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Gratitude Experiment

For just a moment, Beloved ...

Breathe into your HeartFire.  Place your full presence and consciousness into this sacred space in the Heart.  Now with every breath - Inhaling Love, exhaling Gratitude - in and out, feel a vortex of living light growing, spinning and embracing you.

Imagine and feel yourself centered in this Unified Field ...

Love flowing,
Gratitude growing
HeartFire illuminating the Way.

Now, imagine multitudes of HeartFires shining brightly across the face of Changing Mother ... each one a point of Light on a great web of creation.  As our inter-weaving energetic fields pulse with Love and Gratitude, we are strengthening our connections to Sacred Self, Source and each other.

Together, our Love grows brighter.  Together, our HeartFire Gateways open wider.  As One Heart, we illuminate the world. Together, we illuminate the Way.

Now ... 

Imagine what happens as we collectively, and intentionally, gather to nurture, tend and connect our HeartFires
on a daily basis ... As One Heart, for 42 Days ... together amplifying our frequency capacity to BE Love and
Go Gratitude! 

Let's find out together!

We're gathering for a 42 Day HeartFire Gateways Unity
wave August 12 -  September 22, 2013 .  Join us here:

We begin our journey on Aug. 12th, a HeartFire Opening day, based on energetic charting by Apache Holy One, Maria Yraceburu. Maria reveals, 'On these days, Changing Magma forces from Earth have an influence on our physical, mental, and emotional health.  The answer to balance is our spiritual practice.'

Tending to the HeartFire is one simple way, of course.
Together, it's definitely more fun! 

We wrap up our 42 day journey by celebrating World Gratitude Day and the Equinox ... as One Heart. (We're firing up a Global celebration - more on this to come!)

Whether you join us for this wave (and we hope you do!) we invite you to use this simple meditation -- Inhaling Love, Exhaling Gratitude -- to open your HeartFire Gateway on a daily basis. To  Power UP! Let your Light shine!  Feel the web of creation pulsing with Love and Gratitude and settle into the new energies and abilities awaking within in you.

Remember, we are Love always.  Together we are better ... each person makes a world of difference.  That person is YOU!

Here we grow again, Beloveds!

in Love and Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

P.S. Thank you for the flood of B'earth Day wishes, blessings and heart-felt words of Love and appreciation.  Tears of Gratitude graced my face throughout the Day. It is a blessing beyond measure to share the journey together, and an honor usher in the Age of Peace and Illumination as One Heart United!

Thank you for being my Heart, Beloveds!

P.P.S.  HeartFire Gateways is always free and open to all who choose. Our Appreciation model allows you to choose what contribution level works for you. Thank you to All for your generous support - through financial contributions, passing along the good word and inviting others to join us, too.

Feel free to forward this article, post widely, and invite your Beloveds to join us, too. Thank YOU!

We're gathering here:
Go Gratitude
7650 s. McClintock Dr
Ste. 103-342
Tempe, Arizona 85284-1672