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Multiple Realities - Right Here

By Colin Whitby

Here we are at the beginning of April already, how did you find the energies in March? For me March was another month of intense energy and many deep connections and clearings, even deeper than before. It seems that the more of this amazing love energy we accommodate the deeper we can connect to each other and the deeper we can help each other release any blocks.

One thing I have noticed is that the deep clearings have been much easier than before, this new energy carries with it a clearer pulse of light that seems to sweep all unwanted energy before it.

Have you also noticed how realities are mixing together? It’s one thing to read about how we will experience more than one reality, but when it happens there is certainly a feeling of ‘I’m losing it!’.

Last week whilst shopping in our local supermarket I bought some products from the pharmacy counter and used my debit card in the usual way. I noticed something was kind of out of balance as I kept banging my trolley into the counter, something I never do normally.

After keying in my code and reading the ‘remove your card’ message I tucked the card into my wallet and remember thinking I’ll need to get a new wallet soon, this one is worn out.

I continued to shop until it was time to run the rest of my shopping through the checkout, where I loaded everything up and we carried on through the process. When it was time to pay I took out my wallet and stared confused into the blank holder, the card was not there. OK perhaps I had left it out in readiness so I search every pocket in my coat and jacket, but to no avail. Where could it be? Can’t have left it anywhere as I remember putting it away.

I asked the checkout assistant to put my groceries to one side while I go back to the pharmacy to see if someone had found the card (ridiculous really, how could it be there?). I asked at the pharmacy and sure enough they had the card, I’d left it in the machine but for me that was in another reality, no really!.

When I mentioned this to a friend she asked me what day it was and when I told her she said there was a big solar flare that day…. Oh well that must be it I thought, a pesky solar flare. 

The problem is however plausible multiple realities might be in theory, in practice they are disorienting and confusing, so if you find yourself in a similar situation it might just be a bit of crossover, realities mixing, so nothing to worry about. I find knowing about such things at least gives us a bit of comfort, and centering the energy, grounding it, makes everything just fine, in the moment (well nearly).

With Love,