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Spiritual Smoothie – A Blend of Ideas

By Colin Whitby

smoothie.gifRecently I have been on holiday taking a rest and thinking about how to develop this web site, what kind of articles to write, who to invite to contribute and so on.

On one of our trips out my wife and I bought a couple of fruit smoothie drinks, one was a mix of strawberry and vanilla, the other apple and mangos – interesting choices of fruit and interesting flavours once mixed. One was made from pure juices, the other had sugar, yoghurt and flavour enhancers, each represented the best flavour that its creator could come up with.

One of the drinks did not suit us and we now know that this particular drink is not for us, however this is a very individual choice as clearly enough people liked the drink for it to be on sale in the first place.

This then is what we each create for ourselves when exploring our spiritual paths: we bring together a unique mix of experiences, of beliefs or faiths that suits us in any given moment. We may find the mix we have been ‘drinking’ for a while no longer suits our changing palate, so we add or remove an idea to better match our current feelings. We are in a constant state of change so our spiritual smoothie recipe is constantly changing too.

This site is intended to give you access to new ideas and energies that you can add to your own spiritual smoothie, to mix and enjoy as you choose. Why not be adventurous and try something new, it may be just what you were looking for.