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Smiling with Rainbow Light

By Colin Whitby

January seems to have come and gone in a flash, and taken forever to pass, such is the way time is no longer relevant for us in these new times. So many people have been reporting more releasings, and others simply enjoying the in between times where we have been assimilating the extreme energies of December and the new year.

For me it has been another month of deep connections with others on this amazing journey, along with astonishing insights and beautiful loving flows of energy. Having experienced the most astonishing and blissful energy I find myself so tired I can hardly keep going.

This again has been a common theme amongst those of us working in this energy, although now I would not describe it as work, more like joyful play.

This week I was introduced to a wonderful technique that has resulted in my having much more energy and less of the extreme tiredness, and it is so simple.

All you have to do is smile into your body. I start by smiling into my chakras, then from my head, my third eye, my nose, ears, eyes, mouth, smiling into my senses, seeing them as amazingly clear and working with ease.

Then all through my body, going into as much detail as feels right, then into my heart, into my cells, into my particles. Then right at the end of the smile, I begin to feel source, my God self, where joy and peace washes over.

From there rainbows of beautiful colours radiate from me, and I see how we all are synchronizing with this energy, all our rainbows blending, in a joyful remembering of how we create together.

Might be worth a try yourself, it’s making me smile just writing about it,

With Love,