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By Colin Whitby

reflections.jpgI wonder how many of you have read that we are all mirrors for each other, that the person in front of you is offering a reflection of yourself for you to observe and if necessary look at the changes that may be necessary for you.

How many times have we looked at this reflection and not liked what we see? How dare they behave like that, what do they mean by loading me up with so much heavy emotions, they are not mine, they are projections of their own, after all I’ve cleared all my stuff already.

Well I for one have been there many times, for it seems that once you have cleared one level, the next is ready and waiting, and if you are one of the volunteers who has come to help clear the earth of the old patterns, guess what? you get to feel them as they go – fantastic….

Most times these clearings are being carried out in a safe and loving way, for me I have been fortunate to have met so many loving and caring souls who have guided and loved me through these often painful sessions. The amazing thing is that often the only way to get to these deepest parts of ourselves is to let go and love your mirror completely. For me that can be the most annoying person at work who keeps blocking my projects, it might be a manager who is behaving in an unprofessional manner, or it might be a beloved who has suddenly faced me with a truth.

I believe that at this stage my of development I only attract to myself those people who can give me the learning I need to progress to the next stage of ascension, which means everyone, even that bloke who just pushed me in the back on the tube (London Underground) has something for me to look at.

I have had some really deep emotional clearings lately, from the beginning of this year (2007) until Easter has been very intense, with amazing blissful experiences quickly followed by deep painful clearings. Now many of these clearings have been from many lifetimes, sometimes back to the beginning where the male/female separation happened, since before our Adam and Eve story. When we let these go from our energy memories we are clearing for the earth, for all of humanity, for the universe.

On many of these occasions, I have felt the gentle hand of God touch me and give me such love, that the hurt and the emotions just seem to be perfect and right in the moment, even thought the hurt is as deep as a human can go. Often I have had this reassurance and in the thick of the emotion have simply said to God ‘well that’s nice, thanks a lot pal, is that supposed to make me feel better?’. Well even light beings swear at themselves, for at this point I feel so close to God, part of God, that any emotion that is passing through is worth the effort, the love I experience during these moments is something to treasure.

The ‘so what?’ for me is that everything in our lives at the moment, or in the moment, is for us to learn from. The most painful lessons are delivered by our most beloved, who have volunteered to help us in this important time of our evolution. They have come with such a pure reflection, so clear, that often we do not like what we see and accuse them of projecting on us something unpleasant that they themselves want to get rid of.

The interesting thing is that we too are pure clear mirrors for our beloveds. Have you noticed that at times you have said something that has provoked a really adverse reaction in someone, something you have said without emotion or anger or apparently carrying any energy except love? When you speak or act from this pure space in yourself this is when you are the purest reflection for your beloveds. Now this again may be at work, where someone bursts or explodes at you, or it may be in the most intimate places with your most loved ones, where suddenly from the most tender moment, an outpouring of such intensity takes you by surprise.

Well again the message is ‘don’t panic’ (from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), this is perfectly normal for someone as pure as you, your light is so bright and your mirror so pure, what else can you do but reflect the very things that your beloved needs in the moment. Sometimes you will say things you do not appear to be attached to, and for me this is when God is speaking though me (something that I ask to happen, for me it’s what I am here for).

When you see your reflections for what they are, go to your clear calm space and ask for an insight. It may be that feeling the emotion is all that is required, it may be that help is needed to clear this particular block, often we just need someone to witness the clearing, someone to hold the space while we go down and get the ‘stuff’. When I ask for help I often think of climbers, where one climber has gone ahead to find the route, and lets down a rope to help the rest of us climb up. These days we are often climbing down into the darkness, and our guides have lit the way and provided the ropes. Do not be afraid to ask for help, there are many guides who are just waiting to be asked.

I hope you enjoy your ascension, that you see your own reflections and love them, by loving yourself (in others) you will be able to see the way more clearly. By being a clear reflection for others, you will help them see themselves more clearly.

Why not go to a mirror and look at yourself deep in the eyes, feel your soul touching your soul, and remind yourself how much love you are?

‘I am such a clear reflection.
I am love,
I Am’.

With Love,