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Cultivate Your Deepest Knowing In 2012

The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Greetings! We are the Galactic Frequency Council, and we have negotiated through time and space to communicate with you today. We are pleased to be speaking to you at this appointed interfacing—during this most exciting of times. You stand at the edge of 2012. Many of you are looking forward to 2012. Yet many of you are already disappointed about 2012. You feel that the predictions—whether positive or negative—are not really coming to fruition. And because of this, you doubt all of your guidance—from your own intuition to channeling to guidance from “experts” in the field of 2012 studies.

Many of you are still trying to make sense of the barrage of information concerning 2012; but truly, most of you hope—somewhere in your hearts—that something will change this year. You hope that purpose, meaning, and order will impose itself upon your lives. You hope that prophecy will be fulfilled, and that the underlying heretofore occult force or forces of the Universe will be known to you. In other words, many of you secretly (and not-so-secretly) hope that your faith in God will be restored or established this year. And, if not God, then in some power greater than yourselves, even if it be scientifically advanced extra-terrestrials, or even the Illuminati.

Please do not mistake our tone; we are not contemptuous of these thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. We understand that most of you live in a world in which the true mechanics of existence are largely veiled from you. Most of you are taught a version of these mysteries by a church leader, who is interpreting other interpretations of ancient, mistranslated, and deeply-altered documents. Many of you are introduced to these beliefs at a tender age, and initially adopt them to please authority figures such as your parents. Others of you have done so because anything else is unacceptable in your community or subculture. And for others of you, there is a resonance, a feeling deep within that hums with the notion that there is a deeper truth, and that you as humans are not alone.

And that’s what we would like to focus on today—this resonance, this deep knowingness—that all humans experience from time-to-time. A knowing that is beyond words and mere sensation. Some of you only remember it from moments in childhood. Others of you access it mainly in church or when praying. Some of you feel it when among friends or family. Some of you know it through mediation, music, or dance. Most of you know it when you observe a mother and young child. All of you have experienced it, although not all of you associate this feeling with organized religion, spirituality, or God.

As the wonderful and progressive author Peter L. Berger wrote in A Rumor of Angels, every mother, when comforting her crying baby, says something to this effect: “Everything is all right.” This is a universal reassurance, instinctively given throughout the world for eons. And when given a slightly more cosmic scope, it really means: “Have trust in being.” And you have all had this belief—at some time or another—that there is an underlying order that can be trusted!

This is what you are born knowing. It is something that some of you then spend your lives thinking yourselves away from, and then attempt to think yourselves back into. And you, confused souls who chose this path of separation, of duality, of mystery, have the grand opportunity for illumination, expansion, and true knowledge. You have the opportunity to walk in the serenity of this exquisite gnosis of your true divine, eternal existence. Some of you already do so, and, on the deepest level, all of you seek to.

A wonderful opportunity is presenting itself to you. As we have said before, 2012 is an approximate date—that you yourselves have set—for the arrival of a wave of high-vibrating energy. You may choose to harness this wave to ascension, or you may choose to ignore it. The choice is yours.

Ascension to us means the fully conscious and complete embodiment of the frequencies of divine unity within a being or system. We have suggested to you that you may achieve ascension through the 2012 energies by embodying divine love, and by caring for and respecting the Earth. We have likewise said that what happens in your future is your choice, and to therefore stay positive with your intentions and expectations. We direct this statement particularly to those who promote the idea that 2012 will bring the physical destruction of the Earth. Now we would like to add another element to the 2012 equation.

You as a species do not seek ascension simply for the creative power it can bring; you seek a deep and abiding knowledge and awareness of your eternal spiritual journey. You seek to dwell in the deepest mysteries, finally unveiled! You seek to live daily in the peace that passeth all understanding while actually understanding it!

Imagine, to lie in the darkness in terror no more. To know that all of what you view as suffering is only temporary. To have a constant awareness of your immortality, and the ability to communicate with not only those who have crossed over, but also with the guiding and loving beings all around you. To have a constant awareness of your crucial role in the Universal order.

We realize that this may sound like a church sermon. Please understand that we do not seek to force you to believe any of this in order to “save your soul”; in fact, it is your choice whether to believe anything we say. There will be no punishment for not following our suggestions; you will simply evolve in a different way.

But we do urge you to do a few more simple things in order to take advantage of the energies of 2012. We ask you to sit in quiet contemplation and remember those times—even if they are merely moments—in which everything in the Universe made sense, and you were happy and contented with your place in it; those moments of true peace and trust in something more—be it God, the gods, the Universal Energy Field, the spirit of the Earth, the Universal Consciousness, or even something that does not need naming.

An ascended being lives in this state at all times. Many of you live in these frequencies for much of your lives; but most of you do not. We have already detailed for you ways to achieve spiritual expansion; but we now ask to you cultivate a deeper spiritual awareness and profundity. We ask you to seek out this knowingness on a regular basis. Re-create the situations in which you have experienced it. If you felt it in church as a child, perhaps it is time to return to church. If, as sometimes happens, you no longer agree with the dogma of that church, perhaps it is time to seek a different church. If you felt it as a child or when around your own children, perhaps a trip to the playground is in order. If you have felt it among friends or family, then seek them out. If they have fallen away or become estranged, seek new friends and loved ones. If you felt it out in nature, then go outside again.

We urge you to gather in groups in the name of something beyond your third-dimensional, material lives. Find a church or metaphysical community with which you feel comfortable; gather around the oak tree with the Wiccans; take part in the holy festivals of yours or other religions; or gather in friends’ homes for meditation, prayer, or discussion. We do not care what you name your God, so long as love and respect are honored virtues. We only ask that you gather in the name of something more—the deeper Universe—the true reality.

We ask you to cultivate the feeling—fleeting though it may be in your current lives—of infallible trust in the true nature of your own eternal spirit. For this spirit is God dwelling within you, and becoming you in a conscious way. That is the process of ascending. You are simply preparing yourself— actually training your entire vibrational matrix—to hold the God vibration.

This vibration is not about faith. It is a comprehension. It is a gnosis. It is beyond description. We do not ask you to believe in something you cannot see; but to access your deepest knowing. Remember who you are truly are. Access it, re-activate it, and live it. This is within your grasp in 2012.

In 2012, you can choose to a deeper reality, or a deeper duality. There is plenty of information available to support you in either endeavor. You may even choose to ignore this opportunity altogether. But if the deeper reality is what you seek, we stand by, ready to assist.


The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Catherine Richardson is a former corporate attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience in 2000. Shortly thereafter, she began manifesting intuitive abilities, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in transpersonal counselling, and now helps others to empower themselves and to expand spiritually. You can reach her through her practice in San Diego, California, or at

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