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Reference Frequency – Aligning Your Consciousness

By Colin Whitby

gillianwhitbyart3part1.gifFor much of my life I have been involved in connecting communications networks for large organisations, be they for telephones or computers. Once the network is created we then develop rules or protocols to ensure everyone can connect and make use of the network (that’s how phones all have the same plug, for example). We might discuss numbering plans, dial-up processes for home workers or simply ensure that the right software is available for connections to be made for everyone’s computer.

One very important aspect of modern networks is the speed that the data can be transmitted as more and more information (such as live pictures) is sent. The more information that is sent, the higher the transmission frequency the network has to cope with. To handle this increase in network speed we may need to upgrade the telephone or computer at the end of the network, sometimes we may need to completely redesign the network and create a whole new way of communicating. We have seen this happen recently with the introduction of digital television, where new networks and transmission methods have meant a complete overhaul of the industry.

Our spiritual connections have recently been going through similar upgrades, with our whole interconnectedness with each other receiving the biggest change in human experience. Much of this is behind the scenes so most of us do not need to know the how, but we do need to keep up with the changes so that we can benefit from the new ‘channels’ or vibrations on offer.

For each of these channels or vibrations, we need a reference frequency, which we need to change each time we wish to experience a new level of consciousness, as we journey to higher levels of awareness. Each level of awareness will carry its own signature or reference frequency, so it is possible to end up with a number of frequencies each aligned to its own vibration. These levels are not mutually exclusive and it is quite possible to experience many different vibrations at the same time (this can take some practice though).gillianwhitbyart3part2.gif

An exercise I do each morning is to link into the purest, clearest ‘love’ frequency that I can be, just a thought will do, which then synchronises or aligns me for the day ahead, bringing myself in perfect harmony with all that is. Why not explore your own reference frequencies, tune in and ask to be aligned with your highest expression, for the good of all, and see what happens. Keep hold of your hat, this can induce a feeling of bliss and joy….