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Your Feminine Empowerment Invitation

Activate your Inner Goddess (in person) with Suzanna Kennedy

If you feel alone, under-supported, unappreciated, or simply too busy and exhausted to bring forth the rich soul gifts you yearn to make – to your life and the world – then you’re reading this post for a very important reason. Would you believe me if I told you that the role you’ve been playing – of strong woman, caregiver, leader, bread-winner, or protector – need not be such a struggle?

Would you believe me if I told you it’s possible to be both powerful and connected to your feminine energies? 

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What we know for certain is that the quickest and deepest way to heal and transform your life is to totally immerse yourself in the new energy and consciousness you want to anchor. This is the very reason why I’ve been guided to create exclusive, immersive retreat experiences for women.

Divine Feminine Empowerment with Suzanna Kennedy

On the Sacred Garden Isle of Hawaii - Kauai, you will be immersed in the frequencies and consciousness of the 3 Human Upgrade Frequencies:

• The Divine Human

• The Sacred Union and

• The Paradise Codes

As embodied by Spiritual Midwife Suzanna Kennedy, a.k.a the Graceful Transformation Expert and her Sacred Union Partner, Casey Holt.

Suzanna Kennedy.

I have personally experienced Suzanna’s profound and transformational gifts and highly recommend them to you. Kauai, known as the womb of Mother Earth, is the perfect location for Birthing of yourself in this way.

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Blessings of grace and ease,


PS: Suzanna has been guided to share the Activated, Divine Feminine Energies with sisters through direct transmission. Allow her to serve as your midwife for the emergence of your Inner Goddess.

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