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Everyday Miracles

By Eileen Silon,

After a couple of months of intensely focused inner work, I seem to be back in the flow, allowing my higher self to gently guide me rather than fighting my way through my spiritual growth. I thought I would share three of my recent magical experiences that all happened in the same two week period. I love being in the flow again.

Yes It IS all Worth It

One of the thought patterns I have fallen into in the past when things feel stuck for any length of time is remembering how hard all this spiritual processing and shifting has been. I eventually come to the conclusion that it was NOT worth it. I was unhappy before I began consciously expanding but at least I had money and a social life. Now I still don’t have what I think I want AND I do not have any money or any local friends or community. I am not sure I had any real friends before but I thought I did. I am also not sure I was any happier (you know how perception is when you are trying to be miserable).

I was wallowing in these thoughts a few weeks ago and received a phone call from a woman who wanted help. This very unhappy woman lives on a fixed income and has some medical issues that the doctors cannot help her with (they don’t know what is wrong). Her energy and statements screamed loudly her belief that no one would ever be able to help her and she projected a lot of anger, aggressiveness, helplessness and victim-ness. I tried to explain to her how spiritual and energetic healing worked but she wanted one session that would clear everything up. I explained that I intuited it would take many sessions to help her enjoy her life and let go of some of the medical issues. She began to panic about the money (on the surface that was what she thought was panicking her) and I said I was not recommending she schedule several sessions, only that I would not take her money under a false pretence that one session would make a huge difference. She got even angrier and hung up. I wondered why someone like that who really didn’t want to do the work herself would feel she should call me.

Several days later I realized I used to be like her when I had a full time job and was making enough money to live on, before I quit to pursue my spiritual growth full time and the dream of owning my own business. That is when I was able to acknowledge and embrace that YES; it has all been worth it. She was in so much physical and emotional pain it was hard to talk to her. All of the loss, perceived humiliation, body pain and illness, moving around, loneliness as well as miracles, love, openings, wonder and magic HAS been worth it. I am happier, calmer, more confident, immensely connected with my god-self, and enjoy the sacredness of life most of the time. I thanked my higher self for providing me with that example and blessed her again for calling.

Answering the Call to Service Helps Ourselves

Just the other day I was visiting a friend in Manhattan Beach (LA, CA) and we were drawn to a particular restaurant to eat. Next to it was a new store that we both were drawn to. Turns out it was new and we had a wonderful chat with the owner. She told us her story of moving – how she was basically pushed out of her old place after not listening to several signs that it was time to move. She also told us that a family member unexpectedly gave her quite a bit of money to move and that when she asked others for help (something she never did before but was intuitively guided to do) someone gave her another big sum to help, with the proviso that she could pay it back whenever she wanted. She also expressed her fear of trusting the direction she felt she was being guided into for her business.

I needed to hear this story so that I would quit worrying about how money was going to come to me and we needed to talk to her to confirm that her guidance was real and accurate for her. I was also able to give her information about her protective energy all around her and what I saw happening for the business in the near future. We connected on a beautiful soul level. It was one of the serendipitously magical and spontaneous connections that only happen when all parties are open to it. My friend and I went to lunch very uplifted by the experience. I was reminded of trusting and how these fabulous opportunities usually occur for me when I am open to them.

ASK and You Will Be Answered (Part 1 of a Major Shift)

During the past month and a half I have been asking my higher self for help in the form of a human to break up the stuck feeling, to help me allow myself to bring my own manifesting powers in to the physical world and stick with them (stop shutting everything down as soon as things begin to move). I tried to take action and talk to 4 different healers and something always got in the way.

Then I received an email from my step mom asking if it was ok for my Uncle to give my email to some woman he knows who is a psychic. I thought that was odd since I didn’t even know my Uncle knew that I was intuitive. But I gave permission. When I got her email it was like reading something from an old friend. I knew right away we needed to work together (so did she). Turns out her father and my uncle were very good friends and she has known my uncle most of her life and just two weeks ago he told her about me!!!! Talk about god’s timing.

We didn’t get to talk to each other until after the first incident I wrote about above occurred. I am sure I was more receptive after that realization. During our exchange her energy and her words helped me open a door that I had closed. It was exactly the piece of help I needed to take another step into being open to the flow again. It was also Part 1 to a major shift that I will write about in a future article. And it didn’t cost me anything and was arranged by our higher selves. Sure helped my trust level increases another level or two. I was reminded that things do not have to be hard and that I was right to focus on opening back up and realigning with my higher self (or, as Abraham-Hicks puts it, my vibrational reality).

Walking this path laughingly one step at a time,

I AM Eileen Silon

The Down to Earth Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and Teacher


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