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You Just Never Know

by Eileen Silon

In December 2007 I created a vision board. A vision board or goal poster is a way to focus on what you would like to manifest. Some people cut out pictures and words from magazines and glue them on a poster board for physical objects such as a particular car or house or job or clothes. Mine was all about balance, feeling good, allowing luxury, being confident in who I am and my physical self, including fitness and a lover in my life, and reaching out for incredible adventure. In short – living life fully.

I spent time focusing on it and projecting heart energy through it, imagining my life that way and thanking the universe for the wonderfulness that is my life.

Because there is a doubting part of me, I could not see where it was manifesting in my life in any way. On top of that, some kind of intensely upsetting process started at the end of January this year and I didn’t begin to come out of the chaos of it until the middle to end of May. You can read about it in my blog (see address below). I was physically sick for a long time. I felt stuck and definitely full of negative emotions, one of which was resentment that I intended for all sorts of wonderful things and then many seemingly negative things happened to me.

Well, I recently experienced an assimilation of a part of me that loves myself unconditionally during a magical trip to Sedona, AZ. This is a part of me that I had dissociated from long ago and had been struggling to find again. She brought with her lots of reassurance and information about remembering the joy of living in a human body. After this came through I experienced an inner peace that lasted for a week and a half. I grounded in a way I usually find difficult. Heck I usually find it difficult to ground for longer than an hour or two. I was able to release through my dreams some old energies that kept me from enjoying life. Those issues and energies are definitely a part of my biological family and culture in this life.

One day as I was wallowing in gratitude for the way I had been led to this experience I looked up and noticed my vision board. I started laughing and crying at the same time. I realized that the universe had been trying to bring to me all I envisioned but I needed to be able to accept it all. There was no way I would have accepted inner peace, balance between the spiritual and physical, luxurious comfort in the physical life, a great relationship and my own strengths and wonderfulness before. In asking/intending and visioning I opened the door to acceptance. I believe I can now have what I envisioned. I also am more aware that it may come in a different way than I except because things don’t always happen the way you think or want.

I am left with an expanded appreciation of how our higher selves and the universe works. It is always interesting to be reminded that these workings are usually more complicated or involved than our brains can understand. I imagine if I had only physical objects on my vision board it might have been different (ie a car or some machine I wanted or something). But that isn’t what I was craving when I embraced my vision. It is/was nothing less than embracing life fully and I needed to release some inner demons and reconnect with my self-acceptance and joy to get there. It just goes to show, when I intend/ask for something, I just never know how or what has to change/shift for me to get it.


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