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Let Your Life Speak

By Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As most of you know after reading my materials for years and listening to me on air for years, Mahatma Gandhi is one of a few whose life I have studied and whose teachings I hold dear. His quote, "human greatness lies in being able to remake themselves and then they will be the change they wish to see in the world" has traveled inside of me for a very long time. I have used it as a barometer for my own life, sometimes successfully and other times, I was in the midst of having a human experience.

In any case throughout this past month that particular quote has been flirting with me and filtering into my dreams and meditations. Why I asked myself? What do I need to know about these wise words that perhaps I didn't know before?

I asked and was given a unique, timely and relevant insight that I will share, at least in part, as some of its deeper meaning is still unraveling itself for me personally. For now, here is a piece of what I received upon inquiry.

Humanity is in a deep re-creation phase of change, not quite ready yet to be the change that they will become. This re-creation phase goes far deeper than what is being seen or interpreted from the outside world, or one's own mind. This phase of re-creation for all of humanity is a powerful gift from one's own soul, making it deeply personal.

For many this re-creation phase, Holy creative in its nature, will be an inward journey prompted by the often-mysterious soul. Former experiences identified a similar time as the Dark Night of The Soul. This time will become known as the Shedding of Light by the Soul. Though many exclaim, "they thought they were complete with this or that," they were complete at the level appropriate to what their psyche could integrate at that time. Now is a new time.

For many, this re-creative time may be the first time they become aware of the magical sound of their Lives speaking it's subtle language through the soul, not the mind. Many will journey into unchartered territory (differently than ever before) to at long last truly come home to themselves, healed, whole and peaceful. Once done, each will be made ready to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Prior to this journey there are stages of willingness, courage and a commitment to Self Love and Self Revelation that must occur at one's core level, so much so, that nothing of the external world will take precedence. In the moment there is a fundamental problem that must be addressed in order that this crucial part of the Divine Plan is successful.

Most of humanity has become fixated, again, on chasing prophecy to find out what lies behind the curtain of the 2012 shift of the ages. Chasing prophecy has always proven to be both a distraction and an inappropriate use of energy. Time and again this form of fixation has created a schism in the matrix of humankind so wide that it cuts one off from their higher Selves, cosmic Truth, mystery, magic, grace, flow and Creator Source. It causes 'second guessing,' numbs one to creativity, and keeps one from being present with their Life now. Fixation on prophecy etches in patterns of unnecessary fear, delusion, sadness and greed, all the while keeping one imprisoned and suffering in a tight box of limited potential. You are created beings that are innately unlimited.

Distracted, one cannot hear the most glorious words that their Life is speaking to them, or notice the clever ways the Universe has of calling authentic life forward. Both will lead you to your true destiny. Both will lead you into and through 2012, 13, 14 and beyond, safely. Both will love you every step of your way.

During this re-creation time it is trust and surrender, at levels many have never experienced before, that will be the greatest allies, as it has long been most of humanities greatest Achilles heel. Carefully and consciously, with faith and with trust, while listening to your Life speak through your soul, this burden shall be overcome.

Minds will be stretched never again to return to its original shape. Souls will be shaped to live inside the temple of your being, never again to be apart from you. Hearts will stretch to fill in spaces within you that have long awaited its fullness. Your Life, your heart and your soul will inform you as to what steps you are to take both now and later. You must trust this. Preparation for potential has value. Paying attention to cycles has value. Distraction and immersion into prophecy does not.

There is no future sealed by another's prophecy. Every human being is capable of tuning into their own channel and finding the answers needed for now and later. It is each one's vision, decision and actions that will predict your future, not rummaging around to find out what forecasters predict is going to happen years from now, maybe.

Let Your Life have a chance to speak through your magical soul. Immerse yourself in the magical process of your Life. Learn how to dance with your mystical soul. You are the keepers of your future. Let your Life speak and learn to trust it so you will know this for yourself.

Yes, this is a time riddled with concern and paradox. We hold the potential to emerge triumphant. First things first. Your Life has a message for you. Your Soul is ready to lead you. Listen, re-create and then be the change you wish to be in the world.

Beginning April 21, 2009 I have been guided to begin giving a series of teleseminars, with the first one titled: "Let Your Life Speak." All details are at:

In advance, here are a couple of Master Keys to begin paving the path to hearing your Life speak. First, don't touch a mental thought with another thought that is invested in pulling you away from hearing the subtle language of your Life speaking. This is a trick of the mind to put you in a hypnotic state. Break the trance immediately. You have the power to do so.

Notice the thought, bless it and let it go. Take three slow and steady breaths in and out, pause and focus your attention on your heart. Sincerely ask the question, "what does my Life have to say to me right now?" Stay still and listen. This is a powerful way to learn discernment as to who is speaking to you, and who has your best interest at heart.

Second, refrain from discussing your personal conversations with your Life with anyone until you begin to get clarity and you begin to really feel that you are interpreting and comprehending the subtleties of the message.

As always I thank you so much for your presence and your Light. I bless each of you for being a part of a monumental time in human history.


Maureen Moss
Steward of: "The World Puja Network"