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Coming Down from the Cross: mass renewal

LOVE Bomb Explodes - By Lauren C Gorgo

The equinox on the 20th was something really special.  It is always a powerful gateway for ascension because it is a time of balancing the sacred female/male energies within, but because we are now so firmly planted in unity consciousness, the power of this year’s merge was like a full-on explosion of LOVE and could really be felt on that day, in exaggerated and almost satirical ways.

As we opened ourselves up to whole the division between our hearts and minds on the full moon just prior to, the LOVE then came pouring out on the equinox and filled the planetary grid with a palpable feeling of open, loving, compassionate, connected, tenderness that was nearly surreal.  It was literally heaven on earth, even if for a brief moment.

But just like any massive explosion, this LOVE bomb cleared out sections of our lives and bodies, both personal and global, that are not in resonance with LOVE…the aftermath of which still lingers I write this.

We are moving beyond the gravity of fear, chunk by chunk, and this recent infusion of LOVE is so paramount to this process, even tho it has been kicking up some creepy crawlers.  

Whenever a stark contrast surfaces after an infusion of LOVE, it is always the result of LOVE’s purifying power. This isn’t necessarily an easy ending to a long transition, but one that is beginning to feel better and better.  And the reason things are about to get even MORE better is because each of us is being presented with our own unique opportunities to take the physical steps needed to overcome the deepest of our issues…the bottom of the ocean (emotion) stuff..the core wounding that has kept us trapped on the karmic wheel for many lifetimes.

The snapshot glimpse of heaven that opened to us, that short-lived lifting of the veil on the equinox, heralded what’s to come.  It was a tiny taste of what is anchoring so firmly within our physical lives during this new season, but also feels like a shot in the arm to bolster us for the massive changes that are in store…what I believe to be a primer for the next wave of momentous events set for April.

I have been hearing so much about the physical changes that will come into being next month and tho the celestial happenings are mostly beyond my comprehension, what I can’t ignore is their obvious magnitude. I also can’t ignore the visions I have been receiving since 2014 began, and my feelings connected to those visions…the most impacting and repetitive of which involves a scene in which Christ comes down off the cross.

At first I thought that perhaps I was just tuning into the “end of suffering” which is so palpably close, and I am sure its connected, but the compelling nature of those visions prompted me to look deeper and when I did, I was pretty amazed at the dots that were beginning to connect…things that just seem too synchronistic to ignore.

For example:

Not only are there 2 eclipses in April, but Easter Sunday (the celebration of the resurrection of Christ consciousness) “just happens” to be on April 20 this year followed directly by that notable cardinal grand cross that all the astrologers are talking about, one that will be exact on 13 degrees Aries (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air), and Capricorn (earth).

When contemplating my vision in connection with these upcoming events, I started to realize that there might be a correlation between Christ coming down from the “cross” in my minds eye…and the grand “cross” in the heavens that begins right on or around Easter Sunday.

What’s more, I started to attract information that led me to the understanding that the number 13 is not just happenstance, but that there is a much greater relevance than I originally had thought… read FULL report and comment see membership options & pricing at

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