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Drop into the Heart

Cazekiel on Oil Spill (through James Gilliland)

James GillilandYou are seeing what has been prophesied for quite some time unfolding, yet there is so much more to the picture. The sea was indeed written to turn black by the Hopi prophecy, and this is unfolding. There is much attention on those who have strayed away from the soul and their God connection into a false God personification lacking any understanding in the unified field or one consciousness in which we all reside and are connected. Their belief in separation, self service, and power over others is reaching its climax and eventual close. The spill was deliberate, and if you follow the money as to who is capitalizing on this spill, you will see all the players responsible; all of whom are willing participants in a network of tyranny that is morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt. In other words, their lust for profit and power has created a complete disconnect from the soul and spirit. It is a psychosis that cannot use reason or logic, to the degree that common sense cannot be applied as to the effects of destroying the very platform for life; which would end all of their unsustainable and imbalanced programs.

These catastrophic events are only necessary when a populace as a collective has fallen asleep and refuses to awaken to the actions of those who lead them. It is an oily slap in the face for all humanity. The reaction is only necessary when no action is taken and the lessons are not learned by a comatose society that refuses to awaken and act. There is a much grander reaction than dying fish and birds, oily beaches, fouled air, etc. Those who will be the scapegoats for these atrocities against nature will be fingernail clippings of the dragon. Many shaking their fists at these grave injustices against man and nature have one hand behind them taking contributions.

Tyranny is in its death throes and will do everything possible to maintain its control and dominion. The war and disease profiteers along with other mega corporations will use manufactured lack, planned obsolescence, fear through false flag operations, and dispersal of lab generated plagues, guilt, unworthiness, and confusion, yet truth and the light will prevail. There are grand cycles coming to a close, new cycles beginning, and with the end of each grand cycle there is often monumental change. Watch the Sun; there is a direct connection to Earth and a connecting field of energy that ties both together. The Sun is in reality a black hole which leads to another dimension, and the light you see is the event horizon. There are energies coming through the Sun and planetary alignments ushering in these great changes. There will be great waves of consciousness and energy, which are increasing exponentially. Time will speed up and it will be as if people are living lifetimes in months, weeks, then days. The action/reaction or what many call karma will accelerate along with a great uncovering of all that was hidden. Telepathy and direct knowing will continue to increase, making it harder and harder to live a life of lies and deceptions. There will be many adjustments to these energies where you will become lethargic, excitable, and feel the whole gamut of emotions during the process. It can be an emotional roller coaster.

The Star Nations, benevolent off world visitors already working with those individually who have risen to the occasion, will not work with the collective, making their presence known to the masses, until 50% of the people make a call of pure intent for their help. As long as a policy of fear, deception and aggression towards them continues, they will wait in the wings until we reach a point in evolution where it is possible for them to work among us.

There is but one way out, and that is to choose a path of service, impeccable integrity, divert ones consciousness, energy and assets to the awakening and healing process. The other option is the downward spiral resulting in a great purification followed by those choosing the downward spiral to no longer being frequency-specific to the Earth. The Earth, which will have moved beyond the dark hearts’ ability to stay or reincarnate, eventually ascends. There is much more to the story, yet we are keeping it simple and undeniable so as not to get lost in the intellect. Drop into the heart, stay in the moment, make your own personal God/Creator/Spirit connection and act on the inner guidance. This will carry you through the days to come.

Permission granted to reproduce in its entirety and share.

James has been featured in John Savages' and Michael Knight's documentary "Contact Has Begun" His Story with James Gilliland. James Gilliland plays the key figure in the movie documentary, Contact Has Begun. This movie is also featured in, The Viel is Lifting, and the new soon to be released movie, Thrive. He has appeared on The Coast to Coast AM Show, has been a frequent guest on the Jeff Rense Sightings on the Radio, Laura Lee Show, Millennium Mysteries, Sean David Morton and Shine Talk where he demonstrated charging 9 batteries in a row by merely holding them, and other to numerous to mention radio shows.

He has been a speaker at many events and featured on the The History Channel's, "UFOs Then and now: Hot Spots", ABC and FOX news, King 5 (Seattle) TV's Evening Magazine, Elaine Smitha, Daylene Gates Simply Spiritual, Off The Record with Ted Loman, International UFO Congress, and many other national and now international TV, radio and other media events.

His articles and UFO reports have been featured by Magical Blend and UFO Magazine and have been regularly featured by major UFO information outlets such as Filer's Files, UFO Roundup, CAUS,MUFON, Skywatch International, PSI Applications, UFORC.Com, Farshores, The Virtually Strange Network.