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The Earth is ready to Inherit the Meek!

The Earth is ready to Inherit the Meek!
Are you ready to receive your Birthright

By Charmian Redwood

meek.gifThere is a tribe upon the Earth, Ancient Lemurians, the Gentle Ones, the Warriors of Love. They are the Ones who Give without thought of reward. Who devote themselves in service to others. They are skilled in Self-denial and in resistance to receiving the abundance which they so generously give to others. They are the Ones who would rather receive pain than inflict it.

They have been persecuted, the strong ones, they have learned endurance through many lifetimes of sacrifice. Theirs is a Love that endures and blesses all that it touches.

These ones have been the Givers, the Rescuers, the Caretakers for so many aeons of Time, it doesn’t occur to them that receiving is the other side of giving.

They are generally short on Confidence, lacking in Self-Esteem, big on Humility.

These are The Gentle Brothers and Sisters that Gaia is embracing now. Those who have held back not wanting leadership are being asked to step forward to show the Way because they are empty of Self.

We have served for so long without hope, without reward because that is Who We Are. LSD is our creed, Love, Service and Devotion.

The Wheel has turned and the Earth Mother is calling her own. She wants us now to receive the Reward. It is coming to us in all ways, through many channels but we keep saying , ”No ,No ,it is noble to be poor, to be lonely, to be unloved, to give without receiving”.

It is Time to Inherit your Kingdom, to receive your true Inheritance. Your Beloved Earth Mother will deliver it to you in the form most appropriate for you. You deserve, you are loveable, you are the Beloved Sons and daughters of The One, who have always kept Faith with All That Is. Great Love is here for you now.

Can you open yourself to receive it? Just say ‘Yes’ and let The Divine deliver it to you in the most appropriate form for you at this Time.

Do you have the courage to receive as much as you have to give? Giving is easier, we stay in control and get the ‘feel good’ effect. To receive is to be vulnerable, to lay yourself open. When somebody wants to give you something they are really saying ‘Will you accept my Love?’. When you refuse the gift you refuse the Love. So the mantra for 2007 is ‘Thank you. I accept’. Practice it and see how easy it gets!

Gaia loves her Gentle Ones. Often seen as weakness in the past, true gentleness of spirit is actually the greatest strength. To hold that place of Love and Compassion when others would hit back in anger, that is the greatest strength. For so many Aeons we have held the Flame of love alive upon the Earth. We are tired, exhausted and falling into despair. In some ways it is getting harder to be on the dense physical plane.
As the Light pours in, reminding us of Home, the place we are in now, so full of darkness just makes the difference seem greater.

We can sense the Greater Love that is awakening the Soul’s Fire to the remembrance of Who We Are, but when we expose ourselves to the negativity that surround us, the task seems hopeless.

How can we be the Love in such devastation, war, violence and injustice. Give yourself the gift of filtering the input that comes into your energy field. Your soul needs all the help it can get to blossom into Love so try a negativity fast. Switch off news and newspapers.

This is the Darkest Hour just before the Dawn.

Your miracle is here just waiting for you to collect it.
Just say ‘Yes’, and allow the Celestial Hosts to deliver to you the harvest of many lives of Devotion.
You deserve to be Loved beyond measure, you deserve a Loving relationship in which you are worshipped, appreciated and adored for the Gift that you are.
You deserve financial freedom, release from material stress.
Your bank account is already full to overflowing just waiting for you to collect!
You deserve to have employment that sets your Soul on Fire.
You think ‘Can this be me ?’ Why not? Who else?

There is a line between service and slavery. Many of us have been fulfilling karmic contracts or Soul contracts where the balance of power has been unequal, we have given without appreciation, have given our power away to those who are only too happy to take it. Slavery serves neither the Master nor the Slave.

There is no more time for karmic contracts to be completed. Time to cut our losses and move on. The Gentle Warriors are on the move. The doors are open and we are the builders of the New World. The energies are all here now to create, Create, Create and to Receive, Receive, Receive.

Put your energy where the Love is. If it doesn’t feel like Heaven get it out. Let your heart lead, your Heart always knows the Way.

Time to put yourself on top of your list of those who deserve your Love. Release the cloak of self denial and love yourself as much as you love those closest to your heart. When Love is given and not appreciated the Inner Child suffers, loses Hope, goes into despair, loses confidence in the value of the gift.

As I travel around the world with those gentle beings who are the caregivers, I hear the same story. Exhaustion, despair, hopelessness. How about rescuing yourself?

Take a good look at your life.. Look at how you feel when you are in relationship with those around you. Which ones lift you up? Which deplete your energy. Who brings Joy? Who brings pain? Why are they in your life? What is the pay-off for putting up with abuse, with less than you deserve? Then change the script beginning with “I deserve to be living a joyous, carefree life filled with Love “

My Heart to Yours
I meet you always in the Love
As we Journey Home together
We are One

Charmian is available to lead seekers to prepare for and to meet the Beloved Other through journeying into the Temple of Love either individually, in pairs or in groups