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The Cardinal Grand Cross and the Second Wave

By Katie Gallanti
In the last article, I reported that the first of the doorways had opened energetically to a higher vibrational level of the Earth field and that a first group of Souls in embodiment had already walked through this doorway and transitioned in a stable way into the new vibratory pattern. I also said that there would be seven of these opening transitions all together over the next few years or so, before there was a split in timelines and clear separation in vibrational realities. We would then have a distinct separation between higher vibrating and lower vibrating Earth experiences and we would no longer multi-view and fence-hop between different vibratory Earth realities with as much ease. Where ever we will be at that point vibrationally, will be our stable reality.

The Waves and the Node

For right now, however, we are at an energetic and vibratory juncture point of sorts, in which many different levels of consciousness are present simultaneously. I call this merge point, in which many different realities of Earth are experienced simultaneously, The Node. The Cardinal Grand Cross that we are now approaching and that will be exact April 20-24th (see previous newsletter article with astrological details here),  is a potent point in energy and time on The Node, as it coincides with the opening of a fairly wide doorway. 

I am being told that this is the doorway of the Second Major Wave. The First Wave began at the end of January and at that time a first group of Souls crossed vibrational thresholds. These were the first group of Souls to cross and their job was and still is that of holding the field for all subsequent Waves and groups of Souls that would cross at later times. These first frequency threshold-crossers are some of the most advanced Souls, capable of transmuting fast and of holding very stable fields, both for themselves and the collective. These souls are the energetic leaders of The Shift.  

The next major Wave (we have had a few smaller onse since then), which will occur in the last two weeks of April, as we transit into the Cardinal Grand Cross energies. This will coincide with the opening of a vibrational doorway that allows for the opportunity to move past frequency thresholds for many. This is going to be a big energetic event at the planetary level and I know many can feel this intuitively, as we move closer into this process. The energies are already intensifying and building as we speak and will continue to build in the days and weeks ahead.

A Time of Inner Refurbishment

Many are reporting that they have been feeling sleepy and tired in unusual ways during the past few weeks, needing sleep at unusual times and needing many more hours of sleep than usual. Many of the people experiencing these symptoms are amongst the first wave threshold-crossers, the ones that are responsible for holding a stable frequency anchor point in the new vibratory reality.  To hold that stable vibration, however, they have to be able to hold light and frequency in a particularly strong and stable way. As such, they are being energetically prepared and rewired at a very deep level to accomplish this task. And to do so, just like we knock people out with anesthesia in order to perform surgery on them, the high councils are knocking people out with sleep, so they can work on their energetic set up without being opposed by people's conscious minds and emotional bodies. Also, it's just simpler that way, as the patient does not wriggle ;-) lol 

I can report on this process first hand, as I had this experience consciously with my councils last week. As I was working on the planetary energies with a friend, the councils told us that they were going to both be put through a deep rewiring process, as we were moving into a space in which our services were required on the front lines. As such, we both needed certain patterns removed, as well as a stronger form of protection. I was also told that some of my deeper patterns from past lives were also going to be removed at this time, at a very deep cellular level. 

I thought that this was going to be one of those usual healing experiences that one integrates gradually over a period of time. This time, however, it was different. I felt an immediate intense energetic pressure throughout my body. So much so it was hard to breathe. I had to check and double check that this was something benign, as it was so intense it was a bit unnerving. But, after a while I got used to it and for a week, at regular intervals, I felt the energy moving in and out of my body and re-arranging things inside me.

During this process, I often fell asleep for several hours at a time, at the most unusual times during the day. And I am hearing from others that I am not the only one that is being "prepped" in this way, so if you are finding yourself going through odd experiences of this kind, with periods of deep sleep at odd hours or no sleep when you should be sleeping, know that this is happening to many others across the board. We are being refurbished and prepared.
The Importance of Being "Clear"
The higher and faster the Solar Galactic Field energies rise, the more of our stuff is triggered and the quicker we manifest our own energy emissions into being. Our reality has always been product of our energy and intent, but now that gap between the two is getting smaller and smaller. Our world is becoming less physical and more fluid in nature and we are becoming instant manifestors. Instant manifestation is good, when we are thinking of creating something new, but can backfire when we instantly manifest the blockages we hold in our energy field. It is therefore a good idea to be as clear as possible, as we move into these higher frequency energy spaces and vibratory realities. It is a good idea that we stay energetically clear, not just of present time energetic debris, but of all of the levels at which we energetically store past patterns and trauma, from all our multidimensional expressions and lives.

Maintaining the Energy Bodies
We all have a physical body which we maintain clean and in good working order. We brush our teeth every day, we take a shower regularly, we cut our hair every so often, and we do what is needed to be done to fix our bodies if they show signs of getting sick. We also do things that are preventive to keep our bodies from breaking down, such as eating healthy food, drinking enough water, taking supplements or super-foods, spending time in nature. Most of us understand that bodies are things that require maintenance and care.

We all also have energy bodies, several of them in fact. But because we are not aware of these as much, we often do not realize that these bodies also need to be taken care of and maintained. Our energy bodies are subject to wear and tear, invasion from astral entities, energetic cording, energy overlap from other humans, thought-form overload and so on. Even simple things like day to day stress and medications can have an impact on the energy field. Not to speak of the damage that incurs as a result of toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Our energy fields are also strongly linked to our chakra system, to our DNA, to our Soul history and records. If we are have clear chakras, if we have dealt with the bulk of our karma and we are in touch with our Soul energetically and connected to Source on an ongoing basis, our energy fields are more likely to be stable, clear, strong and difficult to permeate. However, even the most evolved amongst us rarely have this level of baseline energetic wholeness on a consistent and ongoing basis. Especially in our modern world, filled with toxins, stressful lives, EMF emissions,  chemtrails and an ever deteriorating food chain, rich in GMOs and unfriendly substances. Additionally, loved ones may cord us, tapping our energy sources and opportunistic entities hitch a ride wherever they see an opening. 

The Current Energy Weather

At the moment, also, many of us are in a state of deep release and cleansing as a result of the incredibly accelerating energies that are coming in from the Solar Galactic Field, which are peaking at this time. Many front line light holders, at the moment,  are also under some opposing energies coming in from the dark forces. These dark forces operate on an individual basis, but also at the planetary grid and collective consciousness level, using a variety of mechanisms, including the attempt hijack some of the collective consciousness streams and grids. 

These forces are aiming at disrupting the current high consciousness acceleration and flow and they are particularly strong and active right now in targeting front line and active transformation agents of light. So remember to step up your protection at this time, especially if you are working the energies hard and if you are tired. 

The Peak of the Frequency Clash

We are at the peak of the frequency clash between light and dark and we are approaching a thresholds of light, beyond which we will be beyond the reach of dark influence. The dark forces therefore are doing their job as dark catalyst and trying to recruit as many as they can to their side, as well as being busy in creating as many obstacles as possible for the light holders that are doing the most relevant parts of the "work". This is not something to be frightened about, it is just the nature of a world that is shifting out of light vs dark polarity. The dark polarity has its purpose in acting as trigger for awakening and, in many ways, they are just doing their job in providing us with something to push against and transcend. It is however our job, as light forces, to also do our job, and continue to step up and stabilize our personal and planetary light.  We need to be "aware" that our work is important and needed. And it is beneficial to be especially mindful of maintaining strong energy fields and high vibratory and protective practices at this time. To keep your field vibrating high you can meditate, eat right and also step up your fields vibration with processes such as my "Source Body Activation, which you can find for free on YouTube, linkhere. If you are a front line energy worker and you work with higher dimensional guides and Councils, ask to be given some updated shields at this time and for the next few months to come.
Source Body Activation

A Multitude of Influences

Considering all of these influences combined, we have a very energetically multi-layered cocktail. If our original energy signatures are being triggered astrologically and our degrees are activated by the grand cross, we will have major energies active in our being at this time at all levels: the day to day stuff, the interfering opposing dark grid and dark forces energies (especially if you are a front liner), the accelerating push of the Solar Galactic Field, and the Grand Cross astro-squeeze. All this while clearing our stuff and undergoing a big refurbishment. Although, we are never given more than we can handle, this can get a bit overwhelming, so don't hesitate to get assistance, in whatever way you feel guided towards, at this time, from myself (see clearing and activation services I offer right now, in section below this article) or from any other healer you feel guided to work with. If you are feeling overloaded, you can also use my process on YouTube, called "Discharging extra energy", which you can use to discharge your field of excess energy and clear your field, if things get a little too intense.

Solar Shifts and Discharging Extra Energy

If you are feeling any uncomfortable physical symptoms at this time, that come and go out of the blue, that this too can be a sign of overload of the energy field and energy systems of the body, as well as another symptom of the deep restructuring many of us are undergoing. 

Our Lives Are Also Cleansing

Uncomfortable symptoms aside, this is a time in which we are getting ready, yet again, to shed a lot of baggage, both energetically and as situation in our lives. Do not be too shocked if sudden changes in the circumstances of your life happen over the next six weeks, as we are undergoing a process of deep personal and collective change. We are not just changing vibration, but we are changing collective energy streams and Earth Realities, the kind of change that is available only every 13,000 to 26,000 years ;-) Not all are ready to shift and not all situations can match the new Earth energy, so do not be too dismayed if some of them dissolve and leave our lives. 
Welcome the Big Squeeze

In many ways this is what these accelerating energies are for. We are being squeezed and intensely pressured energetically until all our baggage is popped out of our field and cleaned out. The more intense the energy, the more intense the squeeze. Some of these squeezes come accompanied loudly by big life crisis and change. Big life crisis and big change are just another way to clear out karma, just a little more disruptive and dramatic. Know that this is ok, as we often need the experience and the insights that real life events bring. It's just another way through which we grow and learn. And sometimes this is the most effective way. These changes will be happening in many of our lives, but will probably also happen at the planetary level to. Watch the news for earthquakes and volatile energy on the collective world scene at this time.

The Planetary Shifts As We Approach the Cardinal Grand Cross

Personal clearing and shifting aside, there are big changes happening in tandem to the Earth and the Collective Energy Field as a whole. Despite the ongoing disruptions from the dark forces, and thanks to the effort of many active high consciousness holders, multiple high consciousness streams are anchoring and becoming steady in the planetary collective energy field, as well as several new energy grids. As I have spoken of before, I often do work on the collective energy field, with my teams on the other side. And last week we were engaged on working on the planetary energies almost on a daily basis. The main issues that we were called to work on was an increasing vibratory pattern of fear and chaos connected to the threat of war. We subsequently carried out a lot of clearing work on the collective energies and timelines, removing some of that energy at the collective level. 

Reactivating the Atlantean Grids

When we were done, I was shown that we were allowed to re-anchor an old Atlantean grid, the second Atlantean grid I have been guided to re-install over the last few years. This grid had been disabled at the time of the Atlantean fall and is now back in place. It is crystalline in nature and shines with a white blue hue. It has a purpose in creating a connection between beings that vibrate beyond a certain frequency and helps them manifest at the planetary level, as a cohesive group. This grid plugs into particular DNA codes of a particular group of old Positive Polarity Atlantean Souls of the Mystery Schools of Atlantis, most of which are in embodiment again at this time, most of which lost some of their traction at the level of the planetary consciousness, after the Fall. Re-anchoring this grid is part of re-installing the ancient positive knowing of Atlantis, that many beings have stored in their dormant or damaged DNA codes. If you feel guided to do some active and direct work aimed at dusting off and repairing these old Atlantean codes, find info in newsletter section below or at following blog post link)  

I was also guided to work on another grid, which however has been in place now for a while, which is golden in color and connected to the Source energy, allowing for rapid transmutation and for the transmission of really high frequency energy, information planet wide. Last week I talked about this on my show with JP and you can go to my YouTube channel to find both the show and the meditationsextracted from that show. If you are drawn to participate in these meditations, as work aimed at stabilizing these grids further and continuing to clear out the discordant war frequencies, know that your contribution is both needed and welcome.

Connecting to the Planetary Golden Grid

In Closing

Know that although our work as planetary shifters is far from done, we are heading where we need to be headed and that the planetary energy as it stands is looking good at the moment. And as long as we continue to do the work that is required and that we agreed to do pre-birth, we will leap well into the next levels of planetary being and in speedy ways. 

When things get overwhelming, remember to ask for the intervention of higher forces and higher power into your life. We are not here alone. We have lots of support from many advanced beings of light, eager to assist, many of which belong to your won guidance teams.  Ask them to help you work through the speed bumps, clear the blockages, raise to a higher perspective and to guide you with precision onto your next steps. And, have fun surfing the next wave, as it going to be an interesting one. In many ways, this is an exhilarating and special time in which to be alive. Enjoy the coming Cardinal Grand Cross and the changes it brings, knowing that all is always unfolding as for the highest good, at all times.

That will be all for now ...
Much love and blessings


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