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If It Doesn't Matter, What Am I Doing Inside the Great Pyramid?

by Geoffrey Hoppe


After crawling on our hands and knees through the small tunnel inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, we finally entered the King’s Chamber. The ascent up the dark and claustrophobic passageway was so narrow that only one person at a time could pass. There was no room to turn around for anyone who wanted go back, not with 50 Shaumbra making their way up the tunnel.

There was a sigh of relief as each person finally stood upright in the King’s Chamber, and we each took a deep breath even though the air was thin. Most of us took a long drink of water after the rigorous climb, and our eyes searched around the chamber. We were deep inside the only remaining Seven Wonders of the World. We were inside a global monument of which most humans have seen pictures. The Great Pyramid is one of the most recognized human icons in the world, and here we were, 50 Shaumbra from 13 countries, actually inside this mystical and revered temple. Our eyes opened wide as we tried to adjust to the dim light, but more so they opened in awe of the moment.

It was the last full day of our magical ten-day tour in Egypt. We started in Cairo with visits to the Cairo Museum and ancient workshop sites of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Then we flew to Aswan where we boarded a river cruiser for a five-day cruise on the Nile. During that time we visited the Temple of Isis, the dual Temple of Horus, and the Temple of Komo Ombo. We sailed down to Esna and toured the Temple of Horus, then on to Luxor to be in the energies of Karnak, the Shrine of Sekmet, the Valley of the Kings and finally the Luxor Temple. The list of sites and sounds over these days in Egypt goes on and on, and each one provided a unique and personal experience for every Shaumbra on the tour.

And now on our final day, here we were, deep inside the Great Pyramid. Our guide, Vanda Osmon, had arranged for two hours of private time in the pyramid for us. As the last of our group came crawling through the portal into the King’s Chamber, Linda and I positioned ourselves against the giant sarcophagus in preparation of Tobias’ channel. Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi had been channeling every day along our journey, and now I was anticipating the final channel of the tour, here inside the Great Pyramid at the culmination of our trip. I felt the love washes come over my body as Tobias started to come in, and I realized that this moment was perhaps the highlight of my 10-year channeling career. If only my mother could see me now! (Well, she probably could because she left the physical plane several years ago.)

We were all disoriented after these 10 incredible days in Egypt. Not only were we visiting ancient sites from over 5,000 years ago, but the channels from Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi all related to inter-dimensional time travel. They had us coming and going from the past and future. We learned a new greeting for time travelers called, “Oh-Be-Ahn.” Apparently there are a lot of regular time travelers out there in the other realms and now we knew how to greet them.

Inside the Great Pyramid: Siglinde Schwenzl (inside sarcophagus), Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Benyo and Harold Pedersen surrounded by orbs in the King's Chamber.

Back to the Great Pyramid. Everyone was seated around the chamber for the channel. Garret Annofsky rang the Tibetan chimes. The sound reverberated into every stone in the chamber. Norma started the breathing. In that moment something magical happened that I can’t explain, but I know we all opened up like we’d never opened before. Then Tobias came in with his familiar, “And So It Is.” It caught me off guard for a moment because the sound of his voice was so melodious, deep and penetrating. It seemed to come not from me, but from the walls and the floor and the ceiling. It came from everywhere. It came from nowhere. His presence was more than a voice. It was alive in every one of us.

If someone were to ask me about the 10 most life-changing moments in my life, this would be one of them. It was surreal, and at the same time more real than anything I had ever experienced.

Then came Tobias’ message. I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect what came out. Deep within this Holy of Holies, the portal into the dimensions, the gateway to Beyond, Tobias proclaimed, “It Doesn’t Matter.”


It doesn’t matter?

If it doesn’t matter, what’s the use of trying?

If it doesn’t matter, why the heck am I here?

I had to focus on channeling Tobias at the moment, but I made a quick mental note to come back to this rather disconcerting statement.

“It Doesn’t Matter” perplexed me as I regretfully left Egypt the next day. Linda and I headed off to Switzerland to attend The Gathering workshop sponsored by Cecilia Sifontes. Over the next few days, Tobias’ statement made more and more sense to my heart, but my mind was still grappling with it. By the time I got back to Colorado in early March after a month on the road, well, it didn’t matter! It is what it is. We already got to where we chose to go, so now the question is, how do we choose to experience it? It actually doesn’t matter, because we’re already there. Now which potential do we want to choose to experience in this reality? It’s truly the definition of a Time Traveler. Been there, done that, now how do I choose to remember it?

Tobias covered this in more detail in this month’s Shoud (Shoud Eight, The Returning Series now available online). I know it has a lot of people scratching their heads, and a few people cussing out Tobias. Some are insisting that it DOES matter, and they will be damned if anyone tries to take it away from them. But… it doesn’t matter!

The Egypt trip changed something within me, and most of the Shaumbra who attended. I can’t put it in words right now, and I don’t have any real desire to try to explain it. But something happened during those 10 precious days in Egypt with Shaumbra, something that changed my life forever. I came back with something I didn’t have before, and I left something of me back in Egypt that I didn’t need any more.

We’re already planning our next Shaumbra Egypt tour for February 2010. We’ll announce it sometime early this summer after we arrange all of the details and pricing. If you’re interested in being on the waiting list (no deposit or guarantee required), please send an email to Suzy Schemel at Please put “Shaumbra Egypt 2010 Wait List” in the email subject header. We’ll make sure to notify you of the Egypt 2010 trip before it is publicly announced.

P.S. All of the channels from the recent Shaumbra Egypt tour will be available later this month in a special set titled, “Time Travels: Shaumbra in Egypt 2009.” It will be available in the Shaumbra Shoppe (US and Europe) as both digital download and physical CD sets

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