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Bloom Before You Go

By Jennifer Hoffman

Once we know we have completed our healing with a place or situation, we are ready to pack up and go. But there is one more step that we need to complete, beyond tying up loose ends and getting to completion and closure, and that is to ground the energy of ‘heaven on earth’ where we are right now. This prepares us energetically to fulfill the intention and desired outcome of our next step. If not, we won’t be at the appropriate energy level to choose a new path. Fulfillment doesn’t begin at our next destination, the flow starts where we are, the place we think is only connected to our healing lessons. Like a flowering plant, we have to bloom first, which is the process that creates the seeds for the next growing cycle, even if we have to bloom in the  place we think is least likely to allow us to do that.

And here is why — this lifetime has gifted us with people, places, and situations that encompass our greatest lessons, usually representing our most painful and traumatic karmic cycles and soul wounds. In most cases, we are at the end of that healing cycle,  and we want to move on to a new place, as quickly as possible. But our current location needs the energy of ‘heaven on earth’, because it is at the vibration of our karma and soul wounds (or we wouldn’t be there). We are uniquely qualified to be its energetic expansion and ascension portal (I spoke about this in the September 23 New Earth call) because we have completed our healing cycle there. Now, in order to move on, we have to ground our healed energy in the place where it is most needed, no matter how much we believe we’re done and want to pack up and go.

The place that gifted us with the energy required for our healing is waiting for us to return the favor. This is how we get closure and completion and it is part of our healing cycle, where we apply what we have learned and raise the energy to new levels, which is the process of bringing ‘heaven on earth’. Then we will be able to choose a  place that is capable of fulfilling our intention for a new reality. If not, we go to a new place at the same energy of the place we just left. Do we want to go through that healing journey again or truly start at a new energetic level?

As we ascend from 3D density into multi-dimensionality, the bounds of time, space, and location are removed and we can achieve anything we want, wherever we are. Becoming multi-dimensional means that we are now open to receiving blessings, from any source and at any place or location. If we’re feeling blocked from moving on, then there is something else for us to complete where we are. We often think that this involves another lesson and sometimes it does. But what if it involves our being a portal for heaven on earth, so we can be blessed and act as a blessing for our current location and situation?

It’s something I never thought about before but it has come to my attention in the past few weeks as I have been trying to move on without success but not without great effort and intention. Now, I’ve decided to be blessed and a source of blessing where I am, instead of looking for greener pastures. As much as we may want to move on, we are always where our soul mission, life purpose, and divine connection can be fulfilled, even if we think those things are not available where we are, or we don’t want them to be, or we really just want to get on with it and go somewhere else. Do any of those apply to you?

Here is my experience of this process:  My life has undergone a complete transformation during the nine years I have lived here, which I have experienced in the physical reality by remodeling my house, energetically by doing some very challenging healing work.  I have wanted to move on for at least five years, but I’m still here even though I believe that I have done all of the healing and remodeling work that I needed to do. In the past month, I realized that some things are incomplete — my house needs painting and a new roof, my personal life could use some upgrades too, and I am considering opportunities to expand my social and business circles. I never gave these things much attention before because I have always seen this as a temporary place that I would leave as soon as I could, or as soon as I finished with the healing and lessons.

During the past month I have bought new furniture, re-organized every room in my house, including the basement and garage, re-decorated, and am in the process of doing some major remodeling in the living room. As a friend noted, these are not the actions of someone who is moving soon. But I got the message that I need to bloom here, to expand my  healing experiences and bless this area, as well as being open to receive blessings here, before I move on. The new reality I want to create can be started here, and that will have to happen before I can go somewhere else.

I cannot bloom anywhere with one foot out the door, seeking far away, greener pastures and ignoring the ones that are outside my front door. While this isn’t true for everyone, it is true for some of us who have specific geographic locations we serve and we need to be an energy portal for those areas, to expand their energy by allowing ourselves to be blessed by them. I believe that this is true of the new earth paradigms we are creating, they are started where we have had our most challenging lessons because they represent the energy of our karmic cycles, which we are now healing. What better way to complete them than to open new portals in the places in which we were guided to do our most powerful healing work? Are you ready to shine where you are and to consider blooming before you go somewhere else?

Having the desire to clean, organize, decorate, paint, or otherwise putter around in your physical space is one way to ground energy and we have a lot to ground. Bringing heaven on earth is our mission; wanting to go ‘home’ or somewhere else, thinking that it will be better than this reality, is not our mission. Any energy that comes in for us to download needs to be brought into our 3D reality because that’s where the shift, ascension, and evolution happens, in 3D. If we are not grounded and blooming in our own reality, then we cannot bring in any energy because there is nowhere to put it. Imagine buying a houseful of furniture and not having a house to put it in. If you haven’t bloomed after your healing work, then you have the furniture, but nowhere to put it. Let yourself bloom and let the new space come to you as you create new energetic portals for your expanded, fulfilling reality.

As we evolve into different levels of ascension, we can shift from working hard to receiving blessings from every possible source. We also shift our awareness of our potential and possibilities and it all fits together into a bigger picture of what our reality can be and become, which can happen anywhere since we’re now multi-dimensional. The more we can expand our energy container to receive, the more we are willing to be blessed and to be a blessing anywhere and everywhere, the more energy we can bring into our reality and that in turn allows us to be stronger energy portals for the new earth paradigms we are creating. I am choosing to enjoy the journey and see how it all unfolds as I learn to bloom before I go, or I can wish I lived somewhere else and try to make that happen, instead of being blessed and a blessing right here, and letting the miracles, and my eventual move, flow to me.

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