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Dimensional Doorways

Greetings from Home with Steve Rother and The Group

Dimensional Doorways

The energy in this room has just changed because a dimensional doorway has opened. Most of you felt it the moment the energy shifted. This feels like an expansiveness of space and it has gone on for some time. Every time you think of someone who has died or something that you have felt on the other side of the veil, the moment you hold that in your vision a dimensional doorway opens and they are there. They have access to you in every moment. You have experienced this your entire existence on Earth, but now some of the attributes are changing.  Your sensitivity to it is much greater, so you will perceive it on different levels and learn how to use that dimensional doorway. That dimensional doorway is being used by other beings in massive numbers throughout the universe right now. It has been used to watch what is happening on planet Earth at this moment. Dear ones, there was never a dream, never even an inkling of a thought that humanity would be this high at this point in your evolution. In fact, you have moved so much even in the last few weeks that some of your own systems do not seem to fit any more.  Things that used to be very important to you will now have to be re-thought. Many times the patterns you have set to enjoy your day or to be on purpose will not fit quite the same way, for you have literally moved faster than even your greatest dreams for yourselves.

For this reason every being in the universe has been alerted to what is happening on planet Earth, and many of them can shift dimensionally to watch and be here and help. There are now many beings who want to help you make this transition because you are so close; a transition such as this has never been made before. Never has a transition been made in any game throughout the universe the way this one is taking place now, which is why the excitement and vision is here for you. It may make you a bit uncomfortable to think you are being watched every second of every day. How am I performing? What does that mean to me? You have not been aware of this until recently and now you can understand why there are no more secrets, ever. Becoming comfortable so that you can live in that environment is the work which is before all of you right now. This is work because you have moved faster than even you anticipated, but it is work of joy. Even though it takes effort to make those levels harmonize, we tell you that you will love this and it will bring you Home faster than you thought. This will allow you to bring parts of heaven Home and anchor them on the Earth for yourselves to create your own vision of heaven on Earth, for you are the center of your own universe in case you did not know that.


This message is being heard by each and every one. Yet, that harmony between you now determines how far this goes out into the universe after that. The harmony you make with your neighbors, friends and enemies will determine your next steps, because humanity shifts not only on an individual level but also on a collective level. It is very exciting to watch and we see that you are also exhilarated to take these steps and yet a bit afraid, a bit fearful of where this is going because it is unknown. We tell you that you could not be on a more direct path to Home. You could not be in a better place than you are right at this moment, so the first thing we ask you is to breathe that in and own your magnificence that you have developed thus far. It is going to take holding everyone’s hand to make these next steps because even though it will be happening to each and every person on an individual level, it will also be happening to everyone at the same time.

Blocks to Beauty

There are many different levels of vibration or advancement, not only on planet Earth but throughout the universe. There are many, many games throughout the universe that are far ahead of Earth’s vibration. However, none of them have started at this vibrational range or been able to move and evolve into an entirely different vibrational range while still in physical bodies. Normally, Earth and its inhabitants would have been wiped out in order to start the game anew and bring it to the next level. Yet here you are making the transition without waiting for that to happen. You have once again pulled everything forward into your reality, so we would like to tell you about what some of the effects of this are and things to watch for as the beauty starts to unfold. Now the secrets are going away in all areas. This is an adjustment and it also brings a time of beauty that has never before been on Earth, so brace yourself for that. What would it be like if someone could see you every second of every day? Well, it is happening and we have to tell you that when you think nobody is looking, is when you are at your most beautiful. Those are the times when you allow yourself to love yourself. Many times the whole persona that you put on to present to other people blocks your own beauty. So, work with it and play with it. Look at ways of being more transparent.

This brings us to an important point. We know it is very difficult to understand this, but you are god. That is the essence of what you perceive to be god and all the religions. All of the things that you thought were magical are simply a reflection of your energy. , and now you are learning how to use that intentionally. The biggest problem we have on Earth is that you have egos, and the ego tells you that if you are god you must be the only god. You will find out very quickly that is not true; the next level of your work is going to be about how to get along and make space for the other gods.

Energetic Ingestion

Your physical body is also shifting towards a crystalline structure. This physical shift is not just moving from carbon base to silicon base, but in effect it is the shifting of the carbon element itself toward a crystalline structure. In addition to that the physical body will greatly be affected by rapid technological advancement in the area of medicine.  For instance, let us point to that humans have always looked to enhance the physical body to produce a specific effect. Currently, there is a sweep of consciousness on earth about body builders and athletes who have illegally used steroids to build their bodies. Yet you are only a few steps away from an understanding of genetics that will unlock many of the aged secrets of humanity. Energetic ingestion will be understood and used by all to balance the physical body. With an efficient delivery method, there is no need for fillers and the effects of steroids can enter the body energetically without any trace elements.  Watch the medical journals of Earth for major breakthroughs in several areas of medicine, as the physical and metaphysical sciences continue to blend.

We are speaking of only one area although there are many, but let us use this one area for an example. Athletes want to build their bodies so they can be stronger and faster and now they have learned to do it without the outside influences. It can even be done genetically…permanently. That will confuse many of your lawmakers and people who are looking over the athletes trying to decide if they are cheating, because all of humanity is now being re-defined. Your physical being is coming down to the essence of who you really are, and is now able to house and interface with much more of your core spirit within the physical body.  Your new physical bodies will carry more light in the way that crystal can carry more light than carbon. 

Now it is coming down to an instant reaction, where you are able to carry your light more effectively than you ever have before. The physical changes in the body are going to begin releasing your ability to connect to Home. Many of you have already felt it. Many of you have worked with it on different levels and use it in your daily work which is very beautiful. Now more than ever, what you focus on is going to grow. That has always been true for you are creators, but now what you focus on will grow very rapidly because many of the blinders and old filters that used to protect you from yourself are now no longer needed. You are starting to understand the true magnificence of what being a human is all about.

The Cosmic Joke

You are a reflection. God has been made in your image or you have been made in god’s image, and that is the cosmic joke. You are looking in the mirror and all we ask you to do is to take responsibility for it. Hold it, use it all you wish, but take responsibility for your own happiness first. Your concepts of a supreme being still hold true, for what you call god is actually the collective vibration of all things. Find those pieces of joy, those little bits that bring you pleasure and a smile to your face. Let every cell in your body rejuvenate, because these are the parts that all of us are going to be working with over the next several years not only through 2012. As you take the first steps into the new world and move as human beings evolving into a new environment, it will happen every day a little bit at a time. Now what is taking place is that you will learn how to do many of these things internally without the outside influence that you have prejudged. Know that it is partly because you are god that you can go within and change yourself, for you brought a part from Home. You brought a part of the puzzle that we cannot put together until you are ready to bring your puzzle piece to the table.  Now more than ever before it is happening, for the energy is already in motion. You have already decided and you have already taken the first steps forward and we are so very proud of you.

We have been talking like this for eons of time, yet it has only been a short time that humans have been able to listen. We hope you understand it is not just listening through your ears. It is not simply listening to this broadcast or to our speaking through the Keeper. Instead, it is listening to yourself because you will hear your spirit speak directly to you if only you give it a chance and open that door.

We leave you with three little reminders because you love them so much. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect always. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together. 


The group