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Impending Event Alert - Matthew Speaks

A friend copied me an article from Matthew published below which was in answer to a question about an impending energy alert from the Arlington Institute. When I contacted Suzy Ward (Matthew’s Mom), she thought it would be useful to publish the event alert first, then Matthew’s response, to give the piece some perspective and context. I hope you find them both interesting and enlightening and many thanks to Suzy for giving us permission. Looking at the dates of this alert and the subsequent collapse of the world banking system, we might be forgiven for matching the two? I'll leave that for you to judge.


From: The Future (
Date: 9 Sep 2008
Subject: Impending Event Alert

Here at the Arlington Institute, we have worked with real precognizant dreamers who have had experience with intelligence services and we have subsequently learned about the hundreds of case studies of individuals who had explicit dreams about the 9/11 affair (people jumping out of burning high rise buildings, etc.), beginning some six months before the event. We have been intrigued with the notion that the human collective unconscious somehow anticipates large impending perturbations. Our WHETHEReport project, for which we are looking for funding, is in fact based upon this dynamic. In telling people about this project I have received strong confirmations of the efficacy of the underlying logic from many individuals around the world.

Well, in the last two days I have received four independent, explicit indications from far removed friends suggesting that something very substantial and disruptive is going to happen to the U.S. within the next 60 days or so. If these warnings manifest themselves in an event of the significance of something like 9/11 then people all over the world should begin to experience dreams and other intuitions suggesting that something extraordinary is about to happen.

So I'm asking you to participate in an experiment with us. If you, or someone you know, experiences any kind of significant suggestion (dream, intuition, etc.) that something big and disruptive is about to happen in the coming weeks, send us a note and tell us about it. We'll compile them all and see if we can find any patterns or pointers toward an actual future event. Just cut and paste the form below into an email and fill it out and send it in. I'll let you know what happens. If you have multiple experiences, please send them along too. You don't need to include any identification and we'll certainly keep all of this information confidential.


Send to

September 13, 2008 - Note from Jean Hudon:- I shared this with Suzy Ward and she replied "Matthew wants to say something about the Impending Event Alert"...

Matthew speaks (through Suzy)

This is Matthew with loving greetings and our perspective of the potential for a "very substantial and disruptive" event, perhaps even another "9/11," happening during the next sixty days. The collective consciousness, or universal mind, that some individuals have the ability to tap into includes all thought forms, both light and dark, from The Beginning of Creation. Relative to dark thought forms, those of antiquity were attracted by those in the planning of "9/11," and the force of that combined energy enabled the Illuminati to manifest that tragic day. That is when Earth chose never again to experience such death and destruction at the hands of dark ones, and in honoring her free will choice, God authorized off-planet helpers to use their technology to prevent all such unconscionable attempts anywhere in the world. Since then they have done so successfully on as many as a dozen occasions.

Let us speak of this moment. The activity in Earth's energy field of potential is in as much foment as we have ever seen, with ever-increasing light streamers to preclude more zig-zagging of the kind the dark ones have been causing by lashing out in all directions in deepening desperation and fear. These Earth puppets of the darkness (NOTE from Michael: see my book "Life in the DEAD ZONE" -- 'Handler, source of these 'dark puppets....) have been seeing their power erode to the extent that it is "do or die" time, and despite their failure in plot after plot, they feel that they still have a chance to prevail if they can prevent both of the following scenarios that indeed will be "very substantial and disruptive" events. They cannot prevent either.

First, the undeniable presence of other civilizations. If safety cannot be assured for people on the planet and souls in the star nations themselves for their announced appearance October 14, the delay in that occurrence would not be lengthy--simply, the time for this has come. And when it happens, it will be extremely disruptive especially within the US government, which long has been under Illuminati control and thus denied even the possibility of other civilizations' existence, much less admit that extraterrestrials have met with its leaders and the consequences meted out to those beings who came with only peaceful intentions.

Second, the truth about who planned and executed "9/11." In the higher vibrations in which Earth is now orbiting, that truth cannot be hidden much longer; when it emerges along with its even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, which is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples, the Illuminati's long reign of terror will meet its just end.

The global impact of these two major events is part of the ongoing world transformation and spiritual renewal of Earth's humankind, the God-blessed "ascension" joint venture with your space brotherhood that all of you on the planet chose in pre-birth agreements to be participants.

It is equally important that you know what other individuals who also have the ability to tap into the collective consciousness are seeing. Many are accurately seeing what we have described in Earth's Golden Age --the loving, peaceful life of all peoples, the restoration of your planet's health and beauty, the harmonious co-existence of humankind with all of Nature. In this wondrous Earth that is on the near horizon and already created in the continuum, there is no fear, no violence or greed or bigotry or any other divisiveness that thrives in a third density world. The choice is yours as to which world you want to be in, but because of our unconditional love for every soul, we pray you will choose the one of love and peace.

About Matthew.

THE EVENING OF APRIL 17, 1980, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward was packing for her next day's business trip when she received the call from Panama that changed her life: Her 17-year-old son Matthew had died after a vehicle crash that day.

The loss of a child has such an immeasurable impact upon the family that Suzy's preoccupation with Matthew's death would not be considered quite unusual. The direction she took in trying to cope with her grief, however, might be considered that. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in "deep rest"; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium.

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