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Transference Completion: the final breath

By Lauren C Gorgo

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From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the next several weeks and leading into the equinox are set primarily for our emergence…the emergence of our physical self into our physical world.  They are saying quite plainly that even tho we are still between worlds, at the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning, that the equinox period finalizes the completion so we can start to immerse ourselves fully in our new beginnings. They are calling this a time to say goodbye to much of what we’ve known upon the earth plane.

So if I am getting this right, the transference process is the finalization of our journey to 5D, the pinnacle, the switch from mortal to immortal template, the release from the 3D (false) grid and the full reconnection to our divinity ,and apparently the unwinding process (the unwinding or reversal of 3D human genetics) leads to this transference completion for the first group on or around the equinox.

The unwinding program that we have been referring to is quite an extensive, comprehensive program, yet it is very natural to your 5th dimensional biology…as natural as breathing.  What we want for you to understand is that because of this biological process there is coming a breakthrough of unparallelled proportion, and this will have ramifications in every area of your life.  -PHC 

I am also hearing that in the coming days we will be brought through a period of respite that will be responsible for bringing us out of density and into divinity…that there will be a time period where we will continue to vacillate between 3 and 5D consciousness, and then we will emerge into 5D in totality.

So even tho we will be both in 3D and 5D simultaneously, I’m told that our consciousness will not waver from the 5D perspective after the transference is complete. Which means that we will not be psychotically brought back and forth into the depths and heights of polarity any longer, and that our stabilization on the new grid will supersede all other reality programs…that we will level off into one focus, one reality program, that of unity/christed consciousness.

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Lastly, the PHC would like for me to share a quick snapshot of the bigger picture view as they see it:

I am being given the analogy that we have boarded the plane, we’re sitting on the runway, and the engines are starting.  There is momentary pause before our wheels (Jupiter?) begin to move forward, but once they do, there will be a building momentum that will eventually take flight (by the equinox?). Once airborne we will continue to climb to greater and greater heights so that by the June solstice we will have achieved…and hopefully will remain at…our new cruising altitude. At this point, the pressure in the cabin will be balanced, the seatbelt light will go off, and we will be able to mingle with all our fellow passengers on board the flight to new earth.

Even if we are embodied after the equinox, complete in our 5D cellves and aligned with our new reality, it feels to me like June will be when we actually feel ready to share ourselves fully with the outside world, which is the whole point to this year…balancing our inner (feminine) and outer (masculine) worlds.  Will it be a fun ride?  Define fun.  Will it be less intense?  Likely.  Will it also suck?  Likelier.  But if what I am hearing is correct, then the next few weeks will give us at least a glimpse into what will soon be our permanent reality.

Spring (in the north) is notoriously a deeply challenging time of rebirth, renewal and awakening…add to that the completion of our embodiment/resurrection/emergence of the christ within,  and we have what could potentially be another few rounds of reality shows (watching other people live a life) and sofa surfing.  Just sayin’.  If not, at least we can be prepared for it.  Tho that’s never really possible, is it?…especially since those springtime dizzies, nose bleeds, sinus headaches, sensitivity to light, and spaced-out ether naps are already upon us…compliments of the pituitary/pineal merge required to bring our male/female energies more fully into balance each and every equinox.

My human perspective is that we need to utilize February to the best of our ability (key words) and while we have some clarity of the 5D mind at hand…re aware of the unfolding of our new life.  Now that we may finally feel like we are moving in the right direction, the PHC say that new projects, new level purpose, new forms of prosperity, new relationships, new beginnings on all levels will call to us….even if temporarily.  I am hoping that this translates into an active and productive month where our outer world begins to clearly mark out our new pathway before our next inward review, but whatever comes our way, we need to remain open and in faith/trust/knowing that it’s all leading to our long-held heart-felt desires and creations.

I am also hearing that February will have a lot to offer us with regard to mapping out how we will begin to apply our new level consciousness in the outer world…especially as it relates to purpose.  If we are not 100% on board with creating exactly what WE desire in lieu of what others expect of us, it will be seen this month and a course correction will be needed. We will be constantly and repetitively urged to make a concerted effort to stand in our authentic, empowered truth so that we only create according to our hearts desires now.

We have been learning how to be in charge of our inner worlds for so very long.  This year is all about sculpting our outer worlds (and bodies!) to reflect that inner balance  in fullness. This is an important month in the scheme of things…this is where we begin to script our very first steps, of our very new lives, in a very new world.

As always…we got this.

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