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What Is More Important Than Expanding DNA?

By Crystalai

The parents and teachers of children who are born with 5DNA or even 12DNA in this new ERA must be allowed to keep their neuronets connected from their original EGO self into the infinite unknown. Parents must become trained to know the truth about their children. Just because a child isn't interested in learning the 3D nonsense that is taught in the school system designed to trap them into a world that contains very little truth about anything, doesn’t mean the child is learning deficient or has a low attention ability. It simply means that the child will not allow his or her neuronet to shrink away from Source Consciousness.

Parents must be required to know how to understand the minds of the children being born in the next five year time period. These will be the minds that will transform our world into galactic citizenship.

Each time a child is told to stop believing in fairy tales, he/she is having his or her brain reduced from a fifth dimensional being into a third dimensional altered ego mind.

Each time a child is told to color within the lines, stand in line, sit in a chair, and to be like the other children, that child is having his or her brain shrunk.

This shrinking continues until puberty, when the sex hormones flow into the thymus. This is when the pituitary gland and thymus gland begin to shrink into the size of a pea. Thus, we get a pea brain.

So, now the child has had his imagination and free will erased and replaced with the altered ego. The child is having once cell killed each time the same formulas are repeated into his or her mind. This means that by the time a student has memorized enough facts (so called altered reality of the government) to get a high score on a test, the student has created a loop in the neurotransmitters that will continue to loop until a cell has died. Enough death loops are created in the student's mind by the time he/she takes the SAT test to create a death hormone in the brain. This doesn’t mean the student will die, it just means the mind has been set into a continuous reverse spin that will result in life instead of immortality.

The child becomes depressed when cells are dying. The child cannot focus when cells are being killed. This is what has really been happening in the classrooms for hundreds of years.

Where did this system come from? It was taken from the Prussian military academy that proved it had a system that would create the best SOLDIERS for world armies.

Beginning in the pre-teen years, the child has the sex, lust and fear buttons take over in the amydala gland and transform him or her into the altered ego forever. The lower frequency thoughts of social consciousness are very limited. The young mind begins to search for realities that are more stimulating and interesting. However there aren't any to be found in the prison cells of the school.

The young adult finds less limiting experiences in sex and war games that begin in junior high school. The sixth grader begins searching for groups that will reflect their altered ego. Clicks begin to form in the schools. Those who do not fit into a click become the outsider with very little social prestige. The schools promote this transformation into the altered ego that will easily be controlled by the social agendas.  

Now, the government has controllable adults that they can tax. Now they have energy channels that they can use as their own energy. Now the government has perfect candidates for their war machines and money machines. Only the altered ego would take part in such a plan.


Now it is time to allow the children of our new galactic citizen ship to keep their EGO. That is their god self. That is their true self as the image and likeness of god. The original child needs to know that he came from a star and has been born into immortality. The original child needs to know that he will never get sick or die. The original child needs to know that he knows everything that is in Cosmic Consciousness. The original child needs to know that he can transform into pure light and orb to other galaxies. This is what the galactic citizenship requires.

Our third dimensional societal consciousness is made up of closed minded people who do not believe that anything exists beyond what they can see, touch and feel. They don't really care about what other people might be able to see, touch, hear or feel. That wouldn't fit into their altered ego.

That would include those of the old hierarchy in spirituality as well. Channeling that was completed through words can now be completed through frequency waves. It is also very common now that entire Councils or Teams are communicating through individuals in order to facilitate teaching through them. However, the teams want the individuals to communicate through their own understanding. This is a very important first step in removing the hierarchy. When our consciousness becomes so at One with our entire Higher Selves, Guides, Guardians, and all Starry Families, the intelligence becomes our own, and we think and speak as true sovereign entities.

That old angel hierarchy that many still refer to must be expanded in our minds where we will know that there are billions of other entities communicating to us now than just those that were written about in history books. It is also time to learn that the spiritual history books are just as incorrect as the school textbooks. The entities who have had entire religions developed to maintain their teachings have now informed us that the teachings are entirely incorrect.

Education claims to teach logic and rational thinking. What education teaches actually closes the mind completely to quantum physics of what cannot be seen--but what really is. Education closes the mind to the invisible unknown--to the infinite all knowing. The frequencies of higher dimensions of reality have ceased to function in the educated mind. The Quantum Reality of all that is beyond the third wave of visible light has been blocked and removed from our neuronets.

It is the imagination that knows all things. The imagination requires the thymus to grow back to its original use it had when the child's mind could see the fairies. That wave of consciousness allows the mind to see things that are not in the visible light spectrum.

It is the child's mind who can enter the kingdom of heaven. It is the EGO that has not been altered by the society that allows the DNA to grow into 5DNA, 12DNA, 36DNA, 48DNA, 96DNA and on and on and on into the Infinite Unknown.

We must now prepare individual minds that can climb the stairway to heaven, walk on clouds, become orbs of light that can visit our starry families in the farthest reaches of our universe. It is time to admit that we have ALWAYS BEEN IMMORTAL, but we have been trapped into this social box that wouldn't allow us to know it because we weren't allowed to admit it is true.

NASA admits that Unified Field Theory is true. That means AS IN HEAVEN SO ON EARTH. We are all ONE GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS. We are the citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Aquarius Galaxy. We are the citizens of the Universe and the Cosmos. We contain the hologram of the entire Cosmos in our light field of our new harmonic biology of the new 5D Full Spectrum of Light Body.

When we believe or know that what we imagine is real, that is the electromagnetic frequency that pulls that reality to us.

We can't pull a higher frequency idea into our aura of experience until we raise our own frequencies into the full spectrum light frequency. That is the wave length that brings us the mind of a Christ. The man who has the mind of God walking on Earth. That is who we are all supposed to be. But, we were all told by our church that we could not be a Christ because there was only one Christ. We were all taught that we would be punished if we ever claimed to be such a divine one.

Well, that made it pretty easy for our government and our church to become the only one who had any say about our original EGO or god self. So, once again, our altered ego shrunk our brain.  

2010 -2013 are the years of the last battles of armagedon when we choose between the altered ego or the return to the EGO of our original self. As long as we conform to social consciousness, we are only an altered ego. If we alow our frequencies to rise into the light waves of the gamma, and out of these lower frequencies of control that we presently live in, we will transform our minds into the full spectrum of light. That is also what NASA will discover when the gamma waves penetrate and encompass the entire planet. These gamma waves will melt away the old 3D limitations from the healing of our planet and it will melt away the death hormone seals placed in our cells that have locked us into this prison CELL of our Shrunken neuronets.

We will flash into a full light spectrum of all that is. We will told that the Unified Filed Theory is true. We will be told that what we can't see now will soon be seen. We will be told that the QUANTUM REALITY is TRUE. That is when our junk DNA will turn into Divine Intelligence.

In this new reality our Real Body will have the ability to live forever. We will learn that we only incarnate into lower density fields because we choose to be on Mission Teams. We all choose whatever team we want to be on each time. We can choose not to be on a team for a few thousand years if we want to take a break. We can choose to just go hang out in Bliss until we get bored and decide we want to create some more Music for the Spheres. We are always choosing a mission of light and sound. We are always creating something.

What we never, ever choose to do as galactic citizens is to invade on another's freedom. When we can prove that we are sovereign entities who do not need to take the energy or freedom from another entity, that is when we will enter into the Galaxy where all stars of the Milky Way are the same Frequency Field that we gain our knowing and creativity from. We will have the same ability to create star systems as our Cosmic Families. We become the Stars, the Suns, the Co-Creators with Divine Mind.

It will be the children of this time who will teach their parents how to see and talk to the fairies, the unicorns, the mermaids, the white whales, and all of our fine, feathered friends.

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