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A message from our star family

By Dawn Henderson

This message comes from Akhtar, advisor to the Star Councils of Light & the Galactic High Command. I have been channelling his messages for many months now.

‘Dearest children of the universe, once more I speak to you of the love we, your star brothers and sisters, hold in our hearts for you. It is a love that has been with us since we first visited your world and planted the seed of your kind upon it.

This was not an experiment, nor was it a plan to create a race of slaves or subhumans or mutants for our own purposes as some would have you believe. It was a carefully conceived project to bring independent life to your planet – life that would evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally as time passed. From the beginning we were committed fully to allowing this to happen in its own time and way, our only concession the 13 sacred skulls we gifted to you.

We have been part of your existence since that beginning; visiting you, watching over you, protecting you from dangers that came from beyond your world. For there were many, some natural and some not so, that threatened your survival. Indeed it is true that beings once before walked upon the surface of the Earth, only to be annihilated by a catastrophe that was not of your making. We promised that, although we had pledged that you were masters of your own destiny, we would not permit causes from outside of you to threaten that again.

We brought the first of your kind here, gave them basic tools and knowledge for survival, then stepped back. You were used to seeing us walk amongst you then, impartial and unintrusive, though you did not know who we were or from where we came. In your childlike innocence and ignorance – for you were indeed children in our eyes – you came to see us as magical beings, gods, and worshipped us as such. This could not be. We were not gods, just protectors, and so for a long time we left, watching over you from afar as you grew, in the way all children grow, into the turmoil of your adolescence. In these difficult days of your development you lost the innocence of your earlier form, became aggressive and violent, seeking to dominate and control your fellow humans.

We watched in sadness, knowing that this must be, anxious lest you destroy yourselves but sworn to do nothing to prevent it unless you deliberately called on us for our help. Hoping that you would come through these dark days and move forward into a new time. Understanding that the natural progression of the cosmic dance would be helping you in this awakening of your consciousness. And throughout, the skulls waited patiently, sometimes living amongst you, at others – indeed for the great majority of the time – concealed from you, all knowledge of them erased from your memories by the steady passage of time.

In Atlantis we believed that this new age had arrived. The skulls were united and their power and wisdom harnessed for the good of all, as it was intended. For so long, in that peaceful land of light and understanding, it was as we always hoped it would be. But it could not last. The time was not yet right. Although to our delight, you had advanced in so many ways, an underlying darkness remained. A darkness that little by little grew and spread. Those who carried it within themselves nurtured and strengthened it, allowed it to become so powerful that it tainted everyone it touched. They had not grown to a place where they could withstand it. For what we know now that we did not know then is that so many of the Atlantean people still carried fear buried within their hearts. The darkness, in seeking out that fear, woke it, blew on its embers until it burst into an inferno that consumed the light and destroyed Atlantis. Many perished as natural disasters, created through the energy of hate, fear and domination, destroyed the continent and it sank forever beneath the sea.

We were there too, yes, in Atlantis, walking amongst you as brothers and sisters. In your enlightened state you recognised us as yourselves. Your origins, the origins of each and every human who walks the Earth, is among the stars. You were born of the star races who brought you here, you have changed little since you arrived. So when we talk of you as our brothers and sisters, these not idle words. It is how it is. You look different to us, it is true, as you look different from one another. This was necessary for you to survive on your world, so different from those you came from. But beneath the outer shell, we are the same.

The time is approaching again when we may once more freely reveal our presence to you. But we will not come until we know that you are ready – not just to welcome and embrace us free from fear and doubt, but to free yourselves fully from the shadow of fear which weakens and disempowers you. Your consciousness is once more awakening and will lead you into an age of light that far surpasses anything Atlantis ever was. It is a time when you become the true essence of your nature, liberated from the darkness that has held you prisoner for so long. We will come, when we are certain that our appearance amongst you will not cause fear and alarm, for that would lead to violence, and that is something we will not be the cause of. Our desire is to assist you in freeing yourselves from these chains, not to bind you more tightly with them. Know that we love you. Know that we wish to connect ever more closely with you, to speak with you and share that love so that all may feel its touch.

Until that time, we hold you in the arms of our love.’

*     *     *     *     *

Dawn is an author whose contact with the star people came about just over two years ago through the medium of a crystal skull.

Since then she has published, to excellent reviews, the first two books in The Skull Chronicles series, Lost Legacy and The Red Skull of Aldebaran, undfer the name D.K. Henderson. The series recounts the history of the original 13 crystal skulls and their connection with the star races through a series of channelled truth shared as fiction novels.

She has also published Starspeak, which shares many of the messages she has received during this time. These messages are posted regularly on her blog

More information on Dawn’s books, which are available worldwide from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats can be found on her website

You can also find her on Facebook at and


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