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Preparing for Arcturian Corridor Part III


Channeled by Dr. Suzan Caroll

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Greetings, We are the Arcturians,

Sometimes the information that you receive from your higher expression of SELF comes in an “out of time” fashion. This type of higher dimensional communication confuses your ego/self, which allows your Soul/SELF to more easily take charge.

In fact, since traveling through the NOW of our Corridor, you may be experiencing increasing confusion about your position in time and space. The past is fading into a distant memory and feeling more like a past life than your present life. This is because your future life is now your present life.

Yes, you are NOW the fifth dimensional being that you wished to become. Of course, you are not just fifth dimensional, for you are multidimensional. However, your consciousness, beliefs, expectations and perceptions have switched from being just third dimension, to being also fourth dimension. Now, you are concurrently having experiences of your fifth dimensional SELF.

The confusing part is that you still live in a third dimensional life in which you “work,” take care of your responsibilities and live in your earth vessel. This earth vessel lives in your earth home and takes time to travel through space in your car vessel. You are becoming many beings all at once. Each dimensional expression of your SELF is living within the appropriate frequency vessel to calibrate your consciousness to the beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of that frequency of reality.


By day, you likely appear to be a “normal” physical person. Then, by night you are having increasingly lucid dreams about other realities, activities and people. Just to keep you “awake” to your SELF, you are also having flashes of BEING fifth dimensional. In these moments of the NOW you are able to believe that you have an expression of your SELF that resonates to the fifth dimension.

Because of this belief, you expect to have conscious experiences of this frequency band of your Multidimensional SELF. Your expectation then directs your perceptions to catch a glimpse of your fifth dimensional reality through the corner of your eye. Furthermore, your expanded perceptions are all coming online.

At first, they frightened you. Or, you became so excited about your ESP experiences, that you actually “shut them off” by falling out of the fifth dimensional Flow and back into the “real world.” Oh, but what is the “real world” now? Is the real world the one in which there is horrible damage being done to Gaia’s precious ocean while fear runs so strong that the Elementals must express it through weather and “natural disasters?”

On the other hand, these disasters are not “natural,” for they are the direct result of humanity’s fear, anger, greed and need to control others—whatever the cost is to the planet. This need for power over others is the final battle of polarity before the Center, the Fulcrum Point in-between the extremes, can be found.


You are discovering that if you can stay relaxed and believe in your SELF, your newly activated Multidimensional Operating System can easily download and integrate your fifth dimensional perceptions into your earth vessel. Once this download and integration has been completed, you will need to “restart” your computer/brain.

We suggest that you “turn off” and “restart” by choice, for if you wait until you have to “turn off,” it may be because of injury or illness. If you do not take time to let go of the “business as usual” programming of your Third Dimensional Operating System, your new system will not be able to fully integrate the multidimensional perceptions in your third dimensional computer/brain and earth vessel.

In this case, you will likely feel anxious as your can’t quite understand what is happening to you. You may also become depressed because you still believe the illusion that you are “so close, and yet so far” from whom you Know you can BE. When you shut-down the Third Dimensional Operating System of your computer/brain to restart it with your Multidimensional Operating System, you will begin to perceive your ego/self through the perspective of your Soul/SELF.  As a result of this higher perception, many Truths of your mundane life will be revealed.

Under the Third Dimensional Paradigm you perceive the physical reality as your real world and the fifth dimension as your imagination. When your restart your computer/brain to activate your multidimensional perceptions, you will perceive the fifth dimension as your real world and the third dimension as the world of your imagination.


How do you shut down in order to restart? Shut down your mundane life by taking a trip into nature for as long as possible, or even an hour if that is all you have. Planting your new SELF in Gaia’s world will assure that you are grounded enough to fully activate the highest frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. You can plug in an iron without the grounding prong, but if you plug in an oven without it, you will short circuit the electricity of your house/body. Furthermore, bonding with Gaia will cement your partnership with Her. Within this deep partnership, as you ground your personal light into Her, She shares Her planetary light with you.

If you can’t go into Nature to ground your body, you can hug a tree, sit on the dirt, take a long, hot bath, climb a hill, sit on the beach or garden in your yard. Experience Earth’s elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (spirit) in an intimate and personal manner. Then, release the importance of your third dimensional life, as well as the many fears and desires of your ego/self.

Don’t look at the clock for an entire day. Go one full day without doing one mundane task. Believe that you have the right to DO only what fills you with unconditional love. On the other hand, try for one full hour to unconditionally love everything that you DO.

If you believe that some one outside of you has made you DO that thing, take a long moment to remember that YOU are the creator of your life. Release any feelings of “poor me” or “ I am a victim.”  Then, listen to your every thought to weed out any and ALL fear-based thinking. 


First, identify a thought or emotion as fear. Check to see if this fear is a warning, which it usually is NOT. Then, say or think,

“This is just fear, and I REFUSE to participate!”

Then, think of something, anything, that you deeply love. It can be a person, place, situation or even a thing.

FEEL that love in your heart as you say, “I Choose LOVE!”

Then, touching your Heart Chakra FEEL your deepest gratitude for that love as you say,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for this love.”

Feel the love intermingled with the gratitude until the fear is totally gone from your consciousness. The LOVE replaces the fear and the GRATITUDE binds the love deep into your heart. 

The above exercise will serve to rewrite the habitual, fearful thinking of your ego/self, by replacing it with the Love and Inner Power of your Soul/SELF. When you remember to do this exercise, your Soul/SELF takes control of your thoughts as it heals and releases all fear-based thoughts and emotions. Just as an antivirus identifies and deletes viruses from your computer, your Soul/SELF will happily identify and delete fear from your consciousness.


Fear has become a habit in your reality because it was necessary to survive your dangerous world. However, now you can use this exercise to rewrite old, habitual ways of thinking while your Soul/SELF

  • takes control of your every thought,
  • listens, heals and releases old fear-based emotions and
  • puts an end to old, fearful habits.

These fear-based habits and behaviors have kept your primary consciousness focused on the frequency of the third dimension and has blocked your higher vision.

Be lovingly patient with your self, as you slowly but surely become the Master of Energy that is your true SELF. Humanity is the Keeper of the Land. When you went before the Karmic Board to ask to be incarnated in this time period you pledged to remember:

Through the force of this unconditional love, WE, person and planet,
Unite to usher in fifth dimensional Earth

As more and more of you awaken to your true, Multidimensional SELF, the power of your unified, unconditional love will heal humanity and all that humans have done to their planetary home. There are those who will not accept this healing, for Earth is a planet of free will.

However, the resonance of unconditional love will ascend beyond those who choose to remain in fear. Without the domination and limitation of fear, solutions will arise that have long been hidden behind the many veils of third dimensional illusion.

We remind you to release your attachment to time/space as you have known it. With this release, you can more easily surrender to the NOW of the Flow that unites ALL life into the ONE. Ride this Flow of the NOW as you would ride a moonbeam and follow its light through what may appear to be a dark night.

If you find your mind going into an unwanted future, take a moment and replace that thought and mental picture with a vision of your ensuing, glorious reality in the fifth dimension. This mental mastery will only take a moment, yet it will keep you on the Path of your highest destiny and within the Flow of the ONE. It is vital during this time of personal and planetary transformation that you remember and OWN that YOU are a great, Multidimensional Being. A helpful mantra for “course correction” is:

I AM the Creator of my life.
I choose unconditional love and multidimensional Light!

Repeating a mantra again and again is the best way to control your fear and master your thinking.


Fortunately, since your multidimensional perceptions are becoming fully activated, this dark night will be only a small percentage of your total perception of reality. You will know that those who do not ride this Flow are choosing to live in a reality of a lower frequency then the one that you have chosen.

There is no judgment in this realization, for one frequency is not better than another. Some humans believe they still have much to learn form the experiences of the third dimension. Hence, they will continue the “3D Game.” Others will choose the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension they can move through the etheric realities of Earth as they time-travel into any experience of Earth they wish to visit, revisit or create.

Then, there are those who feel complete with their experiences of a polarized reality. These grounded ones are ready to return to the higher dimensional expression of their SELF, as well as their greater Galactic Family. Those of you who have chosen to participate in the experience of Personal and Planetary Ascension will remain within the Flow of the ONE and Surrender all control of your physical body to your Soul.

We, the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, look forward to being your guides and companions as we travel the Arcturian Corridor to your new HOME. In closing, we remind you to hold forever within your consciousness the mantra:

I NOW surrender all control

Of my physical reality

To my Soul


 California Redwoods

Surrounded by trees, I hear the Quiet of the Nature all around me. It is a Quiet that is unavailable in the city, for it is a time warp. Nature exists before technology, before cell phones, WIFI, jet airplanes and the 24-hour electrical, environmental noise.

In the city, I am constantly in contact with this “noise” through the airwaves via my expanded perceptions. I did not recognize this noise until now, as slowly and silently, the electrical noise has interbred with my consciousness until it has become “normal.” Hence, it took three, maybe four, days in Nature before I could even hear the Quiet.

Actually, this Quiet is the language of the trees, but not just any trees, although, all trees speak a form of this language. This particular Quiet is the language of the Redwood trees, the oldest and largest trees on the body of Gaia. It is through these Redwoods that I can hear the True Language, a language not based on words, but based on tones of consciousness.

Now that I have spent a week in a sparsely populated area with few people, but a glorious abundance of trees, I can hear the True Language as transmitted by these ancient beings. The Redwoods are the remaining guardians of Lemuria. Hence, these trees hold that vibration.

Los Angeles, where I live, holds the vibration of Atlantis as transmitted through the electric noise of a modern city near the ocean. This electric city speaks the Atlantian True Language, whereas the Redwood Trees of Gaia’s Nature speak the Lemurian True Language. When we re-enter the Corridor, we will revisit these ancient ancestors, as well as our even more ancient Galactic Family.

We will take this journey as ONE through the power of our Collective and Planetary Consciousness. In fact, we will take this journey via our Multidimensional Consciousness.

Through our multidimensional consciousness, we will remember and revisit our “past” so that we can better Know our “present.” We will go, also, into the “future” to see it as our “present.” In other words, we will transcend the concept of time and space that has been based upon that third dimensional illusion.

Together, via our united, multidimensional consciousness, we will enter the unknown. Of course, the “unknown” is only the “forgotten,” for we are great Multidimensional Beings who have the honor of being incarnated NOW to participate in Gaia’s great Planetary Ascension.

Together we will remember our True Language, which is the language of tones/frequencies of consciousness. Before we know it, our Internet will be out of date for we will remember how to speak and hear via the expanded perceptions. This Language of our multidimensional consciousness is transmitted and received via Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.


The Internet has taught us that we can communicate by words and pictures with a person that we know only by their consciousness. Gender, culture, religion, age and economic status are unknown and unimportant. As we ground more and more of our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life, we will remember that:

Consciousness IS Communication and
Communication IS Consciousness

It is through our consciousness that we truly communicate with the world that we accept as our reality. If our consciousness is restricted by the mundane actions of third dimensional life, then we can communicate only with that small fragment of our total multidimensional reality.

Fortunately, as we expand our Personal Consciousness from our personal third dimensional reality to the Collective Consciousness of our fourth dimensional reality and into the Planetary Consciousness of our fifth dimensional reality, we can accept increasingly larger fragments of multidimensional reality as our “real world.” We can then cross the threshold into the Galactic Consciousness of our Star Ancestors, as well as our own alternate/parallel realities in which we have taken form on other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

My old friends, the redwoods, have reminded me of the True Language in which spirit (breath) moves through Form (matter). When we use our human language to speak, we allow our breath (spirit) to arise from our lungs (heart chakra) and move through the many articulators of our mouth, tongue and lips. The True Language is spoken through the trees as the wind (breath) moves through the trees (form). Each leaf is an articulator for the wind, just like our mouth, tongue and lips are the articulators for our breath.

This True Language of the ONE is transmitted by multidimensional light and unconditional love. The differing frequencies of light are the “articulators” which give meaning (words) to the unconditional love, which assures the listener that the message is Flowing from the ONE.


The Arcturian Corridor exists in the NOW of the ONE. Therefore, as we travel it together, we will become accustomed to the True Language of the ONE, as well as the signature frequency of those who travel the Corridor with us. Within the Corridor we are a microcosm of the macrocosm of Planetary Ascension.

All the people, animals, plants and Elementals on Gaia are consciously and unconsciously preparing for the Great Change. Will this change occur? Of course! The question is—will we be able to consciously perceive, thus consciously participate in, the frequency of reality in which this change will occur? In other words, will we be able to maintain the calibration of our attention and intention to the frequency of reality that is ascending? How will we find that frequency, much less remain calibrated to it? Fortunately, we will not be alone for, NOW we are ONE.

Therefore, we will figure it out TOGETHER.


Dear Ones,

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that, on some level, you have chosen all of your earthly challenges. Why would I do such a thing, you may ask. The answer is that only through connecting with your Soul/SELF could you confront and solve these challenges. Your Soul knows that your third dimensional reality is a “school” that you have chosen to enter to expand your Light through the experiences of physical incarnation.

Your Soul does not care if you are rich or famous. It only wants you to remember your True SELF while you are grounded in matter. Through your many challenges, you have learned to live every day, or at least most days, looking toward your Soul/SELF. You have remembered to stay in connection with your SELF, not just when you are embroiled within a challenge, but also when you are happy and peaceful.

You have remembered that Soul is not something to run to when you are scared, it is “some-ONE” that you ARE. You now Know that you ARE Spirit grounded in matter, not matter looking for Spirit. With this Knowing, your journey into the 3D Game is coming into its completion and “graduation” into the fifth dimension is commencing.

Now that you live every day, and most minutes, looking to Spirit, whether you are filled with love or filled with fear, you have found the great comfort of living in light and would not choose otherwise. Most importantly, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally, even if you are not aware of that fact. It is this love that allows you to find joy in the midst of your daily life.

We ask again that all of you find some time in your daily life to experience the glorious Nature of Gaia, even if it is within your own yard or local park. Being in the company of Nature will allow you to make a leap in your consciousness, which is beyond that which you formerly conceived. You are all butterflies just emerging from your cocoons, and you need the love of Mother Nature to nurture your new expression of SELF.

It is time for you, the leaders of New Earth, to quietly mature into the frequency of the fifth dimension while still inhabiting your earth vessels. This action is a great challenge and only possible if you have joy in your daily life. What is necessary in this portion of Gaia’s process of planetary ascension is that the ascending ones live in two worlds simultaneously.

If you are not grounded in your third dimensional world by the power of love and joy, which are perpetuated by thanksgiving, your energy will fly from your earth vessel and off into the fifth dimension. In other words, you will have personal ascension. In this case, you will not be using your great force of personal ascension to contribute to the ascension of the body of Gaia.

If you are happy, content and loving life in your third dimensional life, you will be more able to remain in your earth vessel at the same time that you journey into the fifth dimension. Your frequent journey into the fifth dimension while you still maintain an active earth vessel, will serve to “pull” third dimensional Earth through the fourth dimension and into the fifth.

In this manner, our grounded ones can return Home while they also bring their third dimensional home, Earth, with them. Furthermore, the force of Gaia’s planetary ascension will assist humanity with its personal ascension. The reality is, of course, that humanity IS Gaia, for in the fifth dimension YOU are the planet and the PLANET is you. As you become ONE with your planetary womb, you will leave its cocoon and fly free into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

We know that we ask a lot of our Planetary Ascension Team to stay in the third dimension, but your frequent visits to the fifth dimension will make your time of waiting for planetary ascension much easier. We see the glory of your Awaking to your Multidimensional SELF as starbursts upon the body of Gaia. We also know that most of you were among those who answered Gaia’s distress call at the fall of Atlantis.  We can also see your great dedication to “stay the course,” until you have completed your Promise to assist Earth’s return to a higher frequency of Her expression.

We commend you on your great patience, persistence and commitment. We know that you wish to return Home, yet have chosen to stay until you are no longer needed. We of the Galactic Federation, especially those of us who once lived on Earth and are assisting Her from the higher dimensions, are proud to know you and look forward to the grand celebration when you return to us.
Your Arcturian Family


In every battle between the Dark and the Light, the darkness appears to be winning up until the very end. This is because those of the dark have no rules, no sense of greater good, no love for their fellow humans or even for their planet. They worship at the Shrine of Greed, which has a constant offering of fear from those who believe that darkness has the power to impact their lives.

On the other hand, the beings of the Light, are directed by the Flow of the ONE and the unconditional love that is difficult for humanity to maintain when the darkness lurks in every corner of our lives. Also, if we of the Light sink to the level of the Dark to engage in battle, we become pulled into the mire of the very fear and darkness that we have sought to repel from our lives.

Therefore, we have one course of action, which is very difficult for it feels like in-action. This course is to use our love, our unconditional love, to unite with each other. Our power, separated from each other’s appears small and insignificant. However, unconditional love is the binding force of the Universe and can unite us all into ONE great being of Light.

As this ONE great being we can use the united force of unconditional love to heal ourselves enough to even love those who are perpetuating the fear and greed that is on the verge of ruining our world. We must heal ourselves first because we have the grand challenge of loving not only our beloved planet, but also those who have soiled it.

Every ONE of us has had lives in which we have fallen into the Dark, and we have all had moments of greed/fear. Greed and fear are the same, as greed arises from the fear that there is not enough, that we are not enough. Therefore, we must have MORE, more money, more power, more control. It is this paradigm of submission to fear that is completing so that we can replace it with the paradigm of all encompassing and unconditional love.

However, this new reality is not a place, it is a frequency. Just as a stone cast into the water creates many rings, there are many versions of our reality, each resonating at a slightly different frequency. So why are we at this reality? We are at this reality because we are here NOW to undo the damage to Gaia that was done at the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, when humanity fell into fear and greed.

It is likely that many of those who are surrounded by the darkness now, were of the darkness then. On the other hand, those who were of the light then, are of the light now. Just as we have seen in this lifetime, issues do not end until they have been brought to resolution. We look into our lives and see that we do not have many issues. Instead, we have only one or two that we repeat again and again in an attempt to heal ourselves and remember our true SELF.

In between the great fall and this lifetime, we have all had many lives in which those of the darkness found the light and those of the light fell into the dark. We have had many lives filled with greed, as well as lives filled with generosity. NOW, we must heal and release our feelings that we are “not enough.” With this healing and release, we can expand our consciousness enough to accept the unconditional love that forever Flows from the heart of the ONE. It is with the unconditional love that we will heal our inner darkness.

Once we have healed our own inner darkness, we can love those who have fallen into the darkness themselves. There is no government or external forces that can assist us with healing our self, and only by healing ourselves can we find it within our consciousness to love free that which is happening to our beloved Earth. Only by healing ourselves enough to unconditionally love our own wounded/self, can we find the ability to unconditionally love those who seek to interfere with our Planetary Ascension by damaging the planet and creating fear in Her inhabitants.

As the ascending ones, we must remember that: “NO one outside of us can be given control of the frequency of our consciousness!” We are Masters of Energy, which means that WE choose our state of consciousness by CHOOSING LOVE. Furthermore, we can only choose love by rejecting fear. And, the best way to reject fear is to unite with others who have chosen love—that is unconditional love.

The conditional love upon which humanity has lived is the hidden cause of the “not enough” that has created the greed and darkness in our world today. Unconditional love knows no boundaries and is given as freely to the perpetrator as to the victim. Unconditional love is the force which allows us to be freed, once and for all, from being a victim to anyone, even the “greedy corporation” or the “inept government.”

If we are to Flow into fifth dimensional Earth, we must BE the government we want to change. WE are the co-creators of our reality. First, we govern ourselves by being the Master of our Thoughts and Emotions. Then, we can weed out all fear and live moment-by-moment in unconditional love.

According to the Mayan Calendar, this weekend of July 17—18, 2010, we can become ONE to hold the intention for the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar. 


For more details please see:

Within this Ninth Wave is the Unity of all the other waves of consciousness, which are:
(1)Cellular, (2)Mammalian, (3)Familial, (4)Tribal, (5)Regional, (6)National, (7)Planetary, (8)Galactic and (9)Universal.


I know that many of you have been feeling a floating anxiety and sense of urgency regarding the conditions of our wounded planet. I have been receiving instructions from Gaia and the Arcturians about how I can be of assistance.

In response to these instructions, one Thursday a month, at 3:00 pm Pacific Time, I am facilitating a “Healing The Mother” group. We will meet once a month to heal ourselves and contribute that healing to Gaia. We will heal one chakra a month, starting with the first chakra, and share that healing with our planet Earth. The only way we can heal our world, as well as the humanity that has damaged it, is with unconditional love. Furthermore, unconditional love can best be felt from within.

Fortunately, we are moving ever closer to the Galactic Center where the emanations of unconditional love and multidimensional light are stronger then they have been in over 26,000 years.  Therefore, we will choose to accept this unconditional love and multidimensional light into our own body, share it with Gaia, then send it around the globe. I am asking people to create groups of their own. The founder of that group, even if it is only 2 or 3 people, will be the facilitator for seven months, and seven chakras. In this manner, we as a planet will have moved all the way into the Seven Chakra by January of 2011.

It is my instructions that at that time the group will disassemble, and each member will create their own new group to contribute to an ever-growing network for HEALING THE MOTHER. Each month, I will post a loose guideline for the groups on my blog:
Each group is encouraged to follow their own inner guidance and creativity, but to cover the same format, so that the matrix of information can more easily blend into ONE.

Intertwined with the chakra awakening, we will journey together through the Arcturian Corridor to re-program negative core beliefs and communicate with other dimensional realities to learn more about the process of personal and planetary ascension. I hope you can participate in some manner, even if you do not choose to create or join a group. It is through giving to another that we can best forget and cure our woes for our self.


Please visit our blog at: