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More Energetic Blessings


By Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well. I am feeling that it might be more appropriate to say:

Dearest Hearts,
Welcome to the New World.

During our third class of "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God" on the 11-11, at about 70 minutes into our session, a blessing of global proportion occurred. I began guiding one of the third or fourth experiential aspects of the evening that had us breathing the "Breath of God," and tipping our heads toward our heart as we consciously sought the Flame of God living in the center of our hearts.

Once found and felt, with full momentum we all began decreeing I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Light, repeatedly and with vigor. The decree was felt and heard far and wide, as people participating in this class are from around the world.

From my end, the decree turned into a chant. Continuing to chant with the group, I felt a huge presence of energy come over my head.

I then saw it expand over the entire group. It became more and more palpable as it began pouring through my body, and our bodies, from the open portal of the 1111 Stargate.

I watched it come down from the Cosmos, through our bodies and down into the Earth.

At first I saw this energy descending in a huge column of white Light, and then it changed. The energy shifted above the group into a weave of blue, pink and yellow (the colors of the three-fold flame.) I knew (and felt) it was the energy of St. Germaine along with the Light of God that was present.

The energy pulsed through my heart, expanding and expanding and expanding it. I had never felt my heart in that way. There was no doubt that the Heart of the Divine, The Heart of God was beating inside of me, was beating inside all of us, in a new way, in a merged way. As a group we have committed to "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God," and we were being responded to.

In a silent prayer I asked that this energy touch all of humanity and our beloved Mother Earth in that moment.

I watched the spiral of Light then blanket the Earth, and I knew life as I and many had known it had been changed, whether there was awareness of it or not. We had been imprinted. We had been blessed. We had a transmission that could not be denied.

I had to end the session earlier than planned as the tears of joy muddled what turned into my final words as our hands were held over our hearts:

Dear God
You Are Here
Dear God I Am Here
Dear God We Are Here
From This Day Forward I Shall Carry You Consciously Inside of Me
From This Day Forward I Shall Nurture You, As You Do Me
I Shall Express As You Do
I Shall See As You See
I Shall Love As You Do
I Shall Be As You Be
I AM You, You Are Me, We Are One
And so it is.

Dearest Hearts, a palpable change has come to humanity. It's been amping up since the 101010, and it's not over. It's far from over. And, it's not metaphysical meanderings or predictions. It's not spiritual rhetoric.

We were given another powerful blast of Love, and supportive energies on the 1111 again, in response to all of the intense work, the endless die-offs, the breakdowns and breakthroughs, the commitment to change our natures from human to Divine and our devotion to freeing ourselves from the restrictive human template.

Your intentional actions that you are taking to be at peace, so the world can also be at peace, are not going unnoticed, regardless of what your mind or circumstances might tell you.

You are on track. There is evidence everywhere. You are on purpose. Trust that. You are exactly where you are meant to be, so you are able to find your freedom. You are in your plan. No other circumstances, no other plan, no other life would be appropriate for you right now to give birth to the Divine in you. Please trust that.

You, WE, are being blessed in every moment as we move through our respective plans. Energy doesn't lie, though at times, is misinterpreted.

Before I went to bed last night, I looked at pictures of St. Germain, Jeshua, and Ramana Maharshi, all of whom adorn one of the altars in my home, and I just smiled. I said a prayer of gratitude. I sensed strongly that they were smiling back.

I remind you (once again), that we are heroes in a profound transition stage doing what no collective group of humans has done before.

Keep turning toward impeccability, self-integrity, deep self-care, balance, joy, a personal stabilized consciousness and active unity consciousness. Be creative with creation. There are no limits. There are no limits!

This is what the Avatars, Masters and Saints devoted their lives and teachings to. They knew a time would come, when their wise and loving teachings would not fall on deaf ears. The time has come and they are celebrating. Still, there is prayer for many more to come forth.

It is St. Germain that said, "When humanity discovers their orbit as the planets above have found theirs, at last all will move in harmony under the great impulse of a single creation.....One Unity, One System, One Design."

We as a collective are moving into what I call "The System of God," where the "impulse of a single creation" can at long last be realized.

God/Goddess bless all of you as individually and together, we take care of final clean up of our lower natures, make the final drop-off of the extraneous false identities, shore up our physical bodies, deposit the masks we have worn for 'seeming' protection or ego attention into a Universal garbage bin and amplify the importing and exporting of Love.