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Message from Lord Sananda

Message from Lord Sananda
through Charmian Redwood

articlebirthright.gifThe Holy Spirit descends. The Mother Father God is within you. You are the Pure Vessels of Light who have chosen to carry the Sacred Flame. You have carried it through the Darkness, you have wandered thirty thousand years in the underworld keeping the Flame alight.

This is the time of the Emergence You climb out of the long, dark, tunnel holding the bowl of The Eternal Flame so carefully, as you come to the entrance a hand reaches in. The hand of The Beloved who has come to help you. There is One who has chosen to walk with you, through the Emergence into the light. This One is your Beloved Other the Counterpart of your Soul, the Polarity of Yourself. For Women he is the Knight Protector, husband, lover, friend. For Men She is the Chalice, the Cup of Love. You now carry the Bowl between you.

The Time of walking alone is gone .You have done what few were willing to do. Most of the Children of Light returned to the Light when the Earth Fell to the darkest level of density. You were the Ones who chose to stay, from the great compassion that you held in your hearts for the Human family which is raising itself up from Darkness into Light.

You agreed to stay through the Darkness to hold the Flame for the Many and it has been a long and lonely struggle with many betrayals, much sadness, much grief, many separations and losses
As you step out into the Light the female aspect of the polarity pair holds the Bowl in their hands with the Beloved male aspect standing behind with his arms around her, his hands underneath hers supporting her as she holds the Bowl containing The Eternal Flame.

All of your Loved Ones, those you have lost, those who are still in the body and those who have left they are coming now to be reunited in the Flame. There is no more separation. Your brothers, your sons, your sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters husbands and wives, all those we have loved and lost they are all coming back because You are One in the Holy Flame. You have kept it hidden to keep it safe but now Mother Earth is asking and the Children of Earth are asking for the Flame to be revealed. You are the Bearers, Keepers of the Flame. As the Flame is revealed you are bathed in the Holy Fire and this is the Reward.

You have kept your petals closed to keep the Flame safe. Let them open now. You no longer need to hide the Flame because the Cycle is run and the Earth is being reborn through the Flame. Simply open yourself to receive the Reward for many lifetimes of sacrifice. Let go of the Cross and allow the Flame to carry you to the resurrection.

Did I not say ‘I go to prepare a place, I am the resurrection and the Life?’
Did I not say ‘Even as I am lifted up so shall you be ?’
Did I not say ‘I would return?’ I am here, I have come to lift you into the Resurrection through the Flame so let yourself go, surrender to the Flame. I am the Resurrection and the Life and I give to you the gift of Eternal Life for you are worthy, you have already walked the walk and I am come with the Reward.
Allow the Flame to burn away the residue of density. Scarcity, lack, struggle, fear, despair, grief, rage, give them all to the Flame and let them burn.

I am Sananda. I come with Lady Nada, we hold you between us, we hold you in our Hearts Flame. We are Twin Flames that dance together in perfect balance, in perfect union. We call you Beloved and we greet you as One with us. We are One, there is no separation, our hearts fires have been reunited, Our heart Flames burn as One. I am You and You are Me. We are One. The prophecy is fulfilled. This is the second coming . I am come again in You and we are One.

Weep no more My Beloveds. Let Joy enter now. The Grail Knights are returning to serve with the Grail Maidens. You hold the Grail between you. Simply surrender, empty yourself, and be willing to receive. The Rewards of the Kingdom are yours. Man hath not seen nor eyes beheld the marvels of the Kingdom. Just by opening to receive them.

So walk with us now in the beautiful gardens of the Kingdom and let your hearts be at peace. For All is Well .It is time for the Divine Feminine to dance with the Divine Masculine and all is in perfect balance and harmony.

You are held always in the Immaculate Heart of the Father Mother God .
Blessed Be.

Charmian is available to lead seekers to prepare for and to meet the Beloved Other through journeying into the Temple of Love either individually, in pairs or in groups