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2012 – A moment in Time

By Tina Biles

So here we are almost at the end of 2010 and the ‘magic’ date of 2012 is coming oh so close.  For a while now I have been more and more aware of the immense amount of focus all homing in on December 2012.  This focus is not just in the spiritual world; the rare astronomical alignment and solar flares anticipated at the same time plus the possibility of a reversal in the magnetic poles of the Earth is meaning that there is an intense energy directed at that point in time.

Is that a problem?  Not in itself, of course.  However, how much time and effort are we putting into where we are right now? To achieve the new world we are seeking the usual rules apply in that the only point in time in which we can manifest is NOW.  Many people seem to be future tripping in anticipation of the wonders that will occur in 2012.  First of all in reality as the moment arrives nothing specific is actually likely to happen.  It is a pivotal time; a point where critical mass is achieved and thus the momentum will push the world’s development in a particular direction.  But it is still necessary for us to take all the steps required to reach that point.  Deal with your own baggage, find your passion and begin to live it now.  We have been in charge of our futures for a long time but have not realised that.  Once enough people hold the energy of a particular way of being it can be birthed into reality but that requires us to do the work and make the necessary changes within ourselves.

Following on from that point of view, what are we going to do after 2012?  For a very long time the focus has been on this mystical time and in our own different ways we have been preparing for that time.  But how much thought have we put into what we do next.  What will we do when there is no date in the future to aim for; nothing to pin all our hopes upon?  This is when the work begins in earnest.  All we have done up until now has been preparation.  Now we can find our true passion and real purpose on Earth and create Heaven on Earth.

Use these next months to ensure you are building on a strong foundation.  Do what you can to clear away everything on all levels that no longer serves you and truly know yourself.  This self is not the one that you display to the outer world but your true inner self.  Your inner self is the one that you will be creating your ideal world with.  At this time it is becoming even more important to bring like minded people together to support each other in this final run up.  Preparation now will avoid a feeling of being lost and at a loss once we no longer have a future date to work towards.

Live in the now, prepare well and enjoy the ride!

Tina is an Elemental Spiral Grand Master/Teacher, Usui Reiki Grand Master, Brahma Satya Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Animal Healer, Psychic surgeon,  Life Coach, Hopi Ear Candle therapist and is also qualified in a number of different forms of Reiki and other modalities. Her main work is using a lifestyle and healing system that she has developed called Elemental Spiral.  She holds an MSc in Holistic Therapies and is working on her PhD in Holistic Therapies together with holding a PGCE teaching qualification.

Tina Biles


Tina’s new book The Trials of a Wise Woman (2012 – The Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled) has been published available on as paperback and on Kindle. Follow Elaine's journey to find and reunite the Hopi Tablets to fulfill the prophecy for 2012. Travelling through America, Tibet, Africa and Switzerland she also discovers she is on a personal, spiritual journey too. Soon 2012 arrives and the new ways of life begin.