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Grandmothers Message

"We Thank You for Answering Our Call"

By Sharon McErlane

I've been inundated by offers of workshops, conference calls, group prayers, and meditations to help Mother Earth Overwhelmed by so many offerings, at last I turned to the Grandmothers and smiling, they responded to my unspoken question by making a gathering gesture with their arms. They were drawing in all these energies, patting them, and weaving them into a bundle. "There is a lot of good motivation now," the Grandmothers said, "much love, but a lot of energy flying around." Then cradling the bundle close to their hearts, they rocked and patted it, calming and harmonizing it.

Next they pointed to the Net of Light as it lay in and over the Gulf of Mexico and showed me how it too was creating calm by forming a filigree of love throughout the water and land there. Holding everything. "We will hold you steady too," they said, and quickly spun their hands in circles to amplify the grounding power of the Net of Light. They were showing me how the Net was forming a still point for the swirling, rocking waves of change.

"Take your place on the Net of Light," the Grandmothers said. "Then turn within and watch as your heart radiates throughout the strands. Relax and let the light do the work. You are a generator," they said, "one with the Great Generator. So be quiet now and watch as light is broadcast. Let go of trying. Let go of thinking you are doing the work. Instead stay within your heart and notice that though you consciously are doing nothing, you actually do everything. You are the light.

"We comprise a family of light now, one growing greater each day. Experience your connection to one another and to the goodness within each of you. Honor all who come together in light. So many!" they exclaimed. "At this time the potential for love is enormous. Rest a moment and magnify your union with all individuals, groups, and gatherings," they said. "Honor the names and forms of those working in the spirit of service. The Net of Light is gathering them in. Each of them is precious, each a particular facet of the Great Jewel.

"Here is a secret," they whispered. "By honoring the light within your heart, you amplify the work of the Net of Light. You needn't speak a word. This so-called 'work' is selfless, and your reward for performing it is peace, joy and freedom. Not only for yourself," they added, "but for all.

"Be wary of drama," the Grandmothers said. "It is enticing, and the ego feeds on it. But your heart, connected with the Net of Light, reaches far beyond any momentary pain or drama. HERE is where you are needed," they said-"anchored in and to the Net of Light. When the world situation draws you into panic and despair, drop deep into your heart and give thanks for this still point within you where you connect to the Net of Light. Each time you do this, more radiance will shoot along the strands of the Net to embrace and uphold life everywhere. This work with us requires stamina," they said. "Prepare to go the distance. "

Then with eyes brimming love, the Grandmothers said, "You are a subtle warrior. You are our subtle warrior. And we thank you for answering our call."

Sharon McErlane

The Grandmothers


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