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Feminine Lineage

By Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here once again to acknowledge you and who you are in the process of anchoring the vibration of the divine feminine. This is one of the most important aspects of the moving forward of your planet’s evolution. Each and every individual is a part of this balancing and anchoring. 

When we speak of light, we acknowledge that each person will realize a different explanation and meaning of their understanding of light. This is true of most all concepts with which you interface.

Each human will color the meaning of any concept with their own personal translation and comprehension of the thought. With this awareness we invite you to allow your own personal ideas, thoughts and beliefs to be suspended for a brief time.

Let us look with you for a moment as we offer you insight into what we want you to consider and own within yourself. Let us use the term frequency codes as a method to explain and offer these insights.

Each individual carries frequency codes that are a lineage of divine feminine. It does not matter if the physical body is designed to be male or female in appearance. Each human form carries the frequency codes for both male and female qualities and traits. We acknowledge that the physical appearances of these physical bodies are also influenced by the chemicals, hormones and your genetic patterns of the form. These frequency codes can be encouraged or suppressed, limited or enhanced by the environment, social beliefs, mental concepts and programs. 

The masculine frequency codes could be described as aggressive, strong, active, logical, controlling, practical, decisive, analytic, strategic, scientific and realistic. These qualities, traits and frequency codes are usually registered in the left hemisphere of the brain.

The qualities of the feminine frequency codes could be described as peaceful, enduring, yielding, nurturing, holistic, intuitive, instinctive, directly cognitive, creative, emotional and protective. These qualities, traits and frequency codes are usually registered in the right hemisphere of the brain.

Every quality, trait and expression of these frequency codes is present within all humans. However your societies, cultures, families, religions as well as the old paradigms and matrices teach and encourage certain roles and expressions of these frequency codes. There are some very strong expectations of behavior that are encouraged and praised or ridiculed, shamed and punished whether you are present in a male body or a female body. 

So as you grew as a child you learned to stop or hide certain qualities and develop and expand other traits that were more acceptable to your family, community, and culture.

You also learned to express judgment of others who did not fit the picture of what you had been taught. Perhaps you became active in the judgment of how others manifested these frequency codes. These so called stereotypes are encouraged or mocked in your media and society. This type of judgment continues to polarize the differences.

Just for a moment consider if a balance were encouraged from the beginning of a child’s life where the analytical and intuitive abilities worked in partnership, where the holistic-feeling nature was coupled with action and strength. Each quality within the whole would be allowed to develop and emerge within the human. However these frequency codes have taken on distortions in the human expression, with certain traits encouraged and others repressed.

Imagine for a moment that a male was encouraged to bring forth and express the sensitive, nurturing and peaceful aspects coupled with action, strength and logic. There would be no soldiers, for a male who was sensitive, nurturing and peaceful would not and could not be taught to destroy life for any reason.

In this evolution of consciousness that is occurring upon your planet, this recalibration that we continue to acknowledge as well as encourage, there is a shift, an activation so to speak, within your personal as well planetary frequency codes that we are addressing as masculine and feminine.

The bridging of the left and right hemispheres of the human brain is the ultimate goal. The physical bridge is called the corpus callosum. This is an aspect of your human anatomy that allows these frequency codes, traits and skills to synergize and create a balance between aggressive and passive, a balance between logical and intuitive, between controlling and yielding and between analytical and holistic.

The ability to call upon and activate a particular trait or innate skill as it is needed at the moment is the landmark of an evolved human being. This is done without classifying the action or behavior as either male or female. The goal of the multidimensional being animating the human form is true balance and synergy of all the qualities.

Begin to observe yourself and notice what frequency codes you are most comfortable expressing and which traits you repress or shut down. We invite you to begin to stretch yourself when you discover a limitation or ability that feels opposite your most familiar way of being. Remember, the quality, trait or function that is the most opposite or difficult for you to bring forth or express holds the answer, the means, to your personal wholeness.

As a multidimensional being the idea of gender is not an aspect of your wholeness. However we realize that here in physical form gender is basically a requirement. The idea of gender and what is proper or improper for a certain gender to express has been a part of the limited matrix of your reality for eons of time.

We invite you to begin to balance the frequency codes within yourself, for once this balance and synergy is anchored by someone in your reality it becomes available for all. Then little by little a transformation takes place. There is an evolution of consciousness in which physical beings express all frequency codes, qualities and traits appropriately as a cohesive unit of wholeness.

The evolution of consciousness depends on the balance of the masculine and feminine energies expressed in form. The incredible imbalances that are manifesting on your planet are the expression of these distortions within the system.

It is this imbalance of control, domination, repression of the weak and different which has allowed, encouraged and supported wars. It is this imbalance which allows other humans especially women and children to be traded or sold and abused for profit.  It is this imbalance that has allowed, encouraged and supported the destruction and exploitation of your natural resources, rainforests, oceans and air. This is the shadow of humanity that must be brought to the light.

The masculine energies have dominated this reality for thousands of your years. The polarized differences and the warring between the masculine and the feminine energies must be resolved and neutralized within each individual. As this is done it will begin to manifest in the wholeness of your humanity.

There is a shift that is occurring; there are galactic offerings that are triggering the resurgence of the frequency codes that have been labeled feminine. In order for the light to fully be anchored and expressed, the honoring of the feminine qualities within each human must be acknowledged and expressed by all.

It is these attributes, the essence of the receptive intuitive instincts partnered with action that will reconnect humanity with the gifts and energy of nature. It is the holistic nurturing coupled with logic that will bring about modalities for healing of the physical body. The honoring of the feminine is the key to the healing of humanity and your planet.

We offer you our deep respect and gratitude as you call forth more and more light which invites awakening. We honor you as you anchor the respect and call forth the feminine energies each day. You are making a difference. Remember to focus on the reality that you desire to call forth. Envision the accord between all beings. We are available upon request, call upon us. the ‘team’

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