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Becoming the Soul Creator of Your Reality

By Lauren C. Gorgo

Undoubtedly we are facing some gruelling challenges right now as the financial crisis escalates here in America and the systems of greed and corruption crumble before us.

Those of you who are sensitive to energy may be feeling bombarded on every level...especially in your physical bodies as we are being restructured at the core.

Yet, the messages from on high are pouring in and pointing our focus in a new direction...a direction which is diametrically opposed to our present reality.

So what is up?

The readers digest version goes something like this...we are experiencing an economic healing crisis, and like every healing crisis, things get much worse before they get better. We are experiencing a complete overhaul in our systems of governance which will ultimately result in an economic makeover.

There is so much that is falling away and so many fears of uncertainty flying around us that it is easy to lose sight of what is really happening if we are not firmly grounded in truth.

Everything is indeed unfolding perfectly according to the divine plan and tho I resist meddling in global affairs, I will say that many messages from the unseen as of late are foretelling of great historic happenings in the global marketplace...a call to action that is soon to change our entire economic system forever.

This call to action will provide your government leaders with the ability to restructure the economic core of your country. These changes will be for the people and will serve to subdivide the terrain between those who care for the earth and her inhabitants and those who wish to control the world's wealth.

Directly following this call to action there will be a committee consensus that will serve to redirect the worlds financial system toward conscious capitalism. The outcome will be a fairer distribution of wealth and the economy's backing will be founded equality.
-the lighted beings of Alcyone

Late yesterday as I was feeling the despair of so many people that are in dire need of a financial windfall, I encountered a collective energy that I was generally unfamiliar with.

This group of souls said that they were "a band of angels" called the Seraphim and that they had an important message to share with us all...a timely reminder that we are not meant to go down with the proverbial ship:

We would like to assure you that there is a way to create anew even amidst the turbulent energies that surround each of you at this time.

The way is through soul consciousness.

Soul consciousness is the awareness, the perspective that you hold knowing that you any moment...create, and therefore recreate, your reality from the quantum level of creation.

It is the deep abiding knowledge that you are in control of your destiny now, and should you fail to attain that destiny, it is by your choosing, albeit in an unconscious way. The point is that you can always choose differently.

We will briefly remind you how this process works...

- First, align yourself with the knowing that all is well. This is key, for once you are in the space of surrender, you are open to universal influences.

- Next, imagine that you are already living the reality you desire in totality. What does it feel like? Sense it deeply as if it were your present life circumstance.

- Now imagine that you have attained your souls desires and be in peace. This final step is vital to your creations for it communicates to the universal intelligence that you have all you need and that you are grateful for these blessings which opens the universal flow of abundance. It is the act of creating a self-fulfilled prophecy with intention.

This system of creation is the only way to attain your soul desires for soul desires are created quantumly . In knowing this, you can attain your hearts desire in an instant should you disconnect from your fears and open yourself to receive the full bounty of divine grace.

We come to you with this information as a gift and a reminder that you are the sole creators of your reality now. You are no longer bound by laws of cause and effect but you must fully realize and consistently remember this in your thoughts and deeds.

You are now operating within a new paradigm, with a new system and connected to an entirely new mainframe. To create the ways of old is to create nearly a fraction of your potential.

Utilize your gifts of quantum creation now to bring forth the blessings that have always been yours. Now is the time to release all thoughts that you are less than, that you are powerless, that you must succumb to the faltering collective constructs.

Now is the time to set yourself free. The future of your world does not rely upon your ability to hold onto the negative thoughts and feelings that arise, it relies upon your ability to set them free.

Attach to nothing and you shall experience the ALL. Release all intentional desires with the knowing that they are already fulfilled.

We bring these tidings to you in hopes that you will resurrect your broken wings and teach yourselves to fly. We say if you mend your wings then surely you will forget the limitations of being human.

Release all thoughts about what should be and create the way you want it to be. There are no restrictions, no limitations where you reside, except those by which you place upon yourself.

Take flight are truly free!

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to stay true to our internal knowing as we weather these collective storms together. Our minds will tempt us to attach to the fears of uncertainty at every turn, so instead use your feelings as a gauge to determine whats true.

In the
12 Essential Steps, I refer to this formula as Soulspeak.

Soulspeak is the understanding that FEELings are the language of the soul…

Positive feelings are a truth-indicator, showing us that we are on track, headed in the direction of our deepest, heart-felt desires. Negative feelings indicate that we are simply off-course, moving in the opposite direction, or out of alignment with our truth.

Stay in the light of your truth, nurture yourself daily, and above all else...think with your heart!

We're almost home...

With Love,