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A Message from Belees

From Saleena Ki

This is the final day of Feb. 2012, Leap year and a kind of day out of time.  2012 has certainly shaped up to be a very exciting point in our lives. I have spent most of the day and through the night transcribing - editing and posting Belees, the Arcturian's message to us. 

Since receiving his message, I have noticed a number of channels are sharing these "overall" kinds of messages right now. Many are similar in content from many different sources. One source shared that this shows that we are CONVERGING TIMELINES now as many of our sources of information begin to be similar.

Communications Tuning 

Saleena: Tuning in to communicate, I immediately feel Belees, the Arcturian. Aloha.

Opening my heart, touching yours. Belees, Aloha! I feel your warmth and loving presence when I tune into you. It floods my heart!

Belees: Tuning the frequencies so we can communicate once again. You seem ready to come online again. This new Energetic Pyramid set up will create a very effective communications portal for your pleasure again. If you are ready.

Saleena Note: I was originally tuning in to receive an update for the Energetic Pyramid, so I was pleased to find Belees here to communicate. It had been suggested to me recently that it would be very supportive for me to set up a new Energetic Pyramid in my new location. We had three of them in Hawaii and they did help customize the space to be more supportive and conducive to the activities we liked to do in the different rooms where we had them.

Saleena: I am. Okay, I'm ready to hear what gift is here now or anything else you desire to share, like the progress of freeing our humanity and disclosure from your perspective.

Belees: Yes it is true that it is more dense where you are at (Tennessee verses Hawaii) & the location requires attention -- conscious attention to create a clear active communication portal.

Rapid Fire Events 

Belees: The energies from your Sun are increasing in intensity -- the evolution of your species and Earth herself, along with ALL Life residing upon her is about to break forth into rapid progression.

The "brakes" that were artificially applied to Humanity, Earth, and ALL Life upon her are nearly removed. It has been a co-creative process. It is true that very soon a series of rapid-fire events will dramatically shift all your lives and increase the potential for ease and grace to support radical shifts in consciousness to occur.

Sharing about Events and Energy 

Belees: We have been rather busy -- on call 24--7 as you say it in your earth bound time-bound reality. We have worked constantly with the Whales of Earth and Creator Whales and a number of beings who have gathered to hold space for and facilitate frequency support during this tipping point. Planetary-wide Ascension and Mother Earth Ascension is occurring simultaneously with the opportunity for Humanity to ascend with her. Very unique event indeed!

We are, as you call us the A-Team -- Arcturian Team, humbled, excited and delighted to be here now assisting ALL of the "Lightwork" and ongoing OmniD Travel Adventures you are doing with your team. These are truly facilitating and marking a "Path of Light" for the energies to follow, for others to find their way through the steps of Ascension easier when they are ready. ALL current Light Workers are truly pioneers plowing the way "Home" for the many as they awaken.

Every which way you can imagine, people all over this lovely and unique planet are awakening. Many are going through a rather blunt and rude awakening from the entrancement -- the enchantment of the Controllers. For many it is frightening and overwhelming. It is painful as they begin to see that the path ahead requires a whole new perception of reality.

Many believe it is the end of ALL life and it is, as they once knew it, and find themselves shrouded in darkness, controlled, feeling victim mentality, weakness, desperation, despair and hopelessness.

The Industrial Model Life is crumbling -- as it was based on a mentality of habits and patterns that were carefully laid out and cultivated to create massive wealth for a few top Controllers and create the illusion of "responsible citizens" working daily -  struggling  & addicted to commercialism and consumerism - dealing with their disregarded and disintegrating health with constant pressures to "work hard" to obtain the bare necessities of life.

On the Shift & Shifting Your Reality 

Belees: Necessities that are ALL your God -- Source -- Creator given rights. Every Soul on Earth has the right to have sufficient nutritious food -- clean air -  water -- shelter -- clothing -- transportation. Every Soul has the right to live free of stress, worry, fear and suffering at the core.

This Planet -- this Beautiful Library Planet -- is unique in ALL of this Creation. She hosts one of the grandest opportunities for Evolution and now is the time for great shift; A Shift of the Ages.

The number one place this is taking place is inside each of you. Inside is where you finally decide,

"I AM changing and embracing

 the possibility of a happier life

-- full of daily joy -- support -- harmony

and opportunity to co-create

anything I can dream up!"


Let me share with you, each of you:

It Never Matters If You Know

How It Will Happen. 

It only matters that you are

able to imagine it -- to dream it --

to feel the possibilities of it

and then focus all your attention

on what you want to create,

on what you want to embrace

as your reality. 

Once you know,

truly understand that you needn't know

how it will happen,

you are then safe and inspired

to dream in a whole new kind of life for yourself.

Even if you have very little time, spend your time thinking -- feeling -- assuring yourself of what you desire different.

Saleena Note: Instead of focusing on all that makes you upset -- despair -- angry or feel helpless or hopeless. you can also learn Ho'oponopono as your internal response.

Belees: The Universal Laws

require energy to form

according to your focus. 

According to your

intentions -- attentions

and focused use of energy.

Belees: It is a time ENERGETICALLY RIPE to receive new input -- all the dreaming work you have done previously has begun to respond and rearrange your reality. So many hearts and minds have aligned Now for World Peace -- the war vehicle is falling apart and disintegrating. Those who have constantly pursued war -- hatred -- conflict -- disaster are being disarmed. Literally from the inside out and now from the outside Reality is aligning.

Events will take place very quickly,

from our Galactic perspective, now.

Those of you who are conscious of what is occurring will be the voices and hearts to assure the rest that ALL IS WELL, all is excitingly aligning for your freedom.

All is aligning for restoration of your beautiful unique Planet to shine in a new way. As she ascends her Lightbody will literally give off more perceivable light, as will each of your bodies, as you practice focusing on that which is healthy -- sustainable -- aligning -- restorative & immortalizing -- that which affirms LIFE; respects and honors your own physical bodies and that of your Planet, for they are ONE -- that which opens up your potential to step into the truth of who each one of you are.

The veils and filters that

enshrouded you and

kept your magnificent light

from yourself are

thinning and shifting.


You will begin to know,

to feel and see each other

and yourselves in a new way.

Controllers  Last Attempts 

Belees: What little power the Controllers still feel they have will be used in desperate attempts to convince you that you are powerless -- to invoke fear and to create a series of disasters.

They HAD planned out a sequence of disasters and wars to obtain final world domination and control using financial tyranny and resource manipulation, using politics to create every way to keep those in power that will keep a continued string of wars and conflicts going, using disasters with weather and energy manipulation, manipulation and genetic modifying of your food to alter your genetic makeup to pervert it -- all to weaken and destroy you and ALL LIFE and the Planet until there was no one to resist their takeover and accumulation of great Wealth at the expense of ALL other LIFE.

Saleena Note: Make note of this...


You have all stepped up in vibration -- frequency with higher abilities to now to hold higher light quotients. Effecting the way you think and dream and remember how to manifest what you want. Now unwilling to go down with a sinking battleship.

Everything has turned.

Now watch carefully as

revelation after revelation

of the truth will come to light.

Breaking Polarity's Grip 

Belees: As we have shared before, it is never going to change sufficiently as long as you are caught in the polarized thinking of the light winning out over the dark, or the dark overtaking the light. That polarized way will be always seeking balance and swinging to one side or the other. It will always be out of balance and seek to balance itself; meaning if light is victorious eventually dark will be victorious -- over and over -- round and round.

Harmony Being a Final Key 

Belees: The FINAL KEY is HARMONY -- finding peace with each side of this story, these energies within you and then ACCEPTING all that each role has brought to you experientially.


Saleena can share the link to her design and information about coming to a place of Rainbow Mastery -- meaning ACCEPTANCE of ALL you have experienced and witnessed as Source Creator's whole and your WHOLENESS -- then by learning to RELEASE JUDGMENT, receiving it ALL into your own center and then you become WHOLE.

The polarized war ceases and you find a new kind of harmony -- a new Harmonics begins to send it's tone from your Heart -- Mind and Body into Creation and you step into a new kind of mastery.

As long as the fighting -- overcoming -- overpowering of light and dark continues -- you are trapped into polarities ever encircling cycles. 

Ascension is the way out of polarity

and the way forward

to a new level of your evolution

and evolution truly never ceases.

Saleena Note:  No matter what level of the game you are playing.

Belees: The day is nearing when the

true presence of other life

 -- other races -- other beings,

unseen to most,

is to be revealed.

Many have had their own personal awakenings to this. Many have, in their hearts and minds, opened to become more than Earth -- bound citizens of a country or state. They have opened to becoming ONE on Earth and are in process of opening the doors to become ONE once again with their Galactic Families and Friends and ALL CREATION.

As we share here today, events are unfolding -- taking place that will free you from the domain of the manipulative Controllers. Some call it the Illuminati -- some call it a Cabal -- some call it dark Evil forces -- some call them a Secret Government. It is all and more. We hold no judgments.

We see clearly their roles

and we see their value in the

experiences that all souls

came here to receive as soul growth.

Hardest Work Is PAST Tense 

Belees: We see many of you have voted to have them removed and to free yourself from the slavery and tyranny once and for all. This we are now able to facilitate. Divine Decree has finalized the orders and all in the moment now to bring about what many of you have called for.

Keep focusing on what you want.

Release any need for punishment,

for it will come as

natural consequences of Universal Laws.


Release any hatred or fear

you may still harbor.


Keep focusing on your

own internal freedom

from the habits and patterns

of the denser life you've been living.


Avoid watching or listening

to those who would conjure fear.

Saleena Note: Choose your media wisely for much of it is severely manipulated and full of blatant omissions and disinformation. There are more and more reporting more transparently now. Learn to trust your bodies instincts and use your intuitive feelings about what you read and hear. Practice knowing that you know. Give it a possibility that "all the stories are true" from someone's perspective and your task is to find what resonates with your own harmonics, finding your own truth.

Belees: Support those who report truth and solutions -- who AFFIRM LIFE -- ascension -- forgiveness -- resolution -- sustainability.

Focus on bringing forth -- supporting mentally and emotionally and financially, if you can, new technologies.

They are breaking forth and once a few major inventions -- technologies come forth the dam will break and these kinds of free -- energy -- sustainable energy devices will flood in.

As I said, revelation after revelation will begin. You will either be overwhelmed or rejoice -- let go of your fear -- flow with the new potentials and your life will brighten and brighten.

Releasing the Old - Making Room for The New 

Seek for help to release any old patterns

that bring back the fear,

the old denser habits.

Free yourself.

Saleena Note: Learn to be the observer of the pattern and then you will see clearly that it is only a pattern that you have learned to repeat and patterns can be changed, especially if you are able to get to and remove the root cause. Here is one way we can offer support: Sessions & Readings

Belees: This is a very unique time for your soul and rapid progression can be made right now.

Those of you who have understood about what was happening and what is happening, you are the ones who have received healing and advancement. Techniques and tools. You'll are first using them yourselves to prepare them to share with ALL- to assist their transition into a place of harmony.

Saleena Note: I was just lead to this:

"They shared all of this, and 
then said they would tell me 
their secrets of offsetting the
effects of radiation. 

I moved forward in my chair 
totally attentive to hear of a 
miraculous substance.

They told me that 
radiation is light 
& has a 
high vibratory frequency."

It IS time to
raise our cellular vibration
 to the speed of light."

From Meet your Teachers – Radiation is Light

– Raise your Vibration to the Speed of Light!

Make your Own Medicines of Light

They keep reminding me how empowering and powerful this practice is. and it is easy and free!

I have developed a whole section in this blog called Useful Tools & Techniques. Look at the Menu and you can find all kinds of things to support and encourage your own ascension. My Vibrakey designs are specifically birthed to support you at many levels and entry points. Take a little time and explore my Website and the many offerings. These Kits are particularly helpful to create safe and empowering energies to live in every day: Vibrakey Kits Gallery & Safe Haven

Belees: Saleena has asked us if there is only to be a period of light and grace such as prophecies that predict a "1000 years of peace". She suggested that to her it raises the question about what will happen after the thousand years; conflict and war again?

She has been one that has helped us all to dream the potential to move this planet into a place of New Reality where she calls our planet, previously known as Mother Earth; Paradise Earth. She is one who refuses to accept the old prophecies and predictions and dares to imagine and create a reality around her as something new.

She's a Dreamer and a Wayshower.

I mention her as there are many of you like her here on Earth. We support you all in ways you know and in ways unknown to you -- for we are here by invitation of our ONE Source -- Benevolent Source Creator to assist this planet and her life to embrace this UNIQUE EVOLUTIONARY ASCENSION OPPORTUNITY.

We all stand together;


on in or near her.


Belees: We evolve also. Our service assists you and assists us as we serve. There will always be these kinds of opportunities for us all as we evolve.

For those who are unable nor are ready to ascend, their lives will continue In Polarity until they desire something new. ALL will always be loved and assured opportunities for their soul to evolve at their own pace. No one is ever forced to evolve -- that is against Universal Laws by which we all abide.

Shaping Reality

Belees: Yes, now I would like to complete this public sharing and move on to a more individualized sharing.

Saleena: The Elections are coming and many are speculating the Republicans will attempt to manipulate gas prices and anything else they can to unseat Pres. Obama and the Democrats. It seems that life, if the Republicans have their way, would be disastrous for the earth and humankind. They...

Belees: (interrupting me) as I shared earlier, FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT. Many will simply repeat what they hear -- that is how rumors spread and facilitate the shaping of reality.

Having your own ideas

choosing your focus

your practice of "Voting"

these are ways to ensure

your own reality takes shape

the way you want it to.


It is rather simple.

It is about changing your habits from going along with and focusing on the reports and stories constructed by the Controllers (who by the way know how to shape reality with masterful persistent focus) to developing practices that assure your reality is pleasing to you.


Feed out stories incessantly

that will form reality the

way you want it and

assume you will get what you want.

They use fear -- despair -- hopelessness -- disempowerment -- ridicule -- ridiculous policies -- declarations of war -- conflict inducing tactics, anything to delay freedom -- thriving -- sustainable recovery -- anything to delay the evolution and Ascension of ALL. They use all their resources to serve their hunger for control -- wealth and power.

So if you go along with -- pass on -- focus on and respond to their stories and tactics you reinforce that reality -- that way of life.

Which Reality Will You Create & Reinforce?


Whatever you focus on

-- think about

-- have strong feelings about

and promote

-- that is the kind of reality

and life you will have.


You each have free will choice.

Every one of you.

It is another gift of

Source Creator to humanity.

It is your birthright.

Sublime Health

Belees: I would suggest you resurrect your Medicines of Light practice. That is a very empowering practice. You have expanded it to be more encompassing and you will thrive more with its use.

Saleena: Thank you, I will do that.

Belees: Our A-Team does enjoy sharing and supporting with frequencies. One way we can do this in a more personalized way is to offer you the Sublime Health Project. It is rather easy to set up with us and anytime you desire, we will do a conscious reading -- assessment and sharing with you. It is all about frequencies. WE do not diagnose, only assess and work with the frequencies that may cause your energy bodies and physical body to form in ways less than desired. Your physical vehicles are magnificent creations and they were intended for much more than most of you have every experienced. This is a beginning point to restore you to that potential. We consider it a pleasure to assist you.

Saleena: Thank You so very much Belees for all that you have and will share with us. You can learn more about the Belees and these Arcturians HERE.

Sublime Health Project is the offering these Arcturians made to us to support us to become more biologically strong and adaptable. The effects of being bathed with their personalized frequencies shaped just for my own body-mind-spirit has been very supportive, soothing, sometimes miraculous and always amazing in my life.

The effect can be a shifting of the energy patterns that can sometimes out-picture as physical symptoms to the raising of our consciousness, which is their ulterior motive to all this. Belees teased me that we make much nicer friends and neighbors this way... You can read more about it HERE and Purchase a Kit and get a Support Package for it if you like: Sublime Health Project