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Dreaming Your Heart's Dream in 2013

by Marilyn Edwards

Wishing each of you a really wonderful New Year and everything you need to step into dreaming your Heart's Dream this year.

We have incredible energy available to us this year if we can focus and keep moving through the old stuff coming up for release. This should move quickly and easily now.

Remember, winter is the time to enter the stillness, to rest, to nurture, to listen. Move slow, take your time, do things you love. Do them with care, not in haste. Take care of your body. This will give you the energy you need to realize your Dream.

I wrote a little Intuitive Feng Shui exercise you can use to help you move some energy for your Dream if you would like. It is simple but the energy around it was pretty amazing, at least for me. :)

If you haven't seen it  yet here is the link:

Intuitive Feng Shui Activates Your New Year's Dream

My Experience with the Exercise

The other day I decided to do this exercise myself. I wrote my dream down.

I have had a rough year physically, it was all kind of strange. The short story is I herniated a disc and could not sit or drive for nearly 6 months. For awhile, I could not even walk. I am doing much better now, no surgery, but needless to say, a lot of work has piled up! In every area of my life there is work to do! There were lots of projects going on when this happened, from tree houses to bookkeeping overhauls! Everything came to a grinding halt. 

For the Feng Shui exercise I was focusing on "having a sense of ease and natural flow in starting back to work". 

As I did the exercise, the area that needed change (to enhance my dream) popped into my head. It was my garden shed! Even I went, "What the heck, that is the last of my priorities right now!" (Let's just say I have a lot of organizing in my home office to do, for starters!)

I decided to relax, let go of my resistance to the idea and walk out back to the shed and take a look. Within ten minutes I felt like a new person. Just standing there! I have not yet even done the work! There is stuff everywhere from things being moved around by other people during some construction that was going on while I couldn't walk. It's a mess! And yet, there was a profound feeling of ease that came over me when I simply agreed to do what my intuition led me to do.

I do mean profound sense of ease. A sense of ease I have not felt in years. The energies leading up to 2012 have been tough and I feel everything! 

Later, when I looked at the bagua of my land, I found that the garden shed sits right on the line of the health and family/ancestors segments! It was perfect. I have been dealing with my health, my family and ancestral patterns all year! Those of you who participated in the Winter Solstice Balancing Session know that ancestral (miasmic) energy was one of the big things for the group this season.

Your Body

I think it is important to take care of your body this year. Over two years ago my guidance told me to spend three hours a day on my body. I had a similar message years ago. I had gotten that I needed to spend three hours per day outside. That was hard to do initially but I some incredible changes and information came to me when I spent that time outside. However, when I got the body message, even though I knew better, I did not do it. I had a lot on my plate at the time.

I think they were trying to prepare me for 2012 and I did not pay attention. Believe me, I wish I had! 

I feel we are coming into a time when our connection to the earth and our bodies is going to become paramount. I will be writing more about this in January.

In the meantime, Happy New Year and Much Love. 

Thank you for being you and for caring about the Earth and All life.

May we all live in the Magic!

With love,


Marilyn Edwards has been a holistic health practitioner in St. Augustine, FL for the last 19 years. She employs a wide variety of treatments and interests that include aromatherapy, biofeedback, fengshui, ho-oponopono, intuition, raw food, nutrition, One Brain education and various energy therapies to assist you in awakening to a healthier more joyful lifestyle.

Her practice has included working with people, animals, plants, homes and land. She brings to this work her Intuitive gifts and dedication to living a lifestyle that embraces Love and Grace as the most potent force of health and abundance.