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Morning Messages “We are Here”

By Peggy Black

Looking back gives one the opportunity to see things in a fresh and new way. From my perspective now, I can see the steps that led me to a conscious, aware connection with the loving energy group from another dimension, that I call my "team". Their transmissions of messages are being shared by means of the website.  

I was an only child who, like many children, was open. I was clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. It was a difficult childhood because I could sense and see things that others couldn't, and I felt the feelings of others, owning them as my feelings. I did not understand that this was unusual, since I had no reference point. I remember asking my mother, "What do I do when I hear someone call my name in my head?" She wisely said, "Answer them." She had premonitions and visions, and so did my grandmother and aunt.

It has taken me most of my adult life to begin to understand some of the natural abilities that were operating within. I tried many things and many times to shut these sensitivities down. It was very emotional and often painful. I rode this emotional roller coaster, not realizing that most of the emotions I was feeling were not even mine. I was sensing the emotions that other people would suppress and not allow themselves to feel.

I began to search for answers, and as I read books about others who were also sensitive, I began to grow in my understanding of self. I began to accept and acknowledge these abilities as the true gifts that they were. I began to recognize them and understand how to manage them. However, it has taken many years of struggle to understand, be at peace, and maintain balance and comfort with this.

In the mid-seventies, when I was teaching a class in visual poise, I realized that most women, including myself, did not use one side of the body naturally and well. So I suggested to my class that we all practice using our less dominate hand to do mundane tasks. I decided for myself to use my left hand to draw. I gathered the usual tools: a sketch book and easy flowing pen. I spent hours allowing my left hand to just draw. I had no judgment or criticism, just acceptance and amazement, as images began to appear on the page. This was the birth of my line drawings, my stick figures.

They danced on the page. They flew, they gathered, they grouped. They became my friends and my passion. I allowed my left hand to totally express these delightful images, filling volumes of art books.

Life changed after a divorce. I moved to the redwoods, bought a little cottage and begin to heal. Surrounded by nature, my sensitivities were gently awakened from years of misunderstanding and suppression. I again began to see and sense things that were invisible to others. I began to understand and became more comfortable with my inner knowing and inner guidance.

When that little cottage burned to the ground, I rebuilt my home. I gardened, connecting with the energy and realms of nature. I began to use my gifts to serve others.

I worked in a health spa and offered reflexology and massage, during which I was able to see or sense what, was happening in my clients' bodies. I had visions when I would begin to work with them. One day when working with a client, powerful and awesome sounds spontaneously came out of my mouth. The results produced by these sound vibrations have been incredible for my clients. This was the beginning of the sound work that is now my passion and my service.

Life was good, and I was moving into a place of honoring and learning more about who I was as a woman, a human, and a divine spirit. One day, I was watching the sunrise as usual and journaling when I wrote, "Contact" and the answer came, "We Are Here." It was like a dialogue. I would write a question and receive a stunning answer in my head. That was the first morning message.

I continued in this manner for weeks, each morning writing a page or two of interesting insights. It was a strange feeling inside my mind; something different was occurring. After several months of writing by hand in my journal and then transcribing it into the computer, one morning I began at the computer. Everything flowed so automatically that I was amazed, and I have been scribing the messages at the computer since that time. They have called me their transducer. ( Transducer: a speaker or amplifier that receives energy from one system and retransmits it, often in a different form into another system.)

The awareness of and relationship with my team has been revealed gradually over my lifetime. I realize now that the left-handed drawings were another method used to illustrate our connection. I understand that the awesome and unusual sounds as well as the healing information for each client were also coming from my team. Looking back, I can understand and recognize all the times I was receiving guidance and clear messages from this supportive and loving team. They were connecting with me in as many ways as possible and in the ways I was willing and ready to accept. It has been a lifetime of a gentle, loving, patient revealing.

My partnership with this loving “team” continues to expand and blossom. Several years ago a website was created this site offers 88 messages free to subscribers plus two monthly telecasts. Their messages are now reaching thousands of individuals around the world. The “team” has   supported me in the physical manifestation of a number of products to assist the expansion of these messages. There is a double CD set of the messages being read and there is a Morning Message Invitation Deck of 44 cards which honor and empower your magnificence. Each card is an invitation to practice a consciousness exercise.

Several years ago the “team” invited me to begin to offer channeled transmission to others. I have been amazed and honored with the ease and grace that their information and energy is made available through me for those seeking guidance and clarity of purpose.

This has been a delightful and enriching experience to be the transducer of this   loving and clear energy. My partnership with this “team” of inter-dimensional beings is ineffable.

You are invited to connect with this transformative energy through the website and their messages.  I am sharing their messages with the intention that they serve you and offer value in your own discovery of your magnificent multidimensional Self. Here is a recent message from the team.      

Step into Your Light---Step into Your Power

Greetings beloveds, it is our honor to connect with you through these written words and also in the sacred space of your heart. We embrace you each one with our love and support. We offer you our deepest appreciation for the work that you are doing in your life and in the field of the collective consciousness.

We have observed the tremendous difficulties you have faced in your personal experiences and the challenges that you have been invited to transform. We have seen your courage as you have confronted health issues, loss of loved ones and the loss of your homes and jobs. We acknowledge your strength as you have continued to embrace all that was before you.

These are the times on your planet in which there is great chaos and upheaval in the systems. These are the times, the times of change in which, what is unlike the highest and the best for all is being dismantled. We know that from your perspective in the physical form these are times of great uncertainty which create fear and distrust.

However we continue to encourage you to know without doubt that you are truly a magnificent multidimensional being of light.  While your physical form has its limitations, you are becoming more and more aware of your divine Self.  It is the magnificent divine aspect that we acknowledge and call forth in you. You are a transformer of dense dysfunctional energy.

Your heart consciousness and intention for good is more powerful than you allow yourself to realize. We are inviting you to step into that knowing and into that powerful place of transforming all that appears in your reality and in your personal experience. You are being invited to work consciously in the energy fields of all possibilities to transform any discordant energy that arises within your personal matrix and then expanding that into the collective matrix. This is a moment to moment mission and opportunity. You have all the skills and abilities as a master of transformation.

Play full out, step into your LIGHT and step into your POWER. Know without a doubt that you are needed and that your personal work and service is of great value to the whole. Each time you shift your expression of fear or worry into an emotion of trust and hope you are doing global service work. Each time you correct the words that you send forth, so that they are nurturing and supportive to others, you are doing global service work. These are exciting times to hold the vision of the best possible outcome of all that is unfolding. Bless all the world leaders so that they are inspired to act with integrity and for the well being of all. Remember the chalice of your heart is your power source of change. We say to you again never doubt for a minute how important YOU are to this collective work and service of transformation.

These are the times in which your divine SELF came here to serve, to offer your consciousness as gifts of transmutation and your LIGHT for the benefit of humanity. Where ever you stand in life, begin there. Each action of kindness, each shift of consciousness, and each opportunity to offer healing energy to another or a situation adds to the total up lifting of mankind.  Know that you are seen, acknowledged and supported by the celestial beings of love and light.  Know you are loved and greatly appreciated.

Peggy Black
Multidimensional Channel, Transducer, Scribe and Witness

©2009 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.