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The Love Lazer

 By Suzanna Kennedy

This is an excerpt from the article The Love Laser by Suzanna Kennedy

The Love Laser, is a specific frequency of light energy that is focused and concentrated, like a light saber or a sword. It is projected from your heart center into the heart center of another. The light beam contains the transmuting characteristics of the Violet Flame, the ruby red Ray of Passion and the pink Ray of Compassion. The Platinum Ray surrounds the red/violet ray, which further defines, focuses and accelerates the power of the Beam. Anyone who is willing, can take up the Love Laser to help eradicate the fear-based Illusion of Separation.


Send the Love Laser to:

  • Anyone you know personally (including yourself) who is feeling or causing pain due to the feeling of Separation from God or from others.
  • Our leaders, so they may make wise decisions based in love and compassion rather than fear and vengeance.
  • Blessed Mother Earth to help her transmute the battle energy that is held in the land.

Following are the instructions on how to receive and use the Love Laser.

  1. To be initiated as a Love Laser Peacemaker, state this command with intense intention and feeling. I AM now commanding the Initiation of the Beam of Passionate Compassion.
  2. See, feel, and know that beam of light coming in through the top of your head and moving all the way through your body and continuing down into the Heart of the Earth. This beam of light is the color Red-violet. It comes from the Great Central Sun.
  3. As it moves through you, start breathing it in. See, feel, imagine, and command that it enter all of the cells of your body. Continue to expand it until it fills up your physical body. Then expand it more to fill up your energy field. Fill yourself to overflowing. Feel a fountain of red-violet energy coming out of your head and flowing down your body and into the atmosphere around you.
  4. Now see a beam of this red/violet light coming out of the center of your chest. This is your heart center/chakra.
  5. Surround the red-violet ray with the Platinum Ray. This is the Love Laser.
  6. Give this command, "I AM now commanding the Love Laser cut through the veils of separation surrounding the heart of all beings who believe in the Illusion of Separation."
  7. See the Laser filling the hearts of all those who believe in separation. Watch, imagine, and command that the platinum coated red-violet ray spreads all the way through their bodies and into the Heart of the Earth. Watch, imagine, and command that the laser fills them to overflowing like a fountain.
  8. From your heart, send this communication through the laser beam, "You are Divine Light. You are Divine Love. We are all One." Say this three times.
  9. Now see their Higher Self recognize the truth and take over the mantra: I AM Divine Light. I AM Divine Love. I AM Divine Unity. I AM That I AM." Hear and feel this mantra being repeated by the Higher Self over and over again until the ego hears it and begins to remember the truth of it and starts to chant it.
  10. Now see this overflowing energy moving all over the surface of the Earth and filling up the energy body of the Earth.
  11. Feel the energy in you, in the Earth and in all beings.
  12. Feel the Oneness.
  13. Feel the Awakening.
  14. Feel the gratitude and give thanks.
  15. It is Done. So Be It! So It Is!

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