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Navigating The Intensity

By Katie Gallanti

We are coming to the close of yet another year. It seems just yesterday that 2011 started and here we are already drawing to a close. I think we can all agree that time is speeding up and that, while it seems as if the days are zooming by faster and faster, the intensity of experience and energy that gets packed into those days, makes for a very event filled high voltage ride.

Between energetic shifts, planetary alignments and changes in the outer world happening fast and furious, it feels at times that we cannot catch our breaths before the next learning experience arrives. This is a time of intense karmic completion, in which the Soul, via the embodied personality self, is in the process of wrapping up many outstanding threads from past lives, as well as Soul contracts that require closing. It is also a time of initiation in which our mettle is being tested, asking us to step up our game to the next level of consciousness, so we may be ready, both physically and psychologically, for the times to come.

Voltage increase as we approach the shift point

My sense is that, as the voltage increases even further in this Earth/Galactic Cycle, we are going to be required to hold even more of this particular kind of light. A light which seems to bring with it a very fast paced rate of change in the outer world as old forms fall away, adapt or are reborn.

Since everything in the world is ultimately a manifestation of our collective energy. And since each of us is a component of that collective energy, much like an atom is a part of a larger form, it makes sense that as the light inflow increases, creating rapid evolution and change at the individual level, the collective forms and creations will also shift, just as rapidly.

This creates an interesting feedback mechanism, as individual changes influence the collective and the outer forms, and then the outer forms and the collective impact the individual. Add to this that Earth herself is transforming, expanding, mutating electromagnetically, and it becomes clear that we are indeed inhabiting a very potent and rapidly transforming vibrational field and physical world.

Now and until the end of the year, while the last planets switch from retrograde to direct, it is our time to take stock, think, reflect, rest, adjust, recuperate before entering the next wave that will be rolling in as all the planets go direct in the following weeks. January and even more so march will be time of forward movement in the outer world.

In a lecture I attended in 2000, Barbara Marciniak spoke of this time, the time from 2010 onwards, as a time in which the light on the planet would be increasing 100-fold each year (as opposed to 10-fold in between 2000 to 2010) if you thought 2010 and 2001 were intense, 2012 will most likely be more intense still. Or it may turn out to be a flowing and peaceful time, depending on how we approach it.

Navigating the energies, overcoming overwhelm

Several of my clients this month during personal sessions expressed that they were finding this intensity difficult and asked me how to navigate the relentless degree of challenge and change present in their lives. I completely empathized with their feelings of being out of breath and out of gas, as I have on and off felt the same lately, as my life has also not been immune from this process. Time and time again, in answering these questions, I was shown by my guides/councils, that the antidote to this intensity is a combination of supreme stillness, acceptance, detachment and trust.

Find the stillness within the fast stream

When the energies speed up, we often find ourselves reacting to the events and karmic issues that manifest in our lives with anxiety, overwhelm and panic. As we do so, our own inner energies become chaotic, attracting more chaos, to which we often then begin to react against, with emotion and resistance. As we do so, the people in our lives react to us reacting. And before we know it, events snowball and energetically, we find ourselves in a fast spinning chaos stream, which picks up debris with each new swirl, hitting us harder and harder with each acceleration of the energy. You can see that this process can quickly get out of hand. This process can continue to the point where we feel we cannot handle one more thing! And some are literally collapsing psychologically and /or physically under the pressure of it all.

Example. Energies come in and trigger nervous system and karmic release from DNA that attracts an issue. Work drops off, money stops flowing, a conflict happens with a friend, or just complicated stuff happens. You are rattled and go out into the world and bump into people who are also on edge, as everybody is going through some version of this process, and more conflict ensues. You are even more rattled and end up reacting in a flippant manner to your boss and he decides to pass on a promised raise which you needed to pay off an unexpected bill. Now you are hurt and disappointed and you end up exploding with the person packing your groceries at the store. You go home in a mood and kick the table. Your girlfriend decides you are too difficult to deal with and walks out for the night. Before you know it many areas of your life are going out of balance fast and you feel overwhelmed.

Find the stillness

The details of this example are a bit exaggerated and may not be your details. The details may be different, but many are getting caught in chain reactions of this kind. While the initial issue may have been karmic, the ones that ensue are often just energy becoming choatic and creating more issues on the way, like a negative attraction energy vortex. As the planetary energies are really fast and people in general are running on a short fuse because of them, it can be easy for things to escalate. Finding the stillness within the fast stream means doing one's very best to stay clam at the very first appearance of an issue, rather than react.

Aim for the eye of the storm

Slow down your reactions. Slow down your breathing. Bring the energies to a halt. Reassure your inner self first that no matter what the issue is it will be solved. Allow for any fear or anxiety to leave your field. Reassure yourself as if you were a child that all is well and will be well.

Do this as soon as possible, before your emotions gather speed and you will find the energy around you slowing down. Often you will find that action is not what is required, but acceptance and trust. Accept what is occurring without reacting to it or fighting it. And trust that all is happening for a reason and that good outcomes will transpire, in time. By going into acceptance and trust you will find that the energy opens rather than contracts; and slows down rather than speeds up; and that solutions appear rather than more problems.

In a nutshell, prevent the energy from gathering chaotic speed. Nip it in the bud and cultivate the stillness with an attitude of trusting faith. You may find that the problems soon turn into miracles and unexpected gifts.

Invite the energy of the solution

Working on issues as energy goes a long way. One way of doing so is as follows: as soon as an issue arises, imagine that it is already solved. Open and trust in the presence of the energy of the solution. Go within, be still, let go of anxiety and broadcast peace. Breathe go deeper and broadcast trust. Then open and invite the energy of solution in to your field. Visualize it coming to you as a symbol of light. Invite it into your heart and let it expand to your field. Then broadcast to the universe the energy of peace and trust combined with the energy of the solution. Then let go and allow the universe to do its thing.

In closing

The current energies are intense but there is a method to the madness. If you can find the stillness and inhabit the peace within the eye of the storm, you can create a bubble of balance within the chaos. In this oasis of peace you may even find yourself accessing a new timeline, where none of the chaos exists at all, piercing through the veil into another reality, via your own very personal wormhole.

We are at the gate of the energetic shift-point and a node of timelines is at hand. Depending on our vibration, we can perceive different realities. One of these realities is very turbulent and chaotic (the one just before the doorway), another reality is peaceful and transcendent (the one on the other side of the doorway). Your state of being may fluctuate during the week or even during the day bringing you in and out of different reality states. Notice how these realities differ from one other in energy and feel. And learn how to anchor the one that most suits your being. Notice what takes you there and what brings you back as you jump between timelines. Learn to build anchors to the reality that most suits you.

I am also being told that high beings of light are assisting us with accessing the higher energy streams. The higher energy streams are beyond this dimension and are moving at a more gentle pace. Tuning in right now, I see them as places from which the meaning of situations is clear and the attachment to outcomes is not present. From this higher vintage point, manifesting becomes once again easy, as it is not impeded by the chaotic flow. Ask to be take into the higher streams, experience the energy here and experiment with creating at this level. You may find that it is easier to do so from here.

I hope this last paragraph was not too cryptic ;-) But I know many you will understand what it means.

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas season and much love to you all, individually and collectively. Will speak to you all in the new year, with a newsletter specific to 2012. Be forgiving and compassionate towards self and others as you learn to navigate the energy streams at this junction in the reality nodes.

much love to you all


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