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Stepping into the One

By Colin Whitby

More than just coincidence

stepping.jpgOver the last few months Gill and I have been seeing numbers all over the place, the most frequent have been 222 and 999.

Gill has seen seven 222’s now, each time it has been on our radio alarm clock when she has woken in the night, looking up there was the time 02.22. Now once is quite interesting, twice is grabbing our attention, 7 is just pushing the likelihood of this being accidental to the extreme, here is someone’s angels trying to get through for sure.

From our research we have read that 222 means ‘you’re on the right track, keep going, well done’.

This has come at a time of big challenges, particularly one of choosing conventional medicine after years of trying complementary approaches. The challenge is to see both as valid, both are part of the whole, so although traditional medicine can cause side effects that we are not happy about, the path may just need this kind of treatment for a while. The 222’s have been reassuring us that the choices we have made are ok.

Also we have been thinking of moving house, and all the places we have seen so far have had things we like, and things we do not. We are homing in on the what, but the where and the when still seem to evade us (more later).

I on the other hand have been seeing 999’s, and again it is taking chance beyond the coincidental. The first time it happened was one of my credit card pin number had changed and there, where three similar numbers really should not be used, was 999 - presumably randomly generated for security reasons.

The next time was during a journey where I saw 999 on a number plate of the car in front, then 99 on many more cars that day. If that were not enough, I then saw 999 on my security number generator that I use to access my company computer network for dial in. Never before have I seen three numbers the same, in 6 years of using it, yet last week 999 appears. One day is enough you’d have thought, and yet the following day as I key in my pass code, the random number generator inside the electronic secure key presents 999 yet again. Twice is taking chance a bit far, but the following day it happened a third time, perhaps it is time to sit up and take notice, and to thank my rather persistence guardian angel for being so patient.

Now for me the 999 heralds a big change, looking up the meaning it indicates that there has been a major completion. This fits with my life at the moment, within my workplace a long term contract is ending, suddenly, which has surprised us all. On the lifestyle front I’m moving to a 4 day week, voluntarily, which again means significant changes. With regard to my lightwork and weavings, it feels like all has been achieved, as Shely has been saying in her articles, I no longer feel the need to strive to complete something, it is done.

Within our relationships long term ones are changing, there are many endings and beginnings, it appears to be a time of chaos, yet all feels fine, it feels right and wrong, good and bad, all at the same time.

I have been visualising the 999 as a milometer in a car, just before it changes to next 1,000, except this 1,000 is not on this speedo – it’s off the scale, and it’s not 999 it’s 99999999999999. As it turns slowly (this is an old speedo with mechanical numbers) I can see the bottoms of the 9’s going up and the tops of the 0’s coming into view, it’s time to get out of this car and find myself a new one.

On another meter, in another vehicle, my new speedo reads 1 (perhaps this one measures light-years rather than miles).

Stepping into the 1

The act of stepping into the 1, as I have called it, came to me as I saw these 9’s going out into infinity and myself stepping out into the 1, I just need to hold my foot up, as if I were stepping off a moving escalator, out into the new. We are all on this flow, this stairway to heaven (cue Led Zeppelin again), all we need to do is see that this is where we are, and then step into the new.

Here everything is taken care of, all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place, we do not need to work anything out, no need to do anything, just be.

This new place seems to be just about here, but on closer inspection it is not quite ready. For example we have found that looking for a new place to live has resulted in finding out what we do not want, which has helped us define what is it we do want more clearly. So we have the what we want, however the when and the where is still unknown, we do not seem to be able to get closer to the time and place yet, so until we do we will stay put.

Shely was saying it feels like we are in a room where our creation has been completed (by us) but as yet we cannot see it clearly, perhaps we have not found the light switch. So we know it has been created, but as yet the shape and the structure of it are still to be understood. All is well though, all is in place, so lets celebrate and thank ourselves for being so inventive, who would have thought life can be this much fun, so much joy to be experienced now we know it is done.

The universe is ready and we have created the new, but we still need to shape and define how we would like to interact with it, how do we want to live, what is our passion, what would we really like to play at, now the hard work has been done. Be precise with your requirements, otherwise your architect and builders may not know exactly what to deliver, but do not worry about the how, they will sort that out for you. Trust it is on its way (it’s already created in our room remember?) and all will be well.

So why not step into the ‘one’ – just imagine yourself reaching the top of your escalator to heaven, now step into the new, just go with the flow, leave the old behind - create your new world from this place – and fly – laugh with the sheer joy of it all - it’s what we came for after all.

With Love,