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Creating the Future Through Divine Love

The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

Now is the time of year when many of you look to the future. What will the New Year bring? How will it differ from the past year? Many of you are asking yourselves, "What can I do to break out of old patterns and create something new? How can I avoid the pain of the past year, while expanding on its positive experiences." Many of you will make New Year's resolutions that impose discipline and restrictions upon yourselves. And many of you will quickly break these resolutions, as you have in years past.

There's nothing wrong with this ritual, strange though we find it. But we suggest a different approach. We have said it before and we'll say it again - your future is your choice. Many of you don't really believe this. Many of you have followed the advice of some spiritual and metaphysical teachers about creating your future through the power of intention - through thoughts, affirmations, and vision boards, for example. Others have taught that you simply need to match the vibration of that you desire. Yet many of you still get the same old things in your lives. You still feel trapped by forces outside yourselves, and dependent upon fate and upon other people's choices.

Why does this continue to happen? Are these teachers lying? Are they confused? Are they creating what they want by taking your money? The answer is no; for the most part, their information is quite sound. But it is only part of the equation. The truth is actually simpler than most people realize. Creating through intention is how God creates. In order for you to do this, you must step into your godhood. All the hullaballoo about 2012 ... this is what it's really about - becoming/remembering who you are as God-Creator. How can you both become and remember simultaneously? It's quite easy, because in the creation space there is only right now. All things happening simultaneously. All beings, entities, energies informing and sharing with one another in one massive ball of hot, hot energy. Dimensions and time are meaningless there. It is where creation forges and re-forges itself ... infinitely.

This is probably not the first time you've read about claiming your power as co-creator of the Universe. In fact, you have probably read about it again and again. But how does one actually do it? How does one actually step into his or her godhood? How does one enter into the creation space and sculpt the future?

Gods create with their whole being - their entire souls - in all dimensions. That's the difference. And that's it. In order for you to do this, you must first acknowledge that you also exist in all dimensions. This may be a difficult concept for you to grasp, since you only experience yourself in three dimensions, with occasional glimpses of the possibilities of a multidimensional existence. Some of you have experienced the adventure of astral travel - not just to other locations within the third dimension, but in traveling to dozens of other dimensions. You accomplish this simply by raising your vibration through meditation, and then letting go of the body. A god, however, is aware of his or her multidimensional presence at all times, not just during meditation.

Another aspect of creating with your whole being is in realizing that you are a vast, multidimensional energy formation without clear boundaries. You are not in a container. You can expand yourself outward as far as you please, so that your whole being - your soul - encompasses universes! To do so requires a very high vibration, but it can be done. Jesus did it often, as have other humans on the Earth. The ability to do so is essential when creating as a god creates.

Anyone can raise his or her vibration to this level by embodying the energies of Divine Love - for Divine Love is the highest vibration in the Universe. Divine Love is the true subject of today's channel, because, when fully embodied, it is the most powerful force in the apotheosis process - that is, the process of becoming a deity.

Love is a frequency that is widely misunderstood humans. There are many types of love, just as there are many corresponding frequencies of love; and almost all of them are misunderstood. We define love as follows: the energy that allows for each soul to fulfill his or her soul contracts. In other words, the energy that allows us each to evolve in whatever way we choose. The energy that allows us freedom. The energy we use to allow one another to choose freely. It is actually the opposite of what many people think it is. It is not something that binds us to one another; it is something that frees us.

A mother's love for a child means a willingness to allow the child to make its own choices. The protection that the mother provides for the child is also a form of love, because it enables the child to mature physically until such time that it can make its own choices. As the child matures, guidance is provided, but not forced, in a parent/child relationship that is loving.

A romantic relationship that is loving is one in which either party can choose to leave at any time. This would seem to negate any need for commitment, but the opposite is true. It takes deep commitment to the development of another's soul to be willing to allow that soul the freedom to leave you. What is not part of a loving relationship is control, limitation, or fear. This does not mean it is wrong to ask for sexual fidelity to be part of a romantic relationship. It simply means that attempting to force such fidelity on another is not a loving act.

Many acts that you think of as loving, such as giving money or food to "the poor," may or may not be loving. Giving money or food to others freely, without attachment to what is done with it, is a loving act; but if such things are given in an effort to control the recipients in any way, then it is not a loving act. With the former, the intent is to provide more choices for the recipient; with the latter, the intent is to control. This is true even if you think you know what is best for the recipient.

The most important love is self-love. It is true that you cannot honor others without first honoring yourself. The way of expansion is to honor your choices and freedom to choose before honoring anyone else's. Self-denigration or self-denial is not love. In honoring yourself, you honor your Godhood. It is only from this place of divinity that you can honor others. If you choose to move out of duality and into unity, then you will understand that All are One, and honoring One honors All. But this always begins with you.

Love is not about sacrifice. Love is about devotion, but devotion to the principle of freedom. Allowing others the freedom to choose does not mean you have to completely disengage from them. You may interact with them in a number of ways and share many things in a completely loving way, so long as you do not attempt to take away their freedom of choice. Why would a god need to control anyone else? Why would a god need to be controlled? We can each create what we truly want. It never has to be contingent upon another person, unless you choose it to be.

Many other frequencies are mistaken for love. Sexual energy is often mistaken for love. Enjoying one another's company is often mistaken for love. Being afraid of being away from someone is very commonly mistaken for love. Feeling a deep connection or kinship to others is often mistaken for love. Some of these frequencies are very powerful, and not to be dismissed; they are just not what we define as love.

As with all energetic frequencies, love is Divine Love if it emanates from an awareness of one's own godhood. Divine Love is the highest frequency in the Universe because out of it comes the utmost respect and reverence for every being's path. This is our guiding principle on the Galactic Frequency Council. It is the guiding principle of many overseeing bodies in the Universe. It is challenging to hold this frequency on Earth at this time. We are here to assist those who choose to embody Divine Love. Simply ask for guidance, and we will provide it.

Once you achieve the ability to embody and emanate the frequencies of Divine Love, then you will be able to create and re-create the environment in which you evolve simply through intention. In other words, the future will no longer be veiled to you, because you yourself will create it as you go along. Do realize, though, that as you raise your vibration, your goals will inevitably change and transform just as you have transformed. You will change the future in a new and exciting way; and, as more humans join you in this vibration, the vibration of the planet will also ascend. Again, this is what the excitement surrounding 2012 is about. 2012 is an approximate date that you as inhabitants of Earth have set for yourselves for returning to your godhood. We will discuss 2012 in greater detail at a later date.

But keep this in mind, because it is crucial - ascension is still your choice. While the energies are coalescing for this planetary transformation, it is still completely up to you. We urge you to make some decisions in this New Year. Do you want to participate in the ascension process, or do you want to continue as you have in the past? Do you want to feel controlled by fate, or would you like to steer fate itself? Please think it over. We're waiting to hear from you.


Catherine Richardson is a former corporate attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience in 2000. Shortly thereafter, she began manifesting intuitive abilities, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in transpersonal counselling, and now helps others to empower themselves and to expand spiritually. You can reach her through her practice in San Diego, California, or at

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