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New Directive: Cosmic Ray Light Technology

Immediate Focus with Cosmic Ray Light Technology

Dear Family of Light,

It is from absolute awe that I humbly bring through this new direction in our planetary Grid of Light focus. I am in deep gratitude to the overlighting beings of light in this assignment and also to Anrita Melchizedek for her generous assistance to help the Foundation bring this understanding to the collective...

In response to the powerful planetary energies and unfolding Earth changes, a new directive is in motion for immediate focus to be faithfully placed upon our efforts of ascending consciousness, without delay.

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation in collaboration with The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network initiates global coordination of a 12-week series of high frequency light transmissions through the planetary Crystalline Grid. This is in highest sacred order to anchor and stabilize the incoming Cosmic Rays to the Earth plane and into our daily life. These mega-charged sonic particles are a form of stellar light technology, to assist and assure the victorious evolution of our planet and to assist humanity's advancement into the new system of energy

Building the Rainbow Bridge

Through these transmissions, Lightworkers with elevated light quotients can immediately endure accelerated, whole body upgrades in order for a much deeper genetic/cellular transfiguration to occur. The purpose is to actualize a first wave of humans into full soul embodiment and the new I AM Avatar blueprint,  also referred to as the "Adam Kadmon" body of light.

There are a certain number of individuals who are in processes of making quantum transition in order to build and stabilize the merkabic field and ascension pathway for the rest who follow, thus constructing the Rainbow Bridge into New Earth dimension. All is happening sooner than anticipated and this dispensation of the Cosmic Rays will assure unprecedented support from the realms of light, as guided by Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logoi and the Divine Beings within which all life in this Solar System is embraced.

More of us are required to authentically operate from all dimensions and timelines, simultaneously. As we grow in numbers and build true "Group Avatar", we can shift this current timeline and all that is in rising potential outplay.

Our mission is to develop as a powerful celestial forcefield moving through physical time and space while simultaneously moving forward the consciousness of our planet. We are being asked to continually and consciously direct quantum energies in the form of sacred fire light technology and the energies of illumined Love-Wisdom into every discordant situation, condition, geo-region and person that comes before our attention faculty and field of energy.

First Wave

Those of us serving a role as "first wave" lightworkers with purpose to pioneer the  new human design must prepare in every way to make this leap now, as service to the whole. This is our highest calling and priority at this time above all other responsibilities. None of us can do this alone. As we have chosen it, this individual morphogenesis can only be accomplished through an inspired collective focus and the constancy of a supportive group energy field.

Under the guiding light intelligence of many cosmic beings including the ascended masters, our solar logoi, several star nations and galactic light councils, these grid transmissions of the Cosmic Rays will be divinely radiated through the Crystalline Grid each new and full moon cycle for the next 12 weeks, beginning with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 11 and through to the September Full Moon Equinox.

These transmissions are a Divine Dispensation, gifted to everyone with the only requirement being your fearless willingness and dedicated focus to clear remaining egoic resistances and actualize your highest potential as a divine sovereign being of supreme light. Where your attention goes, energy flows. We are now being called to the fore as so much is riding on the raising of our collective frequencies.

Everyone Benefits

Those of us serving in different roles or who are not quite ready to make this leap into full multidimensional embodiment, can also greatly benefit. The influence of the Cosmic Rays can take us into much deeper understanding of our Divine Purpose, as well as giving us the needed spaciousness for greater insight and swift clearing to particular personality patterns still in stages of transformation. The internal pressures that many of us have been feeling will be lifting into great buoyancy and sustained feelings of exquisite beauty and joy.

We will continue to communicate more on this focus as information comes through.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and most incredible service to this platform's grid focuses of light. May we continue to build group momentum into our greatest potential as Galactic Emissaries of Light.

In loving support,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation



Anrita Melchizedek
The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network