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By Soleira Green

We're in a period of infinite change, experiencing evolutionary shifts of extraordinary proportions. So it's important to always be open to brand new ways of seeing things and to the ever unfolding brilliance of Life. I'm a free thinker and that means that I question everything and try to see from brand new, evolutionary places. So in this article, I'm pointing to some new ways of looking at and working with our evolutionary movement now. Enjoy!

Beyond being buffeted by the winds of change:

We're aware now that we're going through evolutionary shifts on a regular basis and with increasing frequency. In the past these shifts would knock us about somewhat ... making us tired, sleepy in the middle of the day, achy in our bodies, headachy and even nauseous sometimes. This has been because we've been getting used to and integrating higher vibrational frequencies. We're being bombarded by wonderful cosmic energies and Life source energies from within that are lifting us to a whole new level of being and a brilliant new vibrational reality.

I believe that we can now step beyond the struggle and angst of this. We no longer have to be tired, nauseous and generally buffeted about by the evolutionary winds of change. We can step graciously, easily and wonderfully into the strength and power of it all now. Using the following techniques, I've now been sturdy, energised and sustainable for a year and half solid. Here are the things I've adopted to get myself, and others we work with, to this place:

(1) Know that it is you, at the biggest and deepest levels of yourself, who is sourcing these energy shifts for you. If that's the case and you're sending them, then you can be consciously in charge of it and source the movement for yourself, and for all, with grace and ease. It's a simple matter of setting your intention for it and the energy aligns to your intention.

(2) Move beyond the personal approach to evolutionary shifts. Step into the new, collective, energy field of living consciousness and revel in the ecstatic communion with everything / All that waits for you there. It's a simple step forward from your personal energy into collective energy. The strength you'll discover as you live, work and play as a collective being is phenomenal. And what's really wonderful is that you become even MORE OF YOU when you step beyond yourself.

(3) Don't judge yourself or others. Judgement takes you out of connection with yourself, others and Life. Seek an empowering perspective for everything that happens to you and you'll find it much easier to sustain the vibe that will have you be vibrant, healthy and wonderfully alive.

(4) Don't buy into the view of a world in crisis. As conscious, collective creators, what we believe creates the reality for us all now. Choose to see this world in transformative motion towards something wonderfully new and exciting. We're standing in the middle of a magnificent time for the human race and our beautiful world .... and choosing to see it that way, empowers it into reality. Set your intention that you're a conscious creator of your life and our world now. Align yourself with what Life wants to bring forth ... and all manner of synergistic, magical opportunities, energy, people and abundance will come your way.

Beyond the law of attraction:

There's been a wonderful rush of people working with the law of attraction in the last months / years. That's great as we're training ourselves to see that we can create abundance beyond the normal 'work hard and earn enough to pay the bills' scenario. But the law of attraction work generally seems to be landing in the 'personal wealth' category and therefore missing the true power of it all. It's when you stand for abundance for all that the energy really moves and the consciousness sends abundance towards everything you do. It's about working in the collective fields for abundance for all rather than in the personal field for abundance just for you. It's in the collective energetics that the real synergy and magic springs into being.

To do this, simply breathe, relax and expand your energy from the centre of you outwards. Get as big as you can and CONNECT. Seek an ecstatic relationship with all of Life. Revel in the wonder of it all. From this place, call all of Life to the dance of abundance for all. Feel the Life source energies soar through you and into the world, alivening everything and bringing Life to Life. Intend that everyone and everything is wonderfully abundant in this world and send the energy of this out to be made real now. Then inside this vibrant, collective field, call your own people, resources, opportunities and abundance to you, saying something like 'if what I have to offer is for you, come find me.' Let the consciousness sing with your vibrant energy and the wonderful work that you do. Then thank the energy, the consciousness and Life itself and send wonderful energy back to it all as thanks for what you already know, without a shadow of a doubt, is coming your way.

We are so connected to the collective field now, that a simple thought can turn everything upside down for you. So the moment you have a thought like 'oh my gosh, where's the money going to come from', you've just pushed abundance away from you. So instead, energise from the collective field, with the power of your being and the vibrant zing of Life, all that you want to have made real now in this gorgeous world for all.

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