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Abundance & Attachment

A channelled message excerpted from The Starfleet Messages by Catherine Richardson

This universe is a universe of abundance. Not all universes are universes of abundance. By abundance, we mean the frequencies that make possible the creation of an infinite number of environments in which a soul may evolve. Abundance allows for infinite possibilities. Any limitations on abundance are created by you, depending upon how you choose to evolve.

There are universes that do not provide for varying ways in which a soul may evolve. These universes exist in one dimension only, and allow for their inhabitants to create only in the physical world. There are a number of reasons for souls to choose to exist in such a universe, one of which being the opportunity to experiment with divine frequencies in a single dimension.

Whether Earth is a planet of abundance depends upon the choices of its inhabitants. Little is shared on Earth with the energies of abundance and love. In other words, little is shared freely-truly freely. A prime example is the so-called aid provided to other nations by the United States government. Such aid is always contingent upon the behavior of the citizens of the nation receiving aid. This is also often the case with regard to money and property shared within families. In fact, it is more difficult to find examples anywhere on your planet of truly free sharing than the many examples of sharing "with strings attached."

Abundance and sharing are not the same thing. Truly sharing freely is one way to create abundance, because it encourages the free flow of energy. This helps create more possibilities, which, in turn, enable beings to create on a conscious level whatever they want in their environment. Where the frequencies of divine love exist in this universe, there is always abundance as well.

The energy of ownership inhibits possibilities, and therefore inhibits abundance. It does not have to be ownership of money or property, but also of energies and ideas. This does not mean you have to give away everything you "own" in order to facilitate the free flow of energy. That is your choice. We simply suggest that you see yourself more as a trustee of energies that belong to the whole. This will begin to shift and remove barriers to the free flow of energy.

Because Earth is not a planet of abundance at this time, many humans fear losing the people and objects and energies that they believe bring them joy. They believe their choices are limited, and therefore their choices are limited. By attempting to hold onto other beings and energies, they only create more restrictions on the free flow of energy, and therefore on abundance.

You might ask, "But how can a mother not be attached to her child? It seems unnatural. How can a husband not be attached to his wife? How can you have a deep connection without attachment?" It goes against what most of you have been taught, and what most of you feel. Most of you believe that this is human nature.

First of all, we would like to say that there is no hard-and-fast "human nature." It is something that is always changing, and no individual human being is ever bound by it. There are collective energies that you all share; there are other energies that you do not all share.

The frequencies of nonattachment no longer exist whenever a person places his or her connection to God outside his or her being. This is the true meaning of the scripture, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." You may see and acknowledge the Godhood of others, but not to the detriment of your own. By this we mean acknowledge your own Godhood as you acknowledge God in others. This is what we call creating a healthy connection-one that does not restrict the free flow of energy.

http://www.o-books.comNonattachment is a way of telling the universe that you are ready to embody divine love. You are ready to support the energies of enlightenment and expansion. If you would like to practice embodying the frequencies of nonattachment, we suggest that you simply spend a little time - perhaps each day - focusing on seeing yourself as the director of your life. Acknowledge yourself as having set up your life exactly as it is. Meditate on why certain persons or energies may be in your life. Meditate not on what you are teaching others, but what they are teaching you. How are you benefiting? How are you evolving? More information will come to you. You may, at times, access the matrix of all soul contracts, and see that some contracts will end, and others will begin-all to serve the evolution of your soul. This, combined with practicing gratitude, will begin to shift your frequencies so that nonattachment is easier to embody.

As always, we stand by, ready to assist. Namaste.

Catherine Richardson is a former corporate attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience in 2000. Shortly thereafter, she began manifesting intuitive abilities, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in transpersonal counselling, and now helps others to empower themselves and to expand spiritually. You can reach her through her practice in San Diego, California, or at

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