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It's All Taken Care of Already!

.... "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

By Shely ~ Sha’h’ana

Hello Wondrous Ones

You may be feeling the effects of the big step up we have made recently – we are in a NEW place – we are all either about to, in the process of, or have just stepped through a door to freedom. We are downsizing, letting go, selling off, decluttering, simplifying. Moving on… we feel the need to travel light and in readiness…

You can do it hard or do it easy…. You already chose to do this….

Find the space in your heart where you know it’s meant to be easy; can be easy… is easy: where you know it’s all taken care of already. There is nothing for you to do but to be clear about what you really want & trust in it’s unfolding. Let go! Use the same techniques you use to always get a parking space.

With this new opening we are also “healing” as never before. Up to now we’ve been debugging, clearing, opening, receiving, mending, aligning, fixing, shifting, re-arranging, transmuting, deconstructing, reprogramming, reconstructing… we’ve called it “healing”, but it hasn’t been really. It’s been a peace meal & stop gap slow process of learning to let go & feel better… of understanding that we are where we are & nothing is “broken”. Nothing needed “healing” – it wasn’t “broken”.

Suddenly we find ourselves in a place where real healing is being offered. I know no other word for this that is now “happening” as we who work as “healers”, as transponders of energy, engage with those who come to us asking to move to the next level. This is wondrous stuff indeed!

It is the return of that which was lost; the mending of that which was broken; the repair of that which was rent; and more…

It is the gifting of all that was not, of all that was lacking; of all that was never known and unreceived… it is the bringing of true wholeness so that we can now fully move into this New Place of Freedom.

It is like an overlay of completion, a “restoration” into the new, a newness in the new that is created as an enhancement; overlaying & correcting the existential damage inherent in the experience of being human; the experience that was necessary in bringing us to here. All that is not yet done is complete.

This all feels amazing and very different from what has gone before. That which is truly needed is now given to enable each one of us to truly step clear into the place from where we can fully begin to learn to be in this new place, and to use the tools that we now have to create the world we want.

It doesn’t mean that you become perfectly clear overnight … it does mean that you are made ready for the new. It is still necessary for you to clear your physical, mental, emotional fields of what no longer serves you. This life experience is still you’re responsibility… more now than ever… use the tools that are offered you and find support around you.

Many of the symptoms of the shift are really tools we have not recognised & have overlooked and tried to ignore, to throw away, to overcome, to get passed. Your “inability to think”, your mindlessness, your forgetfulness are tools to teach you to move fully into the NOW moment. They are telling you what is important & what is not. They are teaching you where to find the place where “it’s all taken care of already; where it’s all good”. It teaches you to use your intuition, not your memory. To feel before you think. To use your feelings as a barometer for your wellbeing.

Your food cravings are feeding your changing body appropriately. Your Buddha belly and hot flashes are telling you that you are bringing in more energy than you can process & to let go more.

Your sleeplessness is calling for more awareness of who you are & how you feel & asking you to “tune in” to higher information that’s coming in. Your exhaustion is saying “STOP!” and connect in.

The skills you use to find a park or to locate an item you are looking for are the keys to manifestation … they are the tools you need to come into alignment what you want… think about HOW you need to FEEL & to BE to create what you want.

Love & joy in all things

Shely ~ Sha’h’ana