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By Ani Williams

As the Sun rose this morning, (the weekend of a Super Full Moon and Vernal Equinox - equal night and day), I said prayers for balance and well being for all life on earth. This is a time for gathering and ceremony around the world as millions are praying, lighting candles for Japan. At Teotihuacán’s pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Mexico, tens of thousands are praying and dancing for our world.

In the unprecedented events of these last weeks, many have been consumed by a flood of emotion and intense energy. I felt the need to express this creatively, to offer something to be of assistance for humanity and Japan. During the following few days, I wrote an article and compiled a new CD using four tone meditations from Songaia Sound Medicine: Nu-Clear Frequencies—Tones for clearing stress associated with radioactive elements to help people in Japan and around the world. Both the article and CD are linked on my home page   A portion of the proceeds from the CD sales will go to Japan’s relief efforts. My deep gratitude to my ‘web wizaress’’ Sandee for getting this up within 48 hours, as time is of the essence!

The Ninth Wave period of the Mayan calendar began Wednesday, March 9th, according to Ph.D. Carl Johan Calleman. On the same day, the Sun emitted an X-class flare. Within 48 hours, Japan had a 9.0 earthquake and the highest tsunami wave in recorded history for that country. 

In the days preceding these events, Russian scientists detected a distinct increase of electromagnetic signals in the Earth’s upper atmosphere over many regions of the world.

Dr. Calleman has said that in the Mayan calendar system, there is a 20-fold increase in frequency with every Mayan cycle or wave. In the Ninth Wave period, which he says began March 11, 2011 and continues to October 28, 2011 and beyond, there is an increasing frequency of evolution.

We can align ourselves to this new frequency by being in the heart, in the state of grace, gratitude and compassion. If we use frequencies that appear to be aligned with this new cycle, it is easier for our body-mind-spirit to ride this wave, and navigate the new energies. Moving beyond fear and anxiety, sound and love can bring us back to center, and actually energize us on every level.

We are all riding this wave together.

Blessed be our planet and all beings,


The article Nuclear Frequencies and the CD NU-CLEAR Frequencies are both linked to my home page at or use the direct link at  

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