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The Fly In The Ointment

By Tina Biles

The New Year began with a huge amount of relief at seeing the back of 2009 and tremendous optimism for 2010. However, many people seem to be feeling now that with what seems to have been a long winter and not much sign of a let up that this optimism is dissolving.  We are rapidly heading towards 2012 so what is going on?

I have been pondering this for some time. Like a number of other people I have been working on creating a group to form an online and a physical community with little success.  We are putting in huge amounts of effort but nothing seems to be working. Many of the healing centres and suchlike have been forced out of business and people who have put in a lot of time and effort to help others and bring spirituality to a bigger audience have been left wondering what they did wrong and where the people are that they are here to serve.  It is like we are invisible. That is the key point. Over the last year there was a bit of glitch in the process. Whilst many people were ready to move upwards those who would naturally have been awoken and moved onto the first steps did not do so.  After quite a long delay those at the top were finally able to move forward but this left a bigger gap ‘behind’ them as those behind did not move up. 

We have long been saying that the world needs to make some radical changes but maybe we have not taken enough account of the fact that this also means us! Just because we have been working on ourselves and helping others did not make up immune to the changes. The challenge is to set aside how we have worked in the past and create TOTALLY new way. 3D solutions are never going to work in the 4D and soon to be 5D world.  Always the temptation is to adapt things from the past but those were not working so why should they work in the future? Very, very new ways are needed. There was an opportunity to begin this process over the cold winter when the weather forced us to stay in and gave the opportunity to look inside ourselves.  Perhaps the thing we did not see is the move into the Fourth Dimension so that we continue to apply ‘old thinking’. Whilst working through the Fourth and towards the Fifth we can find that our emotions and fears become magnified and we continue in a circle. Once we notice what we are doing we can break that cycle and continue to move forward. At that stage we are very close to being able to move into the Fifth Dimension but while we are chasing our tails we do not see how far we have come.

What is happening in the group who are moving forward is a larger transition into the Fourth Dimension hence the invisibility factor with those not yet ready to take that step. With this move comes issues revolving around individuality. It is also complicated by the fact that society at large has become very self-centred.

Looking at both of these aspects actually shows a reflection of the same issue.  Even those not following a spiritual path, of course, are affected by the energies in the world so both they and the ‘spiritual’ are being influenced by the same energies to understand and deal with individuality.

So why is this causing a problem? The road to unity is through individuality but the aim is to fully understand yourself and become an integrated human being. The move into the Fourth Dimension provides the platform to deal with this aspect as it is the dimension of Karma or cause and effect.  It is necessary within this realm to realise that we are creating our own realities much more fully so whether it is your idea of heaven or hell it is up to you to change what you do not like. Of course, there is the complication that we have governments who generally are not working in compatible way so this period of time can be challenging to create the country or world that you want to see.  I feel that the key to all of this is to gain a better understanding of these aspects and be open to grasp new ways to free up the roadblocks. Do not confuse unity with conformity we will continue to our own individual selves but connecting with others differently to create unity.

What seems to be happening at the moment is that the less developed spiritually are living the shadow side of individuality and staying stuck in self serving, selfish ways. Those more spiritually aware are not recognising the changes they need to make and so everyone is rooted to the spot, isolated and unconnected.  So let us make the upcoming Spring – it will be here soon honest! – to help focus on finishing our inner work and then reaching out to create community and unity. The General Election in the UK is an opportunity for us to create political change (this is not a party issue but a policy one).  Remember that although we are ‘one’ add together a lot of other ‘ones’ thinking the same way and major changes can be created. Apathy and failure to act will ensure that the changes we want will not come to be.

It is come for us to come out and reach out to others. 2012 is nearly upon us and we have a lot of work still to do. I look forward to seeing all this unfolding over the next months. Always remember that we are in charge of the creation process and we need to be consciously aware of all our thoughts and creations.

Enjoy the journey and remember to share with like minded people to gain perspective. Each of us has our own personal part of the jigsaw of the bigger picture. Without joining with those holding the other pieces how can we ever complete the puzzle?

Tina is an Elemental Spiral Grand Master/Teacher, Usui Reiki Grand Master, Brahma Satya Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Animal Healer, Psychic surgeon,  Life Coach, Hopi Ear Candle therapist and is also qualified in a number of different forms of Reiki and other modalities. Her main work is using a lifestyle and healing system that she has developed called Elemental Spiral.  She holds an MSc in Holistic Therapies and is working on her PhD in Holistic Therapies together with holding a PGCE teaching qualification.

Tina Biles