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Oneness Speaks

By Rasha

This moment in time heralds a shift in human consciousness. Massive changes are at hand now and will continue to manifest in the days and weeks to come. The transformation slated for this moment in human evolution will not be unaccompanied by a measure of upheaval. And when taken at face value, it appears that a wave of senseless destruction has swept through your world and left tragedy and devastation in its wake.

"What possible reason would a loving, Almighty God have to permit such a situation to take place," you might be asking yourself. "What purpose could possibly have precipitated such conditions? How could circumstances like this possibly serve the higher cause of the evolution of human consciousness? And why would such intensive suffering be a part of the process of radical global transformation?"

In order to begin to grasp the significance of the conditions to which you bear witness, it is necessary to understand the nature of the circumstances that paved the way for them. Yours is a world conceived and created as a manifestation of the consciousness present at any given moment in time. Yet, the world to which you have borne witness during this physical lifetime is not one that was created within the confines of this lifetime. It is a world that rests on the crumbling foundations of a world conceived and structured for conditions long past. It is a system designed to sustain life under vastly differing vibrational conditions than the ones in which you, as a world population, find yourselves today.

The social, economic, and political structures that serve to support the matrix of life, as you know it, were not capable of sustaining life at the radically accelerated vibrational conditions of the world soon to come. The changes are taking place so swiftly and so dramaticallywithin you all, that the radical alteration of the world that reflects those conditions was inevitable. It may appear that the conditions themselves, now unfolding in your world, reflect an overview that is heartless. Yet, from the perspective of the higher vision, the perpetuation of the archaic structures that have presided, and have not kept pace with the momentum of change, would be much more heartless.

A world society built upon a foundation of separation from its own Divine essence--a world where greed, selfishness, and personal gain preside at the expense of others--cannot sustain form under the coming conditions. There is no longer sufficient consciousness present, operating at those levels, to sustain such structures in form. Of necessity, the outmoded structures will give way to the impetus for radical transformation--the destruction of conditions that no longer reflect who you, as a collective of consciousness, have so rapidly become.

The change now at hand will manifest in many different ways. Not all will be as radical and devastating as the conditions now taking place in certain parts of your world. In most cases, the shifts will be more subtle, as social structures succumb with ease to the collective will of the consciousness present and adapt to the rapidly accelerating momentum driving these changes throughout all Creation.

The outpouring of compassion and universal, unconditional human kindness precipitated by the events at hand, are indicative of the direction in which you, as a world population, are headed in these times. Political boundaries will come to be seen as the pointless artificial lines of separation that they indeed are. Universal Love will be felt within the inner core of every being and recognized as the Force that unites you all in your ascent toward recognition of your Oneness with each other and, ultimately, Oneness with all Creation.

People will begin to rally and pull together in recognition of their collective ability to manifest dramatic change and co-create the world in which all will share. The concepts of self-empowerment that have been seeded amongst you in recent years will be put to the test and seen as the opportunities to rise to the occasion that they indeed are. The impetus toward harnessing the momentum of change will supersede the inclination toward victim consciousness that the outmoded conditions of the past might have precipitated. And you, as a world population, will rise from the ashes of what no longer serves you, empowered to create the world anew.

The spirit of renewal and rejuvenation will take precedence over the inclination to negate the reality of the changes at hand. It will be recognized as pointless to grumble that certain circumstances "should not have happened." The fact is, certain changes have happened. Resistance to the reality of what is will come to be recognized, universally, as counterproductive to the highest good of all. It will be obvious that to expend energy pointing fingers and casting blame for what will be known to be inevitable, is a futile exercise. And the power of harnessing the Present Moment--and the possibilities for manifesting positive change that it gifts you with--will be understood universally and embraced.

Each of you has that power within you. Now, in this very moment, it is entirely possible to rise to the fullness of your own capacity for transcendence and recognize the changes to which you bear witness as the gift they truly are. For, they herald a world liberated from the prison of corruption, decadence, and the suppression of hope. Resistance to the momentum of change now upon you will be as futile as an attempt at holding back the tides.

The Ocean of Divine Love has flooded your world now. The symbolism is everywhere you look--evidences of the external manifestation of that great Shift. In the aftermath, as you sift through the remains of humankind's resistance to it, the Source of that Love will be revealed. And it will be known to emanate from within the Heart of each of you.


Author of Oneness and The Calling, Rasha awakened to her inner-calling as a conduit of Divine guidance in 1987. She began working with Oneness -- the Divinity we all share -- in 1998, documenting the Revelations that serve as the foundation for the Oneness series, and addressing the profound spiritual awakening that is the hallmark of these times. In the process, she was taken step by step through the Sacred Journey to Oneness and through the life-altering changes that are shaking the foundation of today’s world.