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Earth Transitions Update

By Christan Hummel 

Well, (no pun intended) the day millions have been waiting for has finally arrived with the news that the gusher in the Gulf has been capped. With the hemorrhaging now stopped, it is the time for the clean up efforts to begin in earnest, as we enter into the new phase of the Gulf Oil drama which has been on the world screen for three months. It has been an event of such a magnitude, as to humble humanity as we knelt before the Earth and the Gods, watching on feeling powerless to control what had been unleashed as a result of man-made technology and will pushing past the boundaries of Nature for the sole purpose of profit and personal gain.

As the efforts of scientists and hundreds who have worked for nearly 3 months proved each more futile than the last to control the damage created, the ongoing event has opened the door for a massive global spiritual intervention the likes of which I've not witnessed in my lifetime.

The peace movement of the '60s has been dwarfed by the overwhelming coordinated efforts of those around the planet who have prayed, gathered, and come together to help each in their own way, through their own traditions, and all with a spirit of unity and love sharing our common bond of our connection to our one Mother.

I have no doubt that this global effort by so many has called forth an intervention which has shifted the tide of events for what had been predicted as having apocalyptic ramifications by those IN THE FIELD  privy to technical information of details and events which were not being released to the public. Knowing that energy follows thought, I did not want to give any support or attention to the dire predictions, however well founded by scientific data. Instead, like you and millions others, I chose to "cast my vote" for the possibility of a solution and a change in the course of events as they were unfolding. In our quantum universe, we each get the "representative" we deserve as we vote with each thought and with our hearts.

I believe that this Gulf oil event, will mark a time in our history, when we look back and see that it was the catalyzing moment for much of humanity to realize its potential for operating co-creatively with the Earth in this way. With this realization, we can literally restore a Paradise lost, not just cap a well!

This event will also undoubtedly mark a turning point for our planet in which people around the world rise up in a kind of "eco-revolution"  not against any one government, or one group of oppressors, or company, or industry,  but FOR the rights of the Earth and Life on Earth. Our new global Eco-Constitution is for the protection of the rights of all Life who are in our care as stewards of the Earth, and no less, the Earth Herself. No government, no company, no individual will ever again be allowed to trample those rights for the unbridled pursuit of greed and profit at the expense of the good of the whole.  Let this event be the catalyst when together as one human family we rise up and say, "no more!"

While that may sound like quite a strong statement, when I look at the astrology of our time, with Pluto, the planet of regeneration, rebirth, and renewal, in its return to the sign of Capricorn--where it was at the time just preceding the American Revolution, I see that not only America, but the whole of Western Society is poised for a reconstruction of its core beliefs and value system to be more in alignment with Cosmic Law and Natural Order. This time around there is also the addition to this force for change the planet Uranus (The Revolutionary) in opposition to Saturn (The Status Quo). So the old guard is in direct opposition to the New Revolutionary forces of Uranus. Watch out status quo, you're in for a shake up.

Stand not in the way of change such as this for it will be stopped by no one. This is not a change promoted by someone or some group to serve their political or corporate agendas. This is a change which is being pulsed from the very depths of the earth, unstoppable like the gusher which has initiated it. That force of change is something that has been long awaited by those of us who have been holding a vision of another world view; a world where cooperation is paramount to competition; where the Earth is treated as a Living Being to be honored, not one to be foraged and pillaged, repackaged and resold to the highest bidder; a world where love and abundance is understood to be the driving force which motivates Life, not greed and power, fear and lack--for those of us who have held such world views, THIS IS OUR TIME!

Let us remember the world we came in here to manifest.

Christan Hummel

Christan Hummel is an international author of the best-selling book, “Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit ”and co-author of the Rainbow Bridge phase II. Christan has been in communication with the inner worlds of nature since a 1981, in which her guides have helped her to recover ancient lost understandings of how to work with the land to restore harmony and balance. She has shared this knowledge with groups around the world for the last 14 years.

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