other frustrated travellers by showing us exactly what we were doing wrong.

So the point I am making here is that we are all creating our worlds in ways that become more obvious once we start looking for the evidence. The most important lesson for me is that we need to acknowledge and thank our creative selves for providing for us in this way. This also goes for those things that we do not remember ordering, like the chaos or crisis that suddenly appears, it could be that something needed to be removed or collapse before the new could manifest, like the lost glasses or the broken phone.

We need to be conscious all the time now, know that our thoughts ‘are’ creating our reality and that it is manifesting very quickly now. Start watching for the connections between your thoughts and what is happening in your life, watch out for the synchronistic events that seem to be magically appearing, for this is you flowing with your own divine potential.

Knowing you are a creator is the key, know that you are divine and in the flow, then watch for the signs.

What kind of world are you creating for yourself?

With love,