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Making Space for Empowered Humans 

The Group - channeled by Steve Rother

Dear ones, this is a magical time. This present moment contains more magic than you have ever even hoped for before. Your entire world is in a state of transformation and it is happening on many levels. There are really four critical areas on your planet right now. We tell you this not to alarm you, but to encourage you to pay attention to what is now happening from a larger perspective. The pace is quickening. In order to create the world you have envisioned and truly allow yourself to be a part of the new Earth which is forming, means that you must first release the old belief systems and ideas that you used to have to now be supported in your current environment. To be able to do that, you will often go into what you call ‘crisis mode,’ or you will have something taken away that you thought you needed. Dear ones, it is happening on many different levels.

Empowered Societies

Today we wish to address something that you can use not only in your individual lives, but also in your collective lives. First of all, let us begin by explaining what your environment will look like once you have made some of the transitions you are just beginning. It will help you to see a little of what is ahead in the days you envision right in front of you. Much of what you will be working with is adapting yourself and your new-found power to the world, and to friends and people around you.

We made this statement: “You are god and you have a responsibility to create. The second point to re-member is that you are not the only god.” Getting along with the other gods becomes one of the most important pieces of moving into the new planet Earth. It is critical to learn how to harmoniously live with empowered humans around you, in your energy field and as part of your daily life. This involves more than becoming empowered yourself, or simply taking responsibility for your own happiness and your own reality. That is only the beginning. Making space around you for your children and your parents, as well as for all those you see on a daily basis to become empowered, will be critical in your move to the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. That is what we wish to address today: the new energy of the empowered human.

Centering God

Empowered humans need support that your societies do not currently provide. The biggest challenge is that humans in general are accustomed to giving their power away. The game of follow the leader has been deeply ingrained in your societies and has been taught for generations. Although many are now starting to change, if you wish to shift this you must strengthen your commitment to yourself and take responsibility for your reality. Social structures will eventually form to support you, but very few are in place now. To be able to think about your energy and what you need first, is the starting point of creating a space for empowered humans. The reason for this is simple: You are god and you create your own universe in front of you. Therefore, you must center yourself in order to increase your effect on the world around you.

Secondly, as the new children grow they will teach you how to allow yourself to be around fully empowered humans. It is one of the more important pieces, for as your collective vibration raises you will want to surround yourself with more empowered people, live in empowered communities, and work in empowered companies. That is what is currently taking place, and you are being motivated to search for that now. That is why so many catastrophes seem to be happening on earth at the moment, because you always rise to the occasion. When humans are challenged, they rise to the occasion and you are doing that now. The entire creation process was invented out of necessity. Much of what you will be creating will be new environments made from the dust of what has crumbled.

Conscious Corporations

Much of what you are seeing right now is changes on the collective levels. Corporations, companies—any type of collective whether it’s a religious group, a government or simply an organization—whatever it is, it is a collective vibration much the way you are a collective vibration in this room. You are all currently aligning your individual vibrational patterns. As you listen to our message, you are aligning your vibrational patterns with us so that you not only receive the energy from the words, but you feel the heart energy that comes with it. You receive all the connections on many other levels that are being transmitted, even without the use of words during these messages. Let us also speak of the collective vibrations and something you will see in the future that we call, conscious corporations. What would those be like? Let us explain what we see now.

We do not pretend to be experts in your areas of business, because it is a human game that was made up inside of another game. You can change those rules any way you want. Your corporations are currently in business for one purpose alone: to make money. We are not going to tell you that is wrong in any way, for there is no right or wrong as long as you know the focus of that corporation or that business, you know where their heart is. Up to this point in your evolution, businesses and corporations have not had to have a heart or a consciousness, or to worry about either the world around them or their impact on the world.Basically, they have never been motivated to have a conscious. That is what is in motion now. We will not pretend to tell you how to do it, because this is your game that you created. We will share with you ideas and concepts of how other games in other universes have done it, but none before have made the transition that planet Earth is currently making. You are writing new books that will be read by many other planets as they start to make similar transitions. You are the first. You were the only planet of free choice.

What is happening is that the collective vibration of humanity is starting to rise. Those corporations or collectives, whether they are organizations, businesses or governments, if they do not fit in the higher vibrations and can not adjust, they will crumble. That is what you are currently seeing taking place on planet Earth with the global economic system. We tell you that nothing is wrong; it is exactly as you devised it. It is the easier, softer path that you have already taken. Pay no attention to what you are seeing when you watch the news, because these changes are already underway. If you look at them for the possibilities that they truly are, you will see this. . These groups are really nothing more than collectives of individuals. Yet, until this point in your evolution these groups have never had to be responsible to humankind, and that is what we see changing on planet Earth.

What is a Conscious Corporation?

As people begin to form a corporation, they apply to their government that registers the entity as a corporation. That government gives the corporation the right to become a legal entity. That entity can do many things, and can even do some things that an individual cannot do. More importantly, that legal entity has never been required to have a conscious or a higher vision of the role it plays in the world around it. As we stated this many years ago, there will come a day when every corporation, organization and collective of humanity will have one person who is responsible for determining how their direction fits in with the universal energy and what impact they have on those around them. These will be key people who are very important to the overall life of a corporation. This concept has never before been considered, yet it will be one of the most important elements as you evolve. It will be the one person who stands back from the day-to-day operations, objectively seeing the overall view of the corporation. This role of this person is to not only to measure the effect the corporation has on the world around it and the people it interacts with, but also on the people who work for the corporation. They are the collective vibration that will be changing and evolving.

There will be many of you who bond together out of a desire to manifest the new ideals for business and create conscious corporations. There will be new websites that pop up, new ideas discussed and books written which will be passed around very quickly to spread these ideas. The time is now for each one of you to examine how in your own world you can be empowering to those around you. How can you make space for the other gods around your environment? That is the same question that each collective will be asking. Whether it is a religion or a group of people who call themselves a club, or whether it is a government, a corporation, or simply a place that people gather, there is a collective vibration that forms and can be molded. You mold it through your individual thoughts, actions, and your desires of what you wish to see happen with this collective.

The Soul of a Business

You will develop many new ideas, concepts, and techniques to make this work in your daily lives in your current corporations. Many have come to us and asked questions about the secret governments. Many tell us that their vote does not make a difference, because there are other people who actually run the government. Yes, it is true and they are you. Yes, you have secret governments but they are called corporations, dear ones. They currently run most of your governments. It is not wrong, for it is simply the way you set it up and that has more of an effect on this planet than it ever has before. Now the question becomes, “Do you want your planet to be run by corporations or governments or by anyone whose main focus is making money? How do you invite that higher view of how we fit into humanity?” We will tell you how it has been done before. You cannot mandate that a corporation must have a soul. It does not work that way, for we cannot mandate that you would know your soul or have a connection to it either. But when you have a collective vibration of people who gather in that fashion, it creates the same energy as a single vibration. The collective vibration becomes an entity in the same way you make a corporation a legal entity.

Find ways of introducing the collective consciousness into the soul of that corporation, and you will make space for empowered humans wherever you go. We tell you the whole paradigm of competition will change at that point. You will start to understand where real, healthy competition is, where you spur people on instead of trying to out do or beat them at something. You will also understand that even as you make room for empowered humans in your corporation, many of the paradigms of lack will dissipate. You will start to believe. Now you believe that there is only so much wealth out there. That is not true, dear ones, because your wealth is currently counted by how much you pass to each other, not by how much any one person has. It is about how wealth circulates, and your fear has currently stopped a lot of that circulation. That will go away soon because you are already adapting it.

We made some predictions back in November that we wish you to re-member, because we wish to add a little bit to that. In November, we made the statement that the Dow Jones Industrial averages could actually go as low as 6400. It came very close to that, yet you are now on a rebound. We use this example because it reflects your collective consciousness in the monetary sector, and it also matches your collective vibration of spirituality. There is another re-set that needs to happen to let all the air out before you can completely re-build. Do not see this as a negative, for it is a normal process that will take place. When you hit the bottom of that which is coming very soon, you will start to re-build on solid ground.

Making Space for Empowered Humans

You will find that different techniques of management must come into play, because you are not dealing with three-year olds any more. You are dealing with empowered humans. If you wish to get them working with you in this collective vibration, no matter what it is, you must make space for their creativity and growth. You make room for them to add something to it—whatever that is. The best way to do that is to find their passion and allow them to bring that into their work. We call this making space for the other gods. Making space not only in your environment but in corporations, enables you to live the life of a fully empowered human yourself. That is one key factor that will help bring life into these collective vibrations, the collectives that have run planet Earth up to this point.

Those corporations that are already learning to work and live in harmony with the Earth are finding that even though there are some transitions and expenses that go along with that, the reality is that the bottom line is bigger when you live in harmony. The bottom line in certainly much larger when you empower all of your employees. It just makes good business sense. As you are starting to connect with your higher selves, having new connections that you have not had and new visions that you have not seen before, you will be able to bring that into the larger perspective of corporations, businesses, religions and governments everywhere. All collective vibrations will now be successful, if they can make space for the empowered human that all humans are becoming.

What Does a Conscious Corporation Look Like?

You will see much of it in your daily lives and you will see it in the collective. You will see the effects as you watch the world’s events on your news stations, and we tell you it can happen in the blink of an eye just as it happened last week. We wish to bring this up so you can see a little bit of what this looks like, because you were not expecting it. OPEC, the organization that is set up to help oil producing countries set and regulate the price of oil, were expected to announce a decrease in oil production aimed at intentionally raising the price of oil. However, in a surprise announcement last week they stated that they would make no move at this time. When asked why it was said the members saw the monetary crisis that was unraveling and they did not wish to add to the problem. Here, a collective vibration of people who were focused on bringing the highest profit to their member countries made a higher decision for the good of humanity. They will probably be sued for that. Good for them, for that is the challenge you all currently have. Your businesses have been set up for one direction and one direction only.

It is now time for each one of you to start looking in your own personal environments and thinking about how you can make changes in your daily world to make space for empowered humans. If you own a business, you already know these challenges. You already see them starting to adapt. For example, you will find even banks in these days where banks are having trouble all over the world, that just walk through this with no problems largely because they are making space for the empowered humans who work for them. It is part of their collective vibration.

Create the Soul of the Company

You all have a chance to do that now. You have a chance to do it with your family, friends, where you work, or wherever it is that you spend your time. Whatever collectives you wish to be a part of, look first at how you can make space around you for empowered humans. If you have anything to do with the management of that company, bring that empowerment into the management. Give your company a soul. It will wear its new soul well because you have created the collectives, but you have forgotten the one piece that is going to make all the difference. Yes, corporations will still be about making money. That is a primary focus and the reason they come together, but they will do so now with a heart and a conscience. You are not alone on this planet. Nobody is. That separation is beginning to end in ways that you have never seen before, and that magic is what allows each one of you to step into the higher vibration of the new planet Earth.

None of this will be easy because change is difficult for humans, but you are certainly up for it. You know the direction you are moving already. Do not get stuck in believing what you are seeing. You are seeing change on planet Earth. The Earth is changing and evolving as you are, because her connection with you is inseparable. You are part of each other.
We will speak more of planet Earth soon in order to help you understand her perspective of the same process. As you work to figure out a way to empower the other humans in your field, re-member this: the more light each one of you can carry, the brighter planet Earth will be.

We leave you with three simple re-minders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a beautiful game. Play well together.


The group

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