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New Charter from the Councils of Light

By Soluntra King
On the night of October 8th 2014 I could physically see the eclipse from my home in New Zealand, but from where I was it was golden and not red. I wrote ‘the eclipse is about love, your love of life and others, your love that picks others up and shines light in their heart, your love that changes the world’.
I link to my friend in Wales, who I normally link with at cosmic events, and all my friends and all those who exist on the higher realms and earth realms, all those who love the Earth and each other.
The wave of love from the Equinox is being grounded through the Eclipse into the darkest recesses of lost souls, for all souls who feel lost and have lost their way the Eclipse shadow shows them their pain and gives them the light to move out once it comes out again.
As the moon was in complete shadow I prayed for Light to shine into the deepest recesses of the souls of all, to be relieved of their pain and open to love.
I connected to my friend in Wales and instead of going to see him, (I would teleport, not completely but enough to be seen and see) but this time it was like I was him. We are transparent and it’s like we are merged but also looking on at these merged aspects of us, it has no emotion as such but just feels still and serene.
The Moon is hidden and so in the darkness all is manifest, then the light comes back and the manifest has opened to the non-manifest.
The union of dark and light, but beyond that realm of duality, where all is in union and merged but still in its own frequency and soul light as well.
The dance is of the cycles of the Sun and Solar System moving with the Planets in spiralling life force energy, this happens within us too, except we don’t spin at all, we are still while it is all going on around us.

I am at my friends circle in Wales and there with his dear pets and Mum as well as many other beings and so many devas, elementals and nature spirits are there.
We are also here at my circle with a great Dragon who encompasses the Sky and Earth, the Universal Dragon who I meet in the Parallel Earth doorway at the sacred lake in the Nubra valley in June.
Then aware of the Council of Light and they show me them all in a beautiful carven in the Inner Earth. There are also the Council of Elders and ETs of many Star Systems and Planets who have come also to meet at this time in the Earth.
They say ‘the Earth is ready to move into the higher dimensions, more so than ever before she is changing her frequency and that all those of the dark will be forced to leave or stay and surrender’. Their pain is heard as they scream in realisation for all that they have committed in their greed and service to self and their old master. They are taken into a purification chamber in the Earth that is huge.
I ask how this will work at the human level and told ‘that it will take ten years for the cleanse to take full effect after that time there will be no duality dramas left to play out and humanity will be left with the wisdom and knowledge of how to repair the environment and how to live in harmony with all life’.
The Council say ‘yes ten years, it has to be fast now as the Earth and all life relies on it and can be destroyed if this doesn’t take place fast, As the dark ones have moved fast themselves and their final plans to over throw the last bits of sanity in governments and other governing bodies of humans is at stake and needs careful nurturing back to wholeness and health’.
‘There will be a great battles, not a war, and it will be fought on the inner planes not the physical, this is so that those on the physical need not suffer again. The dark ones have been feeding off all the terror through Ebola, the Ukraine, Isis in Syria and Iran, terrorist in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the perpetration of drugs legal and illegal that hold so many to an illusion of help from outside, and their help at that from a chemical cocktail of poison’.
With the connection I had with a friend in Wales at his stone circle I see that we have created a great spinning vortex of energy that is glowing through his stone circle and through the Earth to here where I am in New Zealand. It is also pulling in the Stars from the New Solar System and the Planets not yet discovered, the Thirteen Rays and the electromagnetic and cosmic forces that move things beyond gravity.            
The Earth becomes a violet light and there are Angels and Light Beings all over the world, I see them standing in the battle grounds past and present and everywhere there is conflict or injustice, horror or degradation of the human or animal souls. The amount of light codes and light coming through is so intense I feel it in our bodies as well.
I see myself and my friend’s body/s like a psychedelic painting, then we separate and are birthed like a caterpillar coming out of the chrysalis. My friend tells me ‘he is from the Inner Earth realms where the seeds and life force energy are preparing for the New Earth’, I see myself on the clouds and in the sky with the rainbows of new life. We hold the spectrums and just as the Sun and Moon are opposite in the Heavens with the Earth in between, so too is it with the seeding of the new in plant life form and rainbow form at the opposite ends of the spectrums, through density and the heavens.

There is a new charter for want of a better word that comes out from the Council of Light meeting it proclaims ‘that all souls are now no longer bound by the old dramas and karmas and contracts’ and I see the contracts being burnt up. Many are terrified as they have nothing to cling to as the old paradigm fades and the new light codes and the light realms of the un-manifest universe become visible for the first time. 
A new creation has emerged that aligns fully to Source without having to separate and experience duality, the birthing could only take part by the dedication of all who participated in the cycles and the experiences of duality. It’s like they are dissolved and as if they never happened, like our memories have been erased of the struggles and all the lessons integrated but let go. Like it’s not important anymore. This will take ten full years to complete.
Post note: Don’t think that this means you can forget about your own inner unifying and healing process, it’s because of it and all those who have done and are doing this work that we create the New Earth. So keep loving and accepting your own darkness and fear, for it is giving us all the gift of liberation from the old paradigm darkness and despair, slave mentality and the victim, victimiser duality dance. The New Earth and higher dimensional world is already there and we exist on that plane through our love and the stillness within.
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